Bruce Magill

Canadian Society of Dowsers

Dowser of the Year 2007

October 13, 1933 –  August 7, 2006

Bruce was a teacher and practitioner of: Dowsing , Reiki, Touch for Health, Clinical Hypnotherapy and The Learning Path Integrated Technique. He was a Past President of the CSD, spoke at the convention and taught in the dowsing schools for many years. He was a man of integrity, compassion, and had a zest for life. He could be a real jokester and many of us shared many moments laughing with him. As a dowser he forged many paths for us to explore, helped many with issues in their homes, with physical ailments and pain, helped companies find locations for their wells and was well known as The Ghost Buster. 

Here are a few of his dowsing principles and lessons:

When Dowsing… 

Dowsing Pain Removal “The Brucey Technique” daughter Cindy with husband Michael
  • NEVER allow ego to come into Dowsing
  • NEVER assume anything
  • ALWAYS have compassion and respect for those you are assisting
  • NEVER invade someone’s space without permission
  • NEVER ask silly/stupid questions…e.g. question you already know the answer too
  • KNOW that with Dowsing, you are always dowsing for whatever is in the highest best good… and only God (higher source) knows what is in the HBG
  • REMEMBER to use techniques to protect yourself from negative energies/entities while dowsing