Allan Hassoun

Canadian Society of Dowsers

Dowser of the Year 2005

Orangeville Dowsers leaders Donna Bigonzi and Allan Hassoun share a special connection with nature.

Allan is the founder and leader of Orangeville Dowsers.Allan and his wife Donna Bigonzi are teachers of well-being. They use their knowledge of energy in their every day lives in order to teach and share their wisdom with clients and friends. Allan is a father, husband, pet lover and humanitarian with a big heart.

“As a professional dowser, my favorite activity is teaching. There is so much empowerment when a client can, for themselves, take their power back. When I started I did not have the confidence I have today. I could, at that time, always find someone to verify an answer or share their wisdom with me. We started the Orangeville Dowsers’ Group in order to connect with like minded people in the community. We kept on growing from our first meeting. Today we have three group activities. We host the monthly dowsing group in which we invite an inspirational speaker on energy based topics. We hold a Reiki circle to practice healing on each other. We are also working with the Power of Intent and the Abraham-Hicks material to assist in manifesting a glorious co-existence for ourselves. This has been a most wonderful ride.”

As a professional dowser I am often called on to work with water and earth energies. Simply by word of mouth I have not only been called to source water but to move underground streams. Water is amazing. It holds memory. It is a healer. It has been proven that we can change water with our intentions. If water is polluted, it can be changed! We have organized a few events to clean up lakes, ponds, streams etc…. Dowsing also gives us the tool to measure the effectiveness of our work. Life force is 6/10 prior to our work and 10/10 after we finish. Something happened? Water smelled and tasted bad prior to our work and a week later was wonderful to drink. We just say it must have been luck or a coincidence. Earth energies are also fantastic to work with. They can me moved, neutralized, changed or transmuted. We don’t need to be sick if we know how to eliminate those “bad” energies and put in the good ones.

In February 2006, Allan was invited to minister for the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, also known as EMC2. His role is to educate those who are interested in how to self-heal using the energetic balancing frequencies offered by EMC2. To learn more about energetic balancing and EMC2 you can find the information at or by reading: Sanctuary… The Path to Consciousness by Stephen Lewis.

In his healing work, Allan is using Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Radionics, Color therapy and Crystals.

Allan has his own consulting business and is President of Ontario Plant Tours.