Michael Patterson, Connecticut Nizhini Walker (he who walks in healing beauty) Author of Redneck Shaman Understand that what we are doing is Quantum Observation.  INTENT.  When I was first starting out,1990, […]

Summary – Last year, a few spiritual seekers in Prince Edward County Ontario, formed a monthly discussion group and decided to investigate dowsing for natural energy lines on the landscape […]

Hosted by Neil Anderson and Jody Maas August 19, 2017 from 9am to 5pm LOCATION: Oakland Community Center 3 King Street North at Oakland Rd, Oakland, ON MAP IT COST: […]

Expansion, Support and Empowerment The Canadian Society of Dowsers is a National Voluntary Not-for-profit Association with an open membership whose purposes are to: - Facilitate networking amongst dowsers and organizational affiliates - Provide basic and continuing educational opportunities for members - Encourage the highest ethical standards and responsible practices on the part of its members - Promote public awareness of and appreciation for the art of dowsing - Encourage the development of new organizational affiliates
Tesla evangelists often point out that his vision of free, long distance transmission of power was usurped by industrialist JP Morgan and other power barons that wanted to charge for electricity. For the commercialization of electricity, wires would be needed. But - Tesla’s wireless electricity patents are what ultimately gave Tesla the truly deserved credit as the inventor of radio.
blessing spoken over food, before a meal, will increase the positive energetic field of the food. This increase can be measured by dowsing with a pendulum. If more blessings are spoken, then the positive energy field of the food will increase with every blessing
In most biographies written on Mr. Rocard, the works he produced near the end of his life on biomagnetism and dowsing are only briefly mentioned and with a tone of embarrassment. In the last of the four books he devoted to this subject (La science et les sourciers, Dunod, 1989), Yves Rocard engaged in a scientific exploration of dowsers' sensitivity.
When geologist Peter Blythe opened an opal mine in Mintabie, South Australia, he thought the miners’ tales of how they had ‘used the wires’ to find opal were ‘hogwash’. But after discussions in a local pub, he agreed to take part in a test with five other miners.