Another addition to the Dowsing for Healing toolbox

by Joan De New

Recently, I “happened” to discover Dr. Norman Shealy’s 1999 book, Sacred Healing, the curing power of energy and spirituality, on a book sale table. Having heard about him from CSD member, Eileen Balint, who knows him personally, I did a quick pendulum dowse which confirmed I should buy it. I was prepared to pay the listed $7 price, but was quite pleased to accept the vendor’s proposal of just $5. (List price turned out to be $35.99 CDN!)

The book is very easy to read, with nice spacing between the lines, and well-marked section headings. Dr. Shealy is both an MD and a PhD, and founded the American Holistic Medical Association. He has been investigating claims of extraordinary healing through Divine intervention, looking for medical evidence and gathering experimental results. He discusses the work of several renowned contemporary healers and notes that they maintain a very strong spiritual connection with the divine. This material is most interesting to read.

What caught my attention most, however, was his description of electromagnetic dysthymia, or EMD. Dysthymia is a word used in psychiatry to describe a person who is not acutely depressed or anxious, but who feels a bit “off” and has lost much of the joy of life most of the time.

EMD is dysthymia caused by electromagnetic pollution. It comes from fluorescent lights, electrical appliances, cars, airplanes, radio, TV, radar, cell phones, etc. This can overload the adrenal glands, exhausting them. When the body cannot restore the natural balance of adrenalin, DHEA, the hormone our bodies produce in the greatest quantity, decreases. Magnesium deficiency is also related to EMD: magnesium regulates the resting electrical charge on our cells. Doctors also now consider the amino acid taurine to be essential. Deficiency of magnesium and taurine lowers a person’s tolerance for many stressors. Depression and various stress illnesses indicate an electromagnetic (psychoneuroimmunologic) overload.

Stress-reducing techniques such as photostimulation, education, music, biofeedback, guided imagery, autogenic training, magnesium and amino acid supplements and electrical stimulation have been shown to correct EMD.

As a dowser, I inquired via pendulum whether EMD could be identified in a person. Yes. When it is identified, could EMD be corrected by requesting divine assistance? Yes. Once EMD is corrected, could people be protected from further electromagnetic pollution on request? Yes. This is Good News!

I discovered that several people for whom I have requested many different types of healing but who still have not regained normal health needed EMD correction. Even my six-year-old grandson who is often “out of sorts” when I am babysitting needed this specific assistance. For all of them, my pendulum swung for a long time as the corrections were being made.

Good News is for sharing. Good News is for action. Who do you know who might benefit from EMD correction? Maybe YOU are the person who can ask for the divine assistance which will help them recover their health.

Thanks to the Universe for connecting us with yet more information and guidance to benefit all.

Joan De New was president of the Canadian Society of Dowsers from June 2001-2003. She is an Honorary Life Member of CSD, and holds current memberships in the American Society of Dowsers for whom she has been a convention presenter several times, and the Ozark Research Institute which investigates dowsing and other intuitive phenomena. Founder of the Hamilton and Area Healing Network, a CSD associate member organization in 1998, she is now a licensed Healing Minister. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and can be reached at 905-549-7956 or at .

 © Copyright 2002, Joan De New.