CSD Members Proxy and Nominations for AGM 2017 Submission Form

Will you help the Board of Directors?

Please consider standing for nomination yourself, or putting someone’s name forward.

The Canadian Society of Dowsers is a great place to meet like-minded people. The Society is run by volunteers and helping out is a great way to learn more about dowsing in order to help yourself and the community.

Deadlines for Submission Nominations and Proxy are as follows:

  • Proxy & Nominations by mail need to be received by April 30th 2017 extended to May 15th (print form)
  • Proxy by email needs to be received no later than June 2nd 2017 to [email protected]
  • Dowser of the year award need to be received by April 1st, 2017 extended to May15 to [email protected]

Members: Voting & Nomintations

  • CSD Membership Validation

  • Proxy Vote

  • Nominations for Dowser of the Year

  • This award was instituted to recognize the outstanding contribution of a member of CSD who is not a Board member, but whose efforts have made a significant difference to the growth of CSD. The nomination should include a description of the work the nominee has done. It is not necessary to check with the nominee before submitting the nomination.
  • Nominations for Board Members

  • The Board has formed a Nominating Committee, which will consist of three CSD members who are not seeking election. It is currently staffed by Susan Collins and Nancy Bradley. At the Annual Meeting, this committee will present a slate of nominations of members whom they consider suitable and who are willing to serve as directors for the coming year.
  • Thank you for your active participation.

If you have any questions, please contact us