Balancing EMFs that Radiate from Appliances

by Joey Korn

Joey Korn

If you have ever heard of EMFs, the electromagnetic fields that radiate from devices such as cell phones, televisions, and digital clocks,  you’ve probably heard that they’re harmful and can even cause cancer.  I agree that most of these devices do radiate energy fields that are detrimental to us, but, believe it or not, you can learn to make EMFs beneficial and you can even use these energy fields to improve your life.  I love EMFs!

This might sound odd to you, that I love EMFs, when so many people say they are so harmful.  Many thousands of devices have been sold to neutralize or block these energies or protect people from them.  Some of these devices help and some don’t.  But in my opinion, you don’t need any devices to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs.  You can ask the Divine to bless these fields and they will immediately change to be beneficial.  The power to work with these energies is within you.

There is a difference between the subtle EMFs you can find with dowsing and the physical EMF fields you can detect with electronic measuring equipment, such as gaussmeters and tri-field meters.  Subtle energy fields, whether related to electronic devices, to the Earth, or to us as human beings, cannot be detected by gauges or other electrical measuring devices.  I know of no meters or gauges that can detect the subtle fields that we, as human beings, can find with dowsing and can feel with muscle testing.  Through many years of my own research, I find that it is the subtle counterpart to the physical electrical field that affects us, not the physical field, until it gets much more intense than is commonly thought. The physical field might be depicted like this:

It is thought that the closer you get to the source of the electrical emanation, such as a TV, the stronger the field and the more it will affect us.  As I understand it, the physical field is typically considered detrimental if it measures greater than 3 mG (milli-Gauss) on a gaussmeter.  However my research gives me a different take on this.

The subtle electrical field is a vortex, composed of two spiraling bands, one positive and the other negative.  I find that only the positive band carries the charge.  The negative band is neutral.  When you’re standing in a detrimental band in the subtle electromagnetic field, you’ll be weakened, as can be experienced with muscle testing.  Stand between the bands, and you’ll muscle test normal.

This is at the core of why I don’t call detrimental subtle energy “negative” and beneficial subtle energy “positive.”  From my research over the past eight years, only the positive bands carry a charge in the subtle energy fields radiating from electronic devices, and they can be beneficial, detrimental, or neutral as to their effect on us.  I find that any detrimental or neutral subtle energy field can be changed to be beneficial with a properly stated prayer or blessing, simply asking the Divine to change it to be beneficial.

Now it’s time for practical application of this knowledge.  Use any dowsing tool you wish, although I prefer using a pair of L-rods, holding one in each hand.  Stand about eight feet away from any device that might be radiating a field, such as a television, portable phone, or any device with a lighted LCD display.  Approach the device while dowsing with the intent, “Show me any detrimental energy that might be radiating from that device,” and keep your intent focused on the device.  As you approach the first band of detrimental energy, you’ll begin getting a dowsing reaction.  As you pass through that band, your dowsing tool will begin to return to its search position and will then begin another reaction as you approach the next band.

The closest band is typically within twelve inches from the device.  The next one will be about twice that distance away from the device, and the next one will be twice that distance again.  These bands ultimately extend into infinity, but the bands are weaker and more diffused the farther they are from the device.

You may not get a dowsing reaction until just before you reach the device, within twelve inches or so.  If this happens, it’s because that is the strongest band.  Dowse again for subtler bands of the same energy and you’ll likely get several reactions as you approach from at least six feet away.

If you have someone to work with, you can use muscle testing to see that people are weakened when standing in the bands and will muscle-test stronger while standing between the bands.

Then say a blessing as simple as, “Dear God (or however you address the Divine), please change the energy radiating from that device to be beneficial.  Amen.”  After the blessing, muscle test again and if you’ve stated your intent adequately, you’ll both muscle-test strong while standing in the bands, even stronger than while standing in between the bands.

Then dowse again, asking to find detrimental energies that might be radiating from the device, and if they’ve changed, you won’t get any dowsing reactions.  Change your intent to, “Show me beneficial energies that might be radiating from the device,” and you’ll get dowsing reactions in the same places you did before.
My version of the blessing would be:

If it be Thy Will, may the Powers of Nature converge to increase and enhance the beneficial energies and balance any detrimental energies radiating from this computer (or other device), for our family, our friends, our pets, and for all of benevolent life, for now and into the future, for as long as is appropriate. In deep gratitude, Amen.

After you’ve experimented a little, dowsing and blessing a few devices, you will be able to bless all the electronic devices in your home that radiate these subtle energy field.  Just use the above blessing and include “and all energies like that throughout my home.”  Then use dowsing and muscle testing and you’ll be amazed to find that all or most of the energy fields around electronic devices in your home will be beneficial.  You can even use these subtle energy fields to help keep your own energies balanced and help you resolve key issues in your life, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.  Now I think you have a better understanding of why I say, “I love EMFs!”

Look for more information to come soon about using subtle EMFs to help you resolve your key life issues and help keep your one energy patterns in balance.

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