Birthing A New Vision For Humanity

by Ann Lieb, 2006

Years ago a dowsing friend presented me with a wonderful project to help birth a new vision for humanity through focused intent and the Power of Positive Heart/Mind Techniques. I loved the idea of dreaming a new way into existence, one that would dispel waveforms of war, strife, hatred, violence and greed that permeate our planet. I set to work immediately, writing books and speaking on this topic at dowsing conventions and meetings. Please spend a few minutes with me now, as the following words and images of Light touch your heart. Let us come together today as One, to manifest a vision for All based on Love and Compassion. Our souls, yours and mine, chose to return to Earth to broadcast the knowledge that we are all connected to one another and to a unified field comprising all life forms and forces. We are joined by multi-dimensional strands of light, color and sound that overlap, criss-cross, evolve and grow. Let us link our beautiful thoughts and feelings to this spiraling field of connectedness, this dynamic energy field comprising all of humanity, the Great Mother Earth and the creatures that dwell upon Her. Together we can make a difference. Together, we can dispel the darkness. Share this page with as many friends as you can, for as each additional person adds his/her glorious thoughts and uplifted emotions to this project, the energy shall extend far greater than 1+1+1 and shall reach the billionth, even the trillionth power in exponential strength. Gather groups of dowsers together to meditate on these images, for I foresaw that this project would begin among the dowsers, in small groups at first, circles within circles, ever-widening, ever- growing into one grand circle of Light. Join with me in the following simple visualizations:

See in your mind’s eye a never-ending string of paper cutout dolls, such as the one your kindergarten teacher crafted from paper and scissors. Now superimpose the vision of people the world over joining hands, a continuous chain of hands, linked together. Close your eyes and see the hands, hands of all colors and sizes reaching out in loving friendship, clasping hands across artificial boundaries, borders and markers. With this daisy chain of hands, people from all nations, all tribes, and all religions become One!

Imagine a Long Table stretching as far and as wide as the eye can see, and even further. See the Long Table groaning from the weight and plenty of the delicious foods, the bounties of Great Mother Earth. Visualize millions of people breaking bread together every day at this Long Table that continues on and on throughout the whole world. All those who were hungry before are now content, full-bellied and satisfied.

Imagine a beautiful Long House circling planet Earth without beginning or end. Visualize the ones, the tens, thousands, even billions of people entering and filling this ever-growing home, finding shelter from the storm. Here in the spacious Long House, the poor, the homeless, the hopeless, join the ranks of the “Haves” as every good is made available to All.

Imagine the dawning of a day, today, as all soldiers throw their weapons of destruction, their rifles, guns, swords, bayonets and bombs, into a giant bonfire of Light. Visualize the flames melting the metal into farming tools and musical instruments. Picture soldiers of all nations shedding their military uniforms as mortals no longer find causes to fight for, and no causes to fight against. Visualize mothers sewing babies’ diapers from that cloth to nurture young life everywhere. In your mind’s eye, join now with people of all races and religions to sing hymns of aid and inspiration, and to dance in rhythms of thanksgiving. Witness the Elders passing the peace pipe. Look to the Heavens, for here above Earth flies the Dove of Absolute Peace, trilling songs of joy as the language of war, of struggle, of force, is forgotten from the hearts and lips of humankind.

Glowing with rainbow radiance, shimmering with love for others, you are ready to cast aside the belief that self – man or woman – is the center of the Universe. Let rivers of love pour forth from your heart, touching and opening the hearts of all sisters and brothers of your global family. See love pouring forth from their hearts uniting in one glorious ray of immense magnitude, moving outward in ever-spiraling waves to encompass the planet. Rejoice for your desire to help and care for others, to be useful, to honor and protect the Earth Mother’s resources has been fulfilled.

Ann Lieb has been a speaker at dowsing conventions, conferences and chapter meetings for ten years in the U.S. and Canada. She will be speaking in June at the ASD Convention on “The Magic of Dowsing” and “Kabbalah and the Art of Miracle Working.” Ann is the author of “The Power of One, Techniques to Connect to the Oneness,” “Think Right, A Guide to Dowsing, Manifestation and Oneness,” “Learn How to Channel,” “How to Manifest a True Life Mate and Keep the Magic Flowing,” and “Born of the Stars, a Novel about Eve, First Woman. You may contact her at [email protected]