Arthur Read Ottawa, Ontario 1929-2010

Art Read:  Member of Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Society of Dowsers

Art was awarded the HonarLife Time Member for his contributions to the CSD over the years helping with the journals and newsletters as a member of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Society of Dowsers.  For a period of time he was an active participant at the CSD & ASD conventions.

Born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan he grew up on a farm in Marquis SK as the eldest of 6 children (two boys/four girls).  The family moved off the prairies due to Art’s wheat allergy.  Art finished High School in Nanaimo BC and moved onto Radio College in Vancouver. His early working career was in radio as a radio operator in the Queen Charlotte Island.  A couple from Sweden during that time excited his interested in travel which resulted in a two years hitch-hiking around Europe venture.  Elspeth and he met at the YMCA while he was attending Ryerson for Electronic Technology.  Most of his working life was spent with Bell Northern first in Belleville then in Ottawa.  In 1987 heading into retirement Art said he “I’m not retiring from work just from Bell Northern”.

The last 23 years Art belonged to many volunteer associations of which CSD was lucky to be one of.  He repaired tricycles for the River Parkway Preschool Centre, was on the board of the Nut Trees Growers Association, Parkdale Food Bank, Drove Van for the Unitarian House and supported the Dowsing Society of Ottawa.  He and Elspeth did over 20 Elderhostel Programs as a great way to discover Canada.  Tho he wasn’t musical, for the last 15 summers he and Elspeth attended the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival sometimes listening to 5 performances a week.

Art wasn’t interested in sports or politics and he rarely watched TV.  He spent his evenings in his workshop or reading about nutrition, alternative therapies, dowsing, philosphy or spirituality.  Art enjoyed hiking, canoeing with the Sierra Club.

Art’s interest in dowsing revolved mainly around food & nutrition. At 15 years old he was hospitalized with Rheumatic Fever for months. Nothing was helping and he wasn’t getting any better.  His Mom who was a vegetarian and also into herbs brought in an herbalist at which point his health started to improve.

His main interest was food and medicine and nutrition.  He took many courses at the International Academy of Natural Health Science and became one of the first to graduate as a natural health counsellor.   Art believed that his attention to food was one of the reasons for his better health.  Over the years he experimented with lots of diets.  One diet lead to another and then another.   He always had a large organic vegetable garden where ever they moved.

Condolence messages coming into the family have called Art, gentle, intelligent, independent, enthusiastic, caring, admired, amazing, lovely, thoughtful, gracious, friendly, helpful, dedicated, unique and competent.

Art Read, 2005  Awarded Honourary Life CSD Membership

Art has been a great help to the society over the years mailing out the journals and newsletters and working with Ottawa Dowsers the CSD Associate Group.