About Us

Founded in 1988, The Canadian Society of Dowsers is a national voluntary not-for-profit association with an open membership whose purposes are to:

  • Facilitate networking amongst dowsers & organizational affiliates
  • Provide basic & continuing educational opportunities for members
  • Encourage the highest ethical standards & responsible practices
  • Promote public awareness of and appreciation for the art of dowsing
  • Encourage the development of new organizational affiliates

If you would like to help support CSD in meeting these goals, please contact us to offer your time or talents, or make a gift to CSD.

Develop Your Intuition

Dowsing is an intuitive method of obtaining information and guidance. Dowsing answers are received as distinctive, though often faint, body responses. Some dowsers can sense “yes” or “no” answers directly in their body.

Some dowsers find it helpful to use a variety of tools to amplify their body’s response so it can be more easily observed. Muscle testing by chiropractors and nutritionists is a type of dowsing response known as applied kinesiology.

CSD’s Professional Members

Some of our professional members offer the following types of services using a form of dowsing:

  • Space-clearing by detecting energies
  • Locating new well sites / underground water
  • Animal communication / dog & horse whispering
  • Assess soil deficiencies
  • Checking nutrition & wellness information

Dowsers come from every walk of life, cultural background, age group, education level, and a variety of spiritual beliefs. Dowsers look for answers that serve the highest good for all involved.

Membership & Groups

Local dowsing groups are formed to give you places to meet & interact with other dowsers; beginners to advanced. The groups’ members share information, promote dowsing, enjoy speakers of varied topics, and learn more skills while having fun.

Some of the local groups are CSD Associate Groups. Associate Group membership status in the Canadian Society of Dowsers is open to organizations which agree with the purposes of the Society. Please be aware that each group operates differently and may have a slightly different approach or focus.

Forming New Local Dowsing Groups

We are always looking for opportunities to support new groups. If you are interested in starting a group in your area, please contact [email protected]

Check out some useful information on starting a new Local Dowsing Group: Starting a new dowsing group – 2016

Annual Convention

The Canadian Society of Dowers is pleased to present an Annual Convention every spring! Details are posted on our website. Each year is a fresh location with a new theme and international presenters.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with planning and running of the Annual Convention. If you are interested in offering your time & talents, please contact [email protected].

Vendor tables are also available; please e-mail for details.

Join us at the CSD Convention

Informative seminars and hands-on learning. Practitioners’ services and products are available for demonstration and sale.

CSD Members receive a discount on convention registration each year and may attend the Annual General Meeting held during the Convention.