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Michael Patterson

Nizhini Walker (he who walks in healing beauty)

Author of Redneck Shaman

Redneck Shaman [Shaman is a Siberian word; their traditions go back to the last Ice Age, if not before] was intended to be a summary of all I understood at the time it was published.  You see, we live in 2 worlds: physical, and energy.  Yang, and Yin.  The Yang side is like 0.00000000000001 % of existence, though of course it’s powerful for some things.  The Yin side… is pregnant, empty space, awaiting Yang intent.  We are all Quantum Observers, Observing the World into existence.  Through Love… hopefully.     In a sense, dowsing is a form of Quantum Observation.  It can not only collect data, it can influence and improve situations.

Thursday January 18, 2024 at 7pm EST