by Michael Brooks

Last week, I went dowsing. Also known as divining, this is the ancient practice of holding twigs or metal rods that are supposed to move in response to hidden objects. It is often used to look for water, and farmers in California have been known to ask dowsers to find ways to irrigate their land.

Yet despite many anecdotal reports of success, dowsing has never been shown to work in controlled scientific tests. That’s not to say the dowsing rods don’t move. They do.

The scientific explanation for what happens when people dowse is that “ideomotor movementsMovie Camera” – muscle movements caused by subconscious mental activity – make anything held in the hands move. It looks and feels as if the movements are involuntary. The same phenomenon has been shown to lie behind movements of objects on a Ouija board.

Meet the dowser

I knew all this when I went to meet John Baker, who is supervising a dowsing workshop at Sissinghurst castle in Kent, UK, tomorrow. What I didn’t realise is just how hard it is to believe the science.

Baker specialises in dowsing for hidden archaeological structures. By the time I had finished my couple of hours with him, my scepticism about dowsing was getting shaky.

When I arrived, Baker was standing in front of an array of blue flags he had planted in a grassy area in the castle grounds. The flags marked out something his rods had revealed: the outline of a long-forgotten building. Baker held his L-shaped dowsing rods like a pair of six-shooters and walked back and forth across the lines. As he “entered” the building, the rods swung across his body. When he exited, they uncrossed.

At this point, I was neither impressed nor surprised. He could see the line of flags, and he knew what he expected to happen. It would only take a small unconscious movement of his hands to make the rods cross, I thought. What would be impressive and surprising is if the rods crossed when I tried it.

So I had a few goes. Nothing happened. Baker looked untroubled, but I had begun to feel that I was wasting my time.

Just relax

Baker suggested I try to relax, shake out my shoulders, and maybe visualise something to do with buildings, since that was what I was dowsing for. I did – and it worked.

First the rods started to feel “jumpy” in my hands. Though they didn’t cross as I walked forward, they felt as if they might want to. So I tried it again. Eventually, they crossed every time I “entered” the building. They even uncrossed at the other side.

I have to confess, however much I might be able to rationalise what was happening, my newfound ability freaked me out a little.

So what happened? Baker’s explanation is that by relaxing, and suppressing all my rationalisations, I allowed my brain to tune into a kind of “energy” associated with the buried structure. I think there’s a simpler explanation.

Subtle illusion

I was frustrated when nothing happened, and stimulated (and amused) when something did. It seems that a part of me wanted it to work. In other words, the atmosphere was the perfect set-up for the ideomotor effect to kick in and move the rods.

Scientifically minded sceptics often express deep dismay at the credulousness of people who believe in dowsing, extrasensory perception and other “inexplicable” phenomena. They should not be so harsh. The illusions that make them seem plausible are astonishingly subtle and powerful.

It is only human to attribute such observations to something beyond the normal senses. Even if science is your thing, a brief immersion in the world of the “unexplained” can be enough to inject a little doubt.

A final confession: I am still slightly disappointed that the scientific explanation stands up so well. I had a great time with Baker at Sissinghurst, and I’m sure tomorrow’s apprentice dowsers will too.

We take a perverse pleasure in things that confound our senses, which is why conjuring tricks are delightful and science can seem a killjoy. The physicist Richard Feynman once said that science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. What he didn’t say was just how much fun fooling yourself can be.

Michael Brooks is the author of 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense (Profile/Doubleday)

14:08 29 July 2009 by Michael Brooks

by Alexander P. Dubrov Phd.

(Brief review of  scientific research, 1990 – 2000)
Alexander  P. Dubrov Phd.
Russian Medical-Technological Academy,  Research-Practical Center of Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy  the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.  34/4/188 , Novatorov Street, Moscow – 117421, Russia.


This paper  examines modern achievements in the theory and practical application of dowsing on the basis of  extensive research publications both in Russia and abroad. The paper outlines the views of competent researchers on the nature of the dowsing field and  possible biophysical mechanisms of  the effects of this field on the dowser.
Particular importance is attached to the achievements of dowsing in the practical aspect : in applied geology and geophysics –  prospecting for water resources and minerals ;  in  ecology – location of  zones of biological comfort and discomfort ; in medicine – identification of relationship between cancer cases and geopathogenic zones ; in land and marine geology – reconnaissance and prospecting for oil and gas deposits ; in engineering – as a method of non-destructive control aimed at identifying the risk and reliability of engineering and other installations.
Many years have elapsed  since the previous reviews on the development of dowsing in Russia, the CIS and overseas {1,28} . This period has seen a substantial growth in the application of dowsing  for research and practical work conducted in geology, mining, architecture, town-building, and ecology. It should also be noted that the scientific world has changed its attitude towards dowsing . Qualified researchers working in various fields of science have been displaying growing interest in problems of dowsing. 
They have conducted fundamental and experimental studies in the mechanisms of the biophysical  effect of the dowsing field on humans.  Extensive  research  and  practical projects in the field of dowsing have been conducted at the request of private companies and  state institutions. Various foundations have provided the financing and grants, particularly in the field of geology and geophysics.  At the same time, there has been a growing number of  people attending short-term dowsing courses. This, in turn, has led to the emergence of popular publications and non-professionals who discredit this important field of human activity.
The economic advantages which dowsing entails in various fields of human activity are beyond any doubt. These advantages  are becoming increasingly recognizable  for  top managers in industry, the medical sphere, and in business. Express diagnostics based on the dowsing method is developing into an important method of  fast and non-destructive control. This is particularly important in places where the operators or dispatchers ( at thermal or nuclear power plants) have to control and monitor a big number of units. It should be emphasized that all data on dowsing application provided in this paper come from properly screened and talented dowsers with a wealth of experience in this field.
1. Fundamental and experimental studies in dowsing
Man’s ability to operate dowsing still remains an enigmatic biophysical phenomenon. However, serious attempts have been made to decipher this phenomenon by qualified researchers in physics, geology, geophysics, biophysics, medicine. These studies have been facilitated to a considerable extent by research papers  and monographs published in various parts of the world which illustrate the specific features of dowsing, the mechanisms of its impact on man and  which, at the same time, open new vistas for its application in various practical fields of human activity {2-9}.
An analysis of the above-mentioned publications indicates to the fact that dowsing is based on the hyper-sensitivity of the human organism  to geophysical and  cosmic fields, to irradiation and their gradients, irrespective of the field tension level and the type of incoming  signals.  The extreme sensitivity of man to weak and ultra-weak fields and irradiation has been aptly described by Professor H.Berkhemer from the Department of Terrestrial Science at the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics of the Johann W. v. Goethe University in Frankfurt-am-Main : ” There are many indications  that man , with his complex biological system,  in a sensitized state , can process minute changes in the strength of known and other not yet identified fields, the latent ability for which may still originate from earlier phases of evolution” {10}. This fully reflects one of man’s important biophysical aspects with regard to dowsing.
Man’s ability to dowsing displays yet another important feature associated with man’s paranormal characteristics, specifically extrasensorial reception which, so far, has no explanation according to the laws of classical physics. This prevents most orthodox scientists from recognizing dowsing as a scientific discipline, inasmuch as it fails to conform with their understanding of the physics of this phenomenon . Serious fundamental and experimental attempts have already been undertaken to provide a scientific interpretation of man’s unusual abilities and to explain them on the basis of the postulates and laws of quantum physics {11}.
The extrasensorial abilities of man which have been noted point to new aspects in the existing knowledge of human psychology, the role of the mind, the subconscious, and intuition in our relationship with the outside world {12}.
This is particularly vivid when we apply the so-called method of remote dowsing according to which the dowser derives information about the location of a remote object (water aquifer, oil or mineral deposits, etc.) using a geographical map, frame, or pendulum for dowsing  This is described in detail by the well-known Russian specialist in dowsing Professor  A.I.Pluzhnikov (head researcher for “Geoleptonika”, a Moscow based company) who has developed a school of his own and has numerous followers {13}, and in a monograph by Joe Moneagle, a well known researcher in the problem of remote viewing {16}.
To illustrate the application of remote viewing we may refer to studies conducted by marine hydrology specialist Captain R.A.Dubovik (Reserve), currently engineer-hydrographer for the Navigation and Oceanography Department in Moscow, Russia. Captain Dubovik applied various methods of dowsing (remote viewing and simulation) to construct surface water circulation maps for the North Atlantic, part of the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Okhotsk. In these he indicated the vortexes and their depth, the vertical distribution of  temperatures, and other indices.  Data obtained by dowsing methods are well correlated with data from official hydrological sources, satellite observations and direct oceanographic surveys {14}.
Remote perception indicates that man is capable of maintaining contact with the outside world relying on dowsing and his own paranormal abilities . In this case dowsing should be recognized as an all-purpose method  of cognition in  natural science and acquisition of information from the environment. This specific factor has been well noted by Dr. A.G.Parkhomov, a prominent Russian physicist and  specialist in the field of extrasensorial activities (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology):   “?.dowsing makes it possible to overcome the gap between the mind and the subconsciousness and, thus, to facilitate man’s
entry into the world of extrasensorial perceptions” {15}.
 Joe McMoneagle, a highly gifted person in the sphere of extrasensoriaL activities, notes the great similarity between human abilities to dowsing and remote viewing in his circumstantial book {16}.
Studies conducted by V.C.Reddish, Professor (Emeritus) of Astronomy at Edinburgh University deserve special mention when we attempt to examine the physical bases of dowsing.  The research team led by Professor Reddish specialized in the study of the physical bases of dowsing and, for a number of years, conducted investigations of the dowsing phenomenon by the  method of  interferometry on the surface of the Earth {17}. 
The researchers arrived at the following conclusions : 1) the dowsing force field is of a wave nature, but is not an electromagnetic field ; 2)  the spatial distribution of interferometric lines varies in the course of one year – there is a sharp increase in the width between the lines in April and a rapid decrease at the end of November, with an isolated maximum in March.  This  variation in the width of the lines is repeated year after year which is an indication of the fact this phenomenon is associated with cosmic factors and the movement of the Earth in outer space ; 3) in view of the variations in the interferometric patterns it may be assumed that the dowser is exposed to several types of fields lnstanteously.
The researchers believe that the interferometric  picture is stable and comprises 9 clearcut maximum lines with an  interval of 2.3 metres between them. This is an indication of the stability of wave processes. The studies revealed yet another interesting phenomenon. Whenever the experimental sample was a plastic pipe (and not  the traditional copper wire) which had laid on the ground for about an hour, after its removal the parallel maximum lines did not disappear immediately but only after a few  minutes. This means that the Earth possesses hysteresis with regard to the system of  standing waves in this force field.
This phenomenon may find its explanation in the theory developed by Yu.V.Volkov, a Russian physicist who conducts fundamental research at the Computer Centre of Moscow University.  His theory concerns the existence of “phase and force waves in a pulsating space” {18,19} .
There is also explanation to be found  in the theory of the German scientist Dr. H.Muller in Erfurt, Thuringia concerning the role of standing gravitational waves in world space as the basis of all physical process in living and non-living matter {20-22}.
Other ideas have been put forward in fundamental research conducted by  V.I.Gridin, Professor of Geology at the Moscow Institute of  Problems of Gas and Oil, and  Dr. E.Z.Gak, a geophysicist at the  Agrophysical Institute in St. Petersburg. Both researchers believe that the development of the dowsing field is heavily influenced by the Coriolis rotation forces and the tangential  forces which originate on the borders of gravitational anomalies where the lithosphere of the Earth is ruptured under the gravitational impact of the forces of the Solar system {23}. 
These researchers believe that these forces cause the rotation of the frame  in the hands of the dowser only in those cases when he moves counter the acting
forces .
A.G.Parkhomov comes forth with his hypothesis on the physical mechanism of dowsing in the case of reconnaissance for ore deposits, subterranean  aquifers, and various types of engineering lines {15}. 
This researcher believes that dowsers are affected by the  flux of ultra-low energy neutrino with a wave length of 0.8 – 1.1 mm. This neutrino flux is refracted, reflected, and dispersed at the borders of media with different properties. Since this neutrino flux is subjected to the influence of gravitational fields its oscillations display rhythms associated with the axial rotation of the Earth and the positions of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. 
The researcher bases his calculations on the assumption that the dowsing field is  perceived by the spinal column of man which is a sort of  active linear  antenna grid with a period equal to the spacing of the vertebrae (3-4 cm). The influence of cosmic and geophysical factors on the exceptionally high sensitivity of man, animals, and plants is mentioned in the circumstantial publication by the Cuban researcher , Doctor of Geology L. Lufriu {24}.
Another problem, that is actively discussed in the fundamental aspects of dowsing, is associated with the Hartmann and Curry  energy and force grids and lines. The problem is also discussed in detail in the monograph by the Swiss researcher M.Mettler {25}  and has recently found serious physical corroboration in the works of the German researcher S.Prumbach {26} and the British physicist A.Hall {27} on the role played by subterranean water flows and telluric currents in the formation of peculiar vortexes on the surface of the Earth. These vortexes appear in the form of spirals and may be identified by dowsers both on
the open ground and on snow covered fields.
In the course of studies of global grids and lines, geophysicist Professor A.A.Drozdovskaya of the Institute of Applied Problems of Ecology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry under the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev, arrived at the conclusion that the regular grid lines are not merely flat grid formations on the surface of the Earth, but constitute volumetric framework structures made up of two-dimensional disks which cut through the axis of the Earth and are oriented differently with regard to longitudes and latitudes. This forms a unified energy framework of our planet which operates as an energy exchange mechanism within the Biosphere — Earth -Cosmos system, and which, in turn, develops close links between the Earth and cosmic fields and irradiation {45,46}
2. Applied geology and geophysics 2.1. Geology Dowsing techniques have long been actively in use in various spheres of geology and geophysics, e.g. for the reconnaissance of mineral deposits and  water resources, for the study of geological structures and identification of  zones of anomaly. A detailed review of the methods and techniques applied in dowsing over the past decade has been provided by I.A.Nepomnyaschiy, N.N.Sochevanov and O.A.Isayeva from the Institute of Economics of Mineral Resources and Geological Prospecting in Moscow.
These geologists have studied numerous patents on the application of dowsing in prospecting for oil, ore, and gas deposits and its integrated use with other methods {28}.
The authors of the review stress the particular importance of studies which incorporate dowsing with geochemical,  geophysical, geological, and biophysical methods of prospecting for mineral deposits. As an illustration of this we may refer to studies conducted by V.A.Tischenko, L.S.Kravchenko and other geologists at Saratov University in Russia. Remote dowsing  based on a topographical map scale 1:25,000  was integrated with seismic, geochemical, and mineralogical studies in exploratory wells sunk in the process of gas and oil prospecting {29}.  
These studies showed that within the dowsing zones of anomaly there was a high concentration of heavy hydrocarbons (from butane to hexane) which  was more than double the concentration of these gases beyond the zone of anomaly. 
The researchers recommended the use of dowsing as an integral part of geological prospecting since it allows to cut back substantially expenses on traditional geochemical and geophysical methods of deep well drilling.
Explorations of gold ore deposits, conducted by Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy A.L.Kovalevsky , head researcher at the Buryat  Research Center of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Ulan-Ude, and V.E.Landa (Ph.D. Geol.& Miner.),leading researcher at the Transbaikal  Research Centre in Chita, testify to the necessity of combining dowsing with the biochemical analysis of plants and  electrical prospecting. These geological
researchers believe that the integrated application of dowsing with other methods is particularly expedient in difficult terrain where sections of the Earth are overlapped by powerful ore deposits, and where it is essential to conduct detailed reconnaissance, prospecting , and structural geology operations.
 Dowsing should be applied with the purpose of identifying various anomalies and selecting promising regions for mining and drilling operations in oil, gas, and water prospecting {30}.
2.2. Geophysics
One of the most outstanding works in the field of dowsing and applied geophysics was the fundamental  field exploration for water resources in arid zones of the world conducted by a big group of German scientists led by Professor H.-D.Betz of  Munich University {31}.
In these operations the geophysicists and geologists were joined by dowsers that had been carefully tested. Among them was the highly gifted engineer H.Schroeter {32}. 
The project which provided for the use of dowsing in prospecting for water in Sri Lanka, Congo, Niger, Kenya, Yemen, Namibia, the Dominican Republic, and other arid areas was financed by the German Ministry for Research and Technology and conducted in cooperation with the German Society for Integrated Engineering Projects (GSIEP).
Professor H.-D. Betz reported the results of research to the Geophysical Society of Germany in Leipzig. They were discussed at the international  seminar of specialists on terrestrial sciences and won high acclaim of  the scientific community. Professor H.Berkhemer, who was project reviewer, gave the following assessment to the research results: “In the following report the author describes the impressive and amazing results obtained by numerous GTZ projects within the main field of water detection in arid areas in many countries ,especially by means of the dowsing technique” {10}.
Extensive studies conducted on the basis of precise techniques incorporated blind and double blind experiments, verification of dowsing prognosis by direct exploratory well drilling ,the application of modern geophysical instruments for seismic and geo-electromagnetic studies, and accurate registration of all experimental conditions. 
This brought the following important scientific and practical results :
1. There is proof of the full professional suitability of dowsing in the sphere of terrestrial sciences, particularly in hydrogeology ;
2. Exploration of aquifers based on dowsing resulted in an 80 % average pinpointing of locations for drilling high-debit wells, something that cannot be achieved by classical  methods of prospecting for water. In Sri Lanka the efficiency of dowsing exploration reached 96% for a total of 691 wells drilled for water; 
3. Dowsers that had been  screened and  properly tested can be used for hydrogeological exploration, specifically for identifying the most promising sites for well drilling ;
4. In order to ensure the most efficient operation in the sphere of engineering and ecological geology the dowser shall always work hand in hand with specialists from these fields of science.
2.3. Instrumental support for dowsing
Dowsers nowadays, much like in the past, use rods or pendulums in their operation. Today, they enjoy the assistance of geophysical instruments which measure various physical parameters of the exploratory sites and human reaction to these parameters. This issue has been examined in detail by Professors Yu.V.Gotovsky and Yu.F.Perov (“IMEDIS” Moscow Center for Intellectual Medical Systems) in their monograph which reviews over 100 patents of various devices and methods for measuring irradiation in geopathogenic zones and  protection of man {57}. 
To date, the number of patents pending and approved patents in this sphere has grown considerably and  exceeded 300 (O.A.Isayeva, personal report).
One of these instruments is a unique indicator of geophysical anomalies (IGA-1) which has been invented and developed by the Russian engineer Yu.P.Kravchenko (Ufa Aviation Engineering University). This indicator is used for the express diagnostics of geological and geophysical anomalies: identification of geological faults, water flows and veins, their intersections, karst caverns, lines and nodes in Hartmann and Curry grids, borders of geopathogenic and technopathogenic zones, etc. {33-35}. 
The instrument is a hypersensitive resonance measuring device for electromagnetic frequencies in the range of 1-100 picovolts (10/-12 V) which is tuned to a fixed frequency of the natural electromagnetic emanation of the Earth’s field in the range of super long waves (1 – 15 kHz).
For an output parameter is taken the phase shift integral on the receiving frequency, whose value changes on the borders of media transitions : “ground – cavern”, “ground – pipe”, “solid ground – void” and energy emanations.  
The “IGA-1” instrument makes it possible to identify very precisely the borders of active faults and zones of anomaly, to register the Hartmann and Curry grid structures and lines, (known to dowsers), their intersections (nodes), to locate
individual energy spots both on a surface (floor or ground) and  within the entire volume of a residential or industrial building.
Engineer E.G.Bondarenko (St. Petersburg, Russia), who has developed a unique  biofield sensor, which is capable of interacting with non-electromagnetic fields , insists on the non-electromagnetic nature of the human biofield which interacts with the field of the Earth {36}. 
The sensor changes its conductivity under the impact of the dowser’s brain activity or his changing emotional state. The dowser draws information from the environment, it is transformed by the brain and the sensor picks up the signals of the human brain E.G.Bondarenko reports on the use of the biofield sensor in geological prospecting, in emergency and life-saving operations, in the search for subterranean water resources, anomalous filtration zones within dams and dykes, in identifying geopathogenic zones, etc.
Biophysicist Dr. L.Mersmann has  developed a high-class integrated geophysical instrument {37}. It is a combination of  radiometer and geo-magnetometer and provides a three-dimensional  spatial image of the state of the geophysical parameters within a given section of land or building. The instrument is fully computerized and very handy in field geological, geophysical, and ecological operations. It has already been used for a number of years by  specialists working in various spheres and  has been tested uccessfully in many ecological studies {38}. 
The Russian woman radiophysicist Dr..O.A.Isayeva who has been studying the problem of dowsing for  many years, has suggested the radiation method for identifying pathogenic zones using standard radiometers {39}. This simple and reliable method is based on the fact that geopathogenic zones display changing parameters of the radiation background, the ionization level, and atmospheric electricity {5,34,40}.
3. Medicine
It should be emphasized that information on the progress in dowsing cited in his paper constitutes but the tip of the iceberg, inasmuch as over he past decade dowsers have conducted numerous and important studies in the field of geological ecology and health protection.
Such specialists in ecological geology as E.K.Melnikov (“Nevskgeologia” under the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg) and V.A.Rudnik (Institute of Geology and  Precambrian Geochronology  under the Russian Academy of Sciences) have conducted studies showing that  active faults within the earth’s crust
have their impact on man due to the combined action of low-amplitude electromagnetic radiation (in which the H component is 5-50 microV/m, while the Z component is less than 100 kHz), the sharp reduction in the concentration of negatively charged aeroions (600/ with the admissible level equal to 1,500  and the optimum level ranging from 3,000 to 5,000),the atmospheric chemical anomalies within the fault zones where sulphurous and volatile compounds of rhenium, helium, and methane are released in big amounts
As a result of studies conducted it has been found that the number of ts of the world and accumulated a wealth of  material on the harmful effects of geopathogenic zones and their combined impact with artificial electromagnetic fields on the health of man. His investigations have been carefully documented and substantiated by geophysical measurements. They have also been summarized according to different diseases, including oncology, disseminated
sclerosis, depression, stress, fatigue syndrome and nervous tension, etc. And published in scientific journals {48,49,50}.
A new technique for identifying geopathogenic effects on man has been developed over the past few years by a group of researchers {51}. It is called the vegetative resonance test (VRT) is based on the method of electropunctural and bioresonance diagnostics. The technique boils down to measuring the Electrical conductivity of a certain biologically active point on the human body at the time when a control (test) homeopathic preparation is introduced into the measuring circuit. This electromagnetic circuit makes it possible to identify the existence or absence in the human organism of any disturbance under the impact of various environmental factors, particularly geopathogenic anations. 
The reaction of the human body to VRT is an indication of the influence or absence of harmful effects from the location.  Medical specialists studying health problems with their patients by the VRT method  have found that exposure to geopathogenic zones leads to various  health disturbances – depletion of the immune system, hormonal, psycho-vegetative, and intestinal diseases, as well as arthralgia and polyarthritis {52}. Investigations have shown that over 90 % of  cardiovascular diseases (infarction, apoplexy), 80% of cancer cases, and 70% of  gynecological diseases (myome of the uterus) are associated with the harmful effects of geopathogenic factors in dwellings or work places  {53}.
On the basis of the fore mentioned it becomes clear that the geoactive zones, which are formed at the intersection of fault lines, water oil prospecting using dowsing on board an aircraft {57}.  Merited  geologist of Russia Dr. E.K.Melnikov was in charge of geological and geophysical operations at the state owned “Nevskgeologia” unit. He applied dowsing for prospecting and mapping ore deposits (uranium, diamonds), the depth of these deposits (100-350 meters) with an accuracy of  +/- 25% operating from  motor vehicles and aircraft (personal reports).
In conclusion, it may be said with great confidence that dowsing has and continues to contribute to geology, geophysics, ecology, medicine, and the economy of those countries where dowsers conduct their operations. Research in various aspects of dowsing meet with increasing support  of  top managers of state owned enterprises, research centers and the scientific community at large. His attitude and the international recognition of dowsing are based on the practical results achieved by dowsing in the national economy, health protection, science, engineering and other fields of human activity.


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by Dennis O’Brien,SUN STAFF

Dowsing: Folk methods for finding water get more attention as Maryland tries to cope with the drought.

Gene Wolfe is a tall, thin, drink of a man who at 76 hunts for water as a hobby.

He may seem more like a typical Towson retiree sitting on the deck behind his home, sunning his legs, shading his eyes and discussing his latest achievement.

But Wolfe is a dowser, someone who hikes into fields and forests armed with a small pendulum to tap into his inner self in search of water in the earth.

Dowsing is a centuries-old art practiced these days by people who freely discuss energy fields and psychic powers — and one that has generated increased interest as Maryland’s worst drought in 70 years dries up wells.

“It’s basically a nonverbal knowingness,” Wolfe said with a smile.

Wolfe, a retired mechanical engineer, feels as if he has something to smile about these days — his first find after eight years as a dowser.

He and another dowser pinpointed a well site for a Parkton couple after they searched the tract recently equipped with dowsing rod and pendulum. Wolfe’s fellow dowser, a Towson sales representative, asked that her name not be used, fearing reprisals from an employer.

But Wolfe doesn’t mind being in the public eye. He is rather proud. “It’s a wonderful feeling,” he said.

Wolfe also told the couple how deep they should drill to find the best water supply.

Felicity and Steve Byrne say they stopped drilling at Wolfe’s prescribed 375 feet. They credit him with finding a well expected to yield 15 gallons of water a minute, more than enough to supply their home.

And, he didn’t charge them.

“He was more than wonderful,” said Felicity Byrne, who began searching for a dowser this spring. Using a dowser made sense, she said, considering the cost of drilling a well site — about $1,200.

“It’s like a rolling of the dice every time you drill,” she said. “I have to believe that there’s some physical reason for how it works.”

No one seems sure how dowsing works — and many think it doesn’t work.

Discussing theories with most dowsers leads to talk about electromagnetic fields, energy levels and picking up on frequencies given off by water or any other object being sought.

Dowsers are in touch with Mother Nature, said Leroy Bull, a 55-year-old dowser from Doylestown, Pa., whom Wolfe consulted about the Byrne property.

Dowsers usually walk the sites they are surveying slowly, with a rod or a pendulum. When they approach a water source, the rod will sway or point down, they say. Dowsers may swing a pendulum over maps to survey distant properties. They also use a rod or pendulum to comb maps and fields for underground pipes, gas lines, missing jewelry, children’s toys or other objects.

“You can use just about anything and search for everything,” said J. David Beam, president of the Chesapeake chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, which claims Wolfe and a dozen other people as members. “All I use is a coat hanger.”

The practice has its skeptics and its supporters.

Bill Banks, a hydrogeologist with the U.S. Geological Service, said that although there is no scientific proof to show dowsing’s effectiveness, there may be something to it.

“For years chiropractors were seen as quacks, but a lot people walked away with better backs,” he said.

“It’s complete nonsense,” said Eugene Boudreau, a ground-water expert with a degree in geology from the University of California at Berkeley, who has written extensively on the subject.

Wayne Caswell, a Jarrettsville well driller, said, “They’ve got the same chance you’ve got and the same chance I’ve got of finding water.”

Caswell said he will use dowsers when customers request one.

But he said he usually consults with customers, makes suggestions about where to drill based on the soils and the area’s geological formations, and lets the customer decide.

“Water is where you find it, and predictable it’s not,” Caswell said.

Interest in dowsing has increased as this summer’s drought has made water sources more precious throughout Maryland.

“We’re getting more calls than we’ve ever seen,” Beam said.

Beam, a Baltimore video engineer who has dowsed since 1980, when he took a course on the subject in Ojai, Calif., said the group has received about 10 calls in the past month from people curious about dowsing or interested in its services.

Those aren’t big numbers, he said. But they’re up from the one or two calls a year the group received in the past.

“We’ve sort of been in hibernation,” Beam said.
The group has a policy of not charging. But if the job requires long-distance travel or takes most of a day, it might ask for donations of $50 to $100, he said.

Wolfe said he is learning the craft.

He attends the conventions organized each year by the Vermont-based American Society of Dowsers and subscribes to its quarterly digest, a booklet containing articles about dowsing, labyrinths and holistic health.

Wolfe began dowsing when his wife, Mary Wolfe, a fellow dowser, developed eye problems and began subscribing to the Vermont group’s digest in her search for holistic health remedies.

“I started reading that, and I was hooked,” Wolfe said.

The Wolfes believe that dowsers tap into the energy emanating from the objects for which they are searching.

It takes two things, they say: an open mind and practice.

“Everybody can dowse. But it’s like playing baseball: Some people find it easier than others,” he said.

August 20, 1999 | by Dennis O’Brien | The Baltimore Sun

by Rob Ryan

All dowsers, and intuitives of all stripes, must go through a “crisis of confidence” in their practice. It’s part of growing up, and into, our spiritual nature.

When we start our time on this earth, circumstances make it painfully clear we are physical beings who NEED, NEED, NEED: love, touch, food, encouragement, literally everything. We are completely helpless. Without nurture we die.

Being a dowser, a really good one, demands that we surrender our limited identity and exchange it for an infinite one, connected to all of life. We question alone and dowse connected. This is the art and brilliance of dowsing.

I could read your question this way, “Help! Was I ever really connected? Did I ever know anything my five senses don’t tell me? Was my ‘good dowsing’ all just luck? If it wasn’t luck, why did dowsing let me down now when I need it most?”

Experience suggests your current dismay or despair may be familiar to you. Check your body and look for the places your breath doesn’t go. You may discover this disappointment echoes feelings forgotten from childhood and adolescence, feelings you hoped you would never experience again.

Feelings like these, painful and unwanted arise in times of crisis. If you go to them, listen to them with compassion, you will discover they want to heal. Distress is a call to home to yourself and your true nature. This unavailable property could allow you to experience an old helplessness to be reminded how you much you’ve always wanted-and fear you may never get-a safe and protected home space. There are people happy to support you to come home to yourself.

You have a choice to be stuck in the shock and horror of dowsing’s betrayal, or you can do something far more intelligent and useful to you. I respectfully suggest you ask yourself: “What is my opportunity in this?”

The good you seek seeks you. In order to tap into the power of this opportunity, however, you have to allow a sea change in your emotions. One way to do that, perhaps by journaling or scrap booking, is to purposefully review and affirm all the gifts, happiness and power granted you in this life.

Then, with a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for what you do have, ask “What is my opportunity in this?” Your open door will soon show itself. Ultimately, you will discover:

1. The property that comes next is completely appropriate and even better than what you thought you wanted; and
2. You will understand how your separate desire influenced the dowsing and that how the “faulty” answers were an opportunity for healing and self acceptance; and
3. You will be able to resume dowsing with far more confidence and accuracy than before, stronger for the experience in every way.

Love, -Rob Ryan
Decision Support Coaching
Relationship Management

Rob Ryan, Founder, Center for Health
Offices: 555 Soquel Avenue Ste 260
Santa Cruz CA 95062-2340
Voice: 1-888-762-7926 Mobile: 1-831-588-9786

“Life, in a new light”

by Hank Innerfeld

Dowsing is a natural and integral tool of man. It’s history is as old as humanity itself. The phenomenon of dowsing has been accessible throughout the ages to individuals (both male and female) who chose to pursue and develop this innate aspect of self.

Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to one’s higher state of guidance… ask questions and get answers. From a simplistic scientific perspective, it is the ability to access information available through the right-side of our brain (in the Western world most individuals operate almost exclusively through the left-side of their brain). So by expanding our abilities to utilize a greater proportion of our brain… whole new possibilities are now available to us in our lives.

Every language spoken on planet Earth has at least one word to describe dowsing. The French called the dowser sourcier – one who locates water sources. The Swiss called the dowser brunnenschoncher, or ‘water seeker’ and the dowsing dueten, meaning ‘to point the stick’. The Danes’ name for dowsing was finklerut, the Swedes’, dalkarl. In Mexico, dowsers are called burros because the latter are also known for their ability to find water in the desert.

The early Chinese called dowsing ‘talking to’ or ‘seeking’ the “dragon flow” with the “claw of the dragon”, or dowsing rod. Dowsing was also called fungshui or fing, meaning ‘wind’, and chi meaning ‘water witching’. Similarly, here (in the US) and abroad, dowsers have variously been called “water devils”, “rod wielders”, “doodle buggers” and “water diviners”.

More modern labels for dowsers include motorscopists, psychoscopists, psychogenic water locators, psychometrist geomancers, radionics and radiesthesics. Dowsing has also been called scanning and rhabdomancy, the latter derived from the Greek words rhabdos (rod) and manteia (prophet). In recent times, the phenomenon has come to be called dowsing almost universally. In the British army, those who practiced dowsing have come to be called “first-class well diggers”.

The tools used by dowsers over the ages have variously been called Jacob’s rods, divining rods, shining rods, leaping rods, trembling rods, rotating rods, dipping rods, transcending rods, superior rods, sticks, wands, forked sticks, pencils, L-rods, pendulums, motorscopes, and medicine sticks. Also used as dowsing tools have been scissors, Spanish needles, pliers, crowbars, shotguns, whale bones, barbed wire, clothes, welding rods, rings and other jewelry, feathers, candles (both lit and unlit), conch shells, medicine bones, aurameters, a Chinese diagram called “the Pakoua” and last but not least… fingers and hands!

Historical Roots of Dowsing

In 1949, in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, the French discovered cave paintings of ancient peoples… which scientists using radiocarbon dated at 9,000 years old… one of these cave paintings showed a man using a dowsing rod. Similarly, a rock carving in Peru found (also dated 9,000 years old) depicts a man holding a forked dowsing stick.

The writings of Confucius (2500 B.C.) mention dowsing. A statue of Chinese Emperor Kwang Yu (2200 B.C.) portrays him holding a forked stick (commonly used for dowsing). Similarly, the oldest Egyptian stone drawings and carvings show men in exotic headdresses holding forked sticks or pendulums. The Romans, Celts and Teutons also evidenced interest in dowsing. Various books produced in Germany from the 12th to 14th century examined the phenomenon of dowsing. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603), English landowners brought dowsers from Saxon Germany who obliged them by locating the rich tin fields of Cornwall (which are still producing tin today).

German scientist Georg Agricola, a pioneer in scientific classification of minerals, authored De re Metallica published in 1556. This classic work examines dowsing and its applications. Dowsers played a vital role in the construction of the early castles on the Rhine. Before the castles could be built, water had to be located beneath the stone mountain tops which they were to occupy. Dowsing was used universally to locate these underground water sources.

Visitors to the early Spanish mines in Southwestern United States can observe that each mine features only one hole instead of many. The reason for that is, that prior to drilling, the Spanish used a dowsing tool called “Spanish needles” to locate these rich ores — with impressive accuracy. The early Sioux used feathered medicine sticks for dowsing. Sulu witch doctors used bones for dowsing to locate “evildoers” in their tribe. Dowsing was particularly popular among the New England colonists… a PA newspaper Oil City Register in 1865 profiles one of them, “Doodle Bug” Smith.

The rod, the reed, and the staff – all symbols of dowsing – are mentioned many times in the scripturess. The ancient mystery schools, which pre-date the dawn of Christianity, taught and trained their followers in dowsing. The dowser was regarded as a highly intuitive or illuminated being, who achieved this level of awareness through dedicated study and practice of the mysteries.

Dowsing in Recent Times

The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) was founded in Danville, VT in 1958. Today its membership is growing throughout the United States and around the world. Many dowsing organizations far older than the ASD are active in other countries. Most are dedicated to furthering human knowledge in this field. There are active dowsing societies in Great Britain, Kenya, Israel, New Zealand, Argentina, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, the West Indies, Switzerland, Rhodesia, South Africa, and Vietnam. Germany has two active dowsing organizations, both of which require that members serve a period of apprenticeship before they can call themselves “dowsers”. In India, the principal dowsing organization, Raj Yoga, consists of divisions representing applications of dowsing in the agriculture, engineering, and medical arenas.

In France the first dowsing society (of radiesthesistes) was organized between World Wars I and II. Since then, dowsing has become a full-time profession for many. In 1954, France’s dowsers organized a national union in which annual dues (of $250/member) are paid to the French Ministry of Labor. The French dowsing society publishes a journal quarterly, like the ASD in the USA. Dowsers in France largely concentrate on finding missing persons, and even more importantly, on healing. Nearly 50% of all practicing doctors in France (we’ve been told) use some form of dowsing in their treatments.

Also significant is that virtually every major water pipeline and public utility both here and abroad had a “diviner” on its payroll. The Southern California Edison Company is said to employ a dowser who, over his more than 20 years with the company, claims to have found some 8,000 wells. The Puget Sound Power and Light Company in Washington State is reported to have a dowser formally on it staff, as does the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture. Noted dowser Evelyn Penrose was retained by British Columbia to locate oil and water resources…during 1931-1932 she also located 392 water wells for homesteaders.

In Russia it is reported that 150 Soviet geologists are using dowsing in their work and have vigorously defended its value. Both Moscow State University and the University of Leningrad have established training schools in dowsing in cooperation with the Russian Army. The use of dowsing in the military extends to the Chinese Army, which for years has used dowsers as advance troops to scout the terrain and locate enemy sites as well as to determine optimum areas for advancing forces to encamp each night. The Czechoslovakian Army maintains a permanent corps of dowsers. The Canadian Army Engineers also rely on dowsing.

During World War II, the British and Australian navies discovered that with dowsing they could successfully locate German submarine “wolfpacks”. Dowsing was used by the US Marine Corps in both Korea and Vietnam. Dowsers have been used to detect booby-traps and message drops as well as to locate tunnels and buried telephone lines and supplies. They proved able to locate tunnels of sappers at Khesan when the electronic detectors were inoperable. A member of the ASD proved the value of dowsing to the Marines at a USMC training center in Virginia by successfully locating all of the concealed underground installations, much to the amazement of camp officials. He did this by dowsing a map of the training center the night before the actual “run”. At USMC Camp Pendleton on Southern California, young enlistees have been screened for their dowsing ability. A reported one out of five was found to be able to dowse

Modern Applications of Dowsing

Dowsing has been successfully used in many different applications. The most common use is to seek and find water. But dowsers are often able to determine more than just location of water. They frequently can report its volume, depth, flow direction and potability. Dowsing can also be used to locate existing water pipelines and buried septic tanks. Dowsing has been used successfully to locate oil. Unknown to most people, a number of oil companies and speculators rely on dowsers. Some members of the Southern California Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) receive regular royalty checks for the wells they have located.

Dowsing has been used to successfully been used to track down wanted criminals, and used to effectively to locate hidden drugs in Connecticut. Fireman in Springfield, MA have reportedly used it to determine whether victims are trapped inside burning buildings. This not only saves them critical time in rescuing fire victims, but it makes such rescues safer and more successful.

A chiropractor reports having used dowsing to locate subluxations in the bodies of his patients and prefers it over x-rays. A dentist has reported using dowsing to find hidden cavities in the teeth of his patients with great success. Dowsing has even been used by the victim of a rare, little known ailment to find the name of the right medical specialist to treat it… using a telephone directory! It has also been used to detect pregnancy, to describe personality, to measure intelligence, and to analyze character… as discussed in the book Psychometric Analysis by Max Freedom Long.

Others have reported using dowsing to find ghosts, and more scientific uses of dowsing have been applied to detecting energy points, such as acupuncture points on the body, and energetic fields of all types – emancircuitry, polarity healing, and numerous kinds of energy measurements. In a variety of law enforcement searches in recent years, dowsers have determined the heights, weights, and ages of wanted kidnappers and rapists. They have also found which of a series of suspects is the guilty one. Dowsers have also located stolen goods and lost items.

The Norwegian Red Cross is reported to use dowsing in conjunction with its avalanche patrols to find victims buried in deep snow. An English engineer reports that he uses dowsing to identify potential hazards at prospective building sites. The exact location of an Andes plane crash was pinpointed by an elderly dowser just hours before the rescue team found the survivors.

Dowsing has been used to find ancient drainage systems of “buried” cities, obliterated by time. Similarly, archeologists have used dowsing to find Megalithic sites as well as Indian artifacts. An East Coast taxi driver/dowser was hired by a well-known anthropologist in a successful effort to locate the long-houses of the Iroquois nation.

Dowsing has been used to detect energy fields, increased gamma ray counts, sources of contamination, underground outlets to lakes, radio towers and frequencies, magnetic fields, human auras, bad employees, worthless checks, shorts in electrical wiring, broken pipelines, to diagnose mechanical problems in cars and locate lost graves.

An article in Fate magazine describes the activities of a car-theft ring in Arizona. The ring members baffled the authorities by stripping the cars they stole and burying the remains in the desert. No one could identify the thieves because they left no traces. However, a dowser heard about the case and located the buried auto-graveyard of the gang. Clues found there enabled the police to apprehend the thieves and bring the operation to a halt.

Dowsers have successfully located obscure boundaries and markers, both in the field and while dowsing maps. With map dowsing, they have delineated sources of oil and mineral deposits. The rich iron deposits today known as the Kennebec iron ore range in Wisconsin was located by dowser Mary Hays Chenowith using this approach. Map dowsing also located the famed Gibbs whaler, abandoned in the Arctic during a bitter storm, and sunken beneath eight feet of ice.

A skillful dowser need never be lost. He can tell time, distance, and directions (east, west, north, south). One popular account is about an Arctic bush pilot who was downed in a snowstorm. He used his pendulum to dowse which direction to go and how far. Following the directions he took 65 steps northwest and found a cave. He then dowsed that he would be safe for the night and found by rescue teams the following day. The heavy snows stopped that night and the rescue teams found him the following afternoon. In another true account, a dowser lost in the wilderness proved that dowsing can be used to distinguish between those wild berries that are safely edible and those that are poisonous.

One of the most impressive uses of dowsing was by Floyd Benkins (a member of the Southern California ASD) while viewing the landing of the first American Astronauts on the moon on television. He not only determined the composition of the moon rocks as the astronauts gathered them – long before they were brought back to earth – but accurately assessed the physical conditions of each of the astronauts, as confirmed by later newspaper accounts.

Countless lost objects ranging from keys to embroidery hoops to diamonds, have been located using dowsing. A member of the ASD who is a professional realtor, uses dowsing to locate suitable houses for his clients and to check out the condition of each house in advance. Dowsing has also been used to locate “healing” earth and minerals, to find the nearest good campsite, game and fish, whether there are poisonous snakes in the area. One nurseryman uses dowsing to determine whether the plants are “happy” or needing nutrients, sunlight, water, etc.

Dowsing has often been used to locate buried treasure, usually by means of map dowsing. It is important to first determine whether the treasure us there now, since most treasures have been hidden and found long before people ever learn about it. For this reason, people often dowse and find an indication of treasure, then assume it is still there… they dig and expend much heavy labor only to be disappointed when they find no treasure.

Some of the most satisfying uses of dowsing are the simplest. Many people enjoy the sweetest watermelon by dowsing which fruit is best at the supermarket. I have used it many times to determine which foods most honor my body and which nutritional supplements and dosages are best for me. I also use dowsing to choose the best route to travel when taking a long trip… many times I have avoided heavy traffic/accident areas using this approach.

When teaching a class in Charleston a few years ago my hostess took me to a local restaurant to eat… and while I love crab cakes, through dowsing I was guided not to order them that day… my hostess did order them and left the restaurant with food poisoning. Once someone develops their dowsing abilities there is no limit to how it can creatively be applied to simplify and assist in one’s life experience

Frank Innerfeld  | (303) 679-620  |

Hank Innerfeld is a gifted alternative healing practitioner, dynamic motivational speaker, author of two books on awakening consciousness, and spiritual teacher schooled in a number of unique modalities of healing.  He currently lives in Colorado, works with clients globally, and provides workshops, presentations and teaches classes throughout the United States. Hank is an ordained minister who has been a spiritual seeker for over 35 years… he is passionate about sharing insights and understandings, and a myriad of tools and techniques, which allow us to embrace our power, and our choices, far more decisively in our lives.

Hank has expertise in a variety of healing modalities which he has practiced over the past 18 years. He has been formally trained in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), and has been previously certified by the Spiritual Response Association in Washington to teach these forms of spiritual healing.  He has successfully worked with thousands of clients using SRT and through creative application of multiple healing modalities.

by Barry Lichter

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Geoff Dunn practises the ancient art of dowsing to communicate with his horses to help keep them in top shape.With a little pendulum in one hand, and his other hand running over the horse, trainer Geoff Dunn could be auditioning for a spot in a Harry Potter movie.  But it’s a ritual the Canterbury trainer performs every day and one he swears has helped his star horses Venus Serena and Tiger Tara.

A week out from the Harness Jewels at Cambridge, where the country’s best pacers and trotters will battle it out for $1.2 million in stakes, Dunn is engaged in the age-old practice of dowsing.  But rather than divining for water or metal, he’s communicating with his horses to detect any ailments.  Face drawn in concentration, Dunn is waiting to see if his pendulum starts swinging. It’s then, he says, he’ll know if the horse has a problem.

His homemade pendulum – a short piece of string attached to a fishing sinker, is still.  It wasn’t the previous day, at Bulls, where the horses rested overnight on their float trip north from Christchurch, says Dunn.

When Tiger Tara appeared slightly lame he got out his trusty pendulum and located the source to where a horseshoe nail had been driven in too close to the hoof wall.  Dunn’s noticed the looks he’s getting from us, as we try to process what we’re seeing and it comes as no surprise.

“Some people say to me ‘what the hell are you doing’ and I’ve got some friends who think it’s a load of crap – you can see it straight away on their faces. But you can’t be embarrassed about it.”

It’s Dunn’s next trick that really tests the scientific mind.  By asking specific questions of the horse, like, “Do you have a sore foot?” Dunn says he can really pinpoint the soreness.  If the answer is “yes” the pendulum spins clockwise, if it’s “no”, it goes counter-clockwise.

“I know a lot of people have trouble getting their heads round that part in particular. It’s a bit out of left field and, for a start, I was a bit sceptical, too.”

Dunn, who has always dabbled in chiropractic work on horses, was intrigued at the prospect of being able to go one step further and find the source of the problem.  And any doubts he had about dowsing were eradicated when four years ago he watched international master dowser Bill Northern at work.

On one of his regular visits to New Zealand, the Virginia man inspected a bunch of horses Dunn and his brother Robert had turned out after being unable to diagnose their problems.  “He told us things about them that he couldn’t possibly have known. Then we went over horses at Robert’s stables and told us which ones were sore.”

When Northern checked out Gavin Burgess’s useful pacer J D Fortune, he found the reason for the horse performing badly.  “When Bill said the horse wanted his shoes changed back to his old ones, Gavin said only that previous week he’d changed them.”  After reading about Northern’s numerous successes, Dunn did a course on dowsing.  “I had trouble early on concentrating – you can’t have thoughts in your head – and they reckon it’s hardest to do your own horses. But I kept working on it and now it’s second nature to me.  “My vet bills have definitely reduced, now I find out what’s wrong with the horse, I don’t have to pay someone else to do it.  “I reckon it’s the best thing I’ve learnt in my life,” says Dunn of dowsing.

It doesn’t make the horses run faster. “It could be a coincidence that I’ve got two great horses right now but the trick is keeping them at the top level.”

Dunn says unlike Northern, who is physically drained after dowsing four horses, he can check out 50 in a day without trouble but, as a racing trainer, he was asking less taxing and quite specific questions of the animals. Maybe Dunn senses we’re among the non believers because before we leave he offers to check out our backs.

Dunn’s pendulum goes haywire at one point high up in my spine and again at a point above the tailbone.  I know most guys have bad backs but this is a bit too spooky. Not so long ago a pinched nerve in that exact spot caused dreadful pain and the lower spine has been a war zone since a skiing accident as a child.  Before I can splutter much out, Dunn has me in a bear lock and when I breathe out, he attacks and the crack is plain to hear.

Maybe there is something in all this after all.

Authour: Barry Lichter – Sunday Star Times  |  | Date: 25/05/2014

Photo by: Peter Meecham Fairfax NZ

Note: from Bill Northern | |  “This is one of my best students in New Zealand, Geoff Dunn”


 The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Pollution  – Magda Havas  – October 20, 2011

THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone


Magda Havas is Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants. Dr. Havas joined us to discuss:
  • The hazards of Wi Fi networks in schools and home
  • Cell phone towers
  • How to use a cell phone safely
  • How to ground yourself safely to protect from EMF
  • How EMF’s affect the immune system
  • How toxicity relates to EMF sickness
  • How EMF exposure perforates the blood brain barrier
  • The research and studies that have been done for forty years

by David Gillett and Jacui Beacon

This paper was presented by David Gillett and Jacqui Beacon at the Christopher Bird Memorial International Seminar held at Larnaca, Cyprus, I 7th – 21st September 1997

Growing concern and interest in earth environmental energies and the phenomenon of geopathic stress brought David Gillett, Jacqui Beacon and Peter Webb together some six years ago.  Together they have gone on to develop a unique system of environmental balancing.

Jacqui Beacon began her working career as a secondary school teacher.  She eventually became involved in teaching slow learners.  It was through this that she came across Educational Kinesiology, a system that through a series of subtle exercises known as Brain Gym assists in learning.  Owing to the improvement in the pupils’ abilities she then trained to become a professional kinesiologist using muscle testing to access information from the body as to its state of health.  Through self-testing or dowsing, she refined this to access information about places, situations both past and present either on location or from a distance.  She realised that geopathic and electromagnetic stress played a big part in the comfort or discomfort of her clients.  The switching of magnetic polarity in clients’ unstable health conditions, makes it almost impossible to anchor treatment and therapy.  She began to look for a way to harmonise clients’ living and working environments in order to facilitate the natural healing processes of the body and to eventually re-establish-normal functioning.

David Gillett came to recognise the problem from several different angles.  He was able to see and sense energy fields from an early age. He grew up on a Suffolk farm, which has been the site of civilisations at least 28,000 years when Neolithic tribes moved into Suffolk from the Thames basin looking for materials such as good flint to make their tools.  He has become a farmer and kinesiologist interested in the adverse effects of the chemical revolution on plants, animals and human health.  This is partly due to the effects of asthma from an early age and the eventual treatment by complementary therapists – a clinical kinesiologist and cranial osteopath.  From this experience his knowledge of the combined technologies has brought him to an understanding of how to balance energies in the environment.

Peter Webb, our Canadian colleague, has worked with nutrition and animal agriculture for 30 years with hands on experience in health, nutritional and behavioural abnormalities.  As a result of intensive research, he developed a system of balancing and correcting the environmental atmosphere in areas of distorted geopathic zones.  The emphasis of this system has been on creating an optimum environment for plants to grow in an agricultural setting.

Our complementary strengths and experiences have enabled us to not only detect a whole variety of different geopathic fields around people, buildings and places but also to have developed a range of products called Energy Mixing Beacons and Electro-Magnetic Balancer Units that help to balance distortions within those zones.  The basis for this unique technology is the understanding of how ancient peoples of the world utilised concentrated energy fields in their living environment.  We are hopeful that the recent and developing rapprochement between quantum physics and metaphysics will assist us in understanding why this is working for the people we are helping.

It is known that every molecule and atom in the human body has its own unique vibrational frequency.  In gravitation each grouping causes an interaction with differing degrees of stability when being affected by the opposite magnetic pole.  In geopathic zones the effect of these interactions causes electric and magnetic distortions on each field of collective vibration or frequency which will swing the balance of all life’s range of stability according to the tolerance level of varying immune response.  The result is to respond with ease or dis-ease.

We initially dowsed clients’ properties with dowsing rods and advised them where to move their beds and so on.  Unfortunately there was often nowhere to move the beds if adverse energy was widespread.  The only alternative was to advise people to move house.  This recommendation was received by some with alarm where this option was not open to them.  This may have been the case for a variety of reasons.  For example, where the client was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Multiple Sclerosis they did not have the energy to invest in a major move of this kind.  Some also were simply not in the financial position to make the move.

It was at this point that a sharing of knowledge about these problems brought David and Jacqui to collaborate with Peter in North America.  Here they made an extensive study of ancient systems of habitation that took into account the elements of sacredness, balance and ecology.

They found that the ancients had discovered areas of concentrated energy i.e. funnels of cosmic concentrated particles gathered from emissions from the sun and travelling through Van Allen Belt to Earth and concentrated fields of magnetic output from the core of the planet which we term pure fife force energy.  Their skill was to use quartz crystal or crystalline substance in formation with paramagnetic rock sometimes in pieces of considerable weight, together with a variety of trees to form a ‘mixing bowl’.  This formation would channel balanced energy round the contours of the land where the ancient peoples wished to grow their food and build their houses.  This, we suggest, might be the origin of Feng Shui.

The variety of contours on the world’s surface have hidden their balancing structures.  This has made their preservation and readjustment more difficult because that variation has to be understood to be identified.  We are coming to believe that many of the straighter lines of energy, earth’s grids, ancient stone circles and pre-historic monuments are means of feeding these “mixing bowls”.

It has also become apparent that mining of the worlds minerals, the bulldozing of road and rail tracks around the world, not to mention the flattening of huge areas for agriculture and building have changed the world’s contours to a point where many forms of energy have now been let loose from these original concentrated energy points.  This requires not the banning of all mining and road building but the understanding of the balancing mechanism that can correct the new contours to the benefit of everyone’s environment.

We have touched only a small section of people around the world, harmonising their individual environments with a good proportion of success.  The mechanisms of the product  that we place in a specific strategic position, creates a motion that is first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. As a result of environmental disturbance there is a continuous switch between this clockwise and anti-clockwise motion.  In this whirlpool of movement we believe that distortions in magnetic fields in the environment can be rectified and remove the pressure from human electric and magnetic fields.  This will enable the immune system to function more effectively.

We have seen corrections of the earth’s magnetic field in private housing carried out with an independent surveyor’s equipment and also some evidence for free radicals of unstable character being neutralised by the action of the Energy Mixing Beacons.  The problem with many of these findings is that there is very little equipment that actually deals with the measurements of the subtle energies that we are obviously counteracting.  The reaction of individuals living or working in these environments has been extremely encouraging.  In many cases, insomnia, learning difficulties, nightmares, headaches and so on have considerably lessened or disappeared.

There is a train of thought that the human brain is a finely tuned instrument that can detect imbalance in the environment caused by interference on a geopsychic level.  This is the adverse resonance in a property’s atmosphere.  Is it possible that we are balancing subtle energy fields talked about by Professor Ervin Laszlo (Scientific & Medical Network Conference, “Beyond the Brain”, Cambridge 1997) which are travelling at 1000 million times the speed of light spinning in patterns in the vacuum and so appears to be instantaneous.

Let us go into a few examples of properties we have harmonised.

Case 1:

A surveyor contacted us about 2 years ago as he could not sleep well since moving into a new flat four months previously.  We had remotely harmonised his elderly parent’s home the year before and his parents felt better after our work.  He had what we term a “sand gault” – this means sand sandwiched beneath the clay of his house.  The sand becomes waterlogged owing to underground streams that find their way through the sand and these areas often meander for miles perhaps under tube lines, railway lines, electric sub-stations and so on.  Shafts of sand running horizontally from the sand gault towards the surface link with distorted magnetic fields caused by an induced current in the water below.  After placing a Sand Gault Energy Mixing Beacon ® in the distorted field, it was found by surveyor’s instruments that the magnetic distortion was corrected.  As a result our client’s sleep pattern considerably improved.

Case 2:

A judge near Dusseldorf, Germany had great difficulty sleeping and had an extremely bad sinus problem that necessitated a serious operation, the success of which could not be guaranteed.  Her home had serious geopathic, man-made microwave and electromagnetic stress problems.  We visited the property, determined the sources of the problems, geopsychically cleansed the home and placed our Energy Mixing Beacons OD.  Two weeks later the client phoned us to say that her sinuses were much better and that she was not going to have the operation.

Case 3:

We have found severe distorted fields in every home we have dowsed where the client had cancer and sometimes ME.  We made an on-site visit to a home where the son had leukaemia.  After the home was harmonised he did not suffer such the degree of sickness that is usually involved in the treatment of this disease.  After the treatment he progressed well.

Case 4:

An ME case of a girl of sixteen had very positive results.  We found both geopathic and man made electromagnetic stress.  The daughter was actually making a relatively good recovery before our on-site visit.  Our harmonisation work together with placing the Energy Mixing Beacons appeared to boost this recovery further.  Following our visit her parents noted a marked increase in recovery.

With many cases of chronic ME the client does not appear to improve in health straight away after our harmonisation process.  However, the family often feels better more immediately.  We often hear the family say that they could not sleep and put that down to emotional worries but that after the harmonisation of their home their sleep and energy have improved.  We believe that in the case of clients with ME, our harmonisation work gives them a chance to recover, as their body is no longer being bombarded from the environmental stress.

Case 5:

We have found that environmental stress is also linked to learning problems and depression.  A boy of fourteen who went to an expensive public school just would not do his homework at home.  His father was also diagnosed as suffering from depression.  The source of the problem was mainly the electric substation literally next door to the front garden.  After the harmonisation took place the boy did his homework well and the father’s depression was much ameliorated.  A few weeks later both symptoms returned after a satellite dish was placed on the son’s bedroom wall.  Further harmonisation work was needed and as a result all was well with both father and son.  We have discovered that the appropriate position of a satellite dish is important to the maintenance of good health.

We have also found in our work that couples and families often seem to get on better after harmonisation work.  In fact, we have had two couples thinking of separating and are now still happily together.  Environmental stress can cause depression in people, which can obviously lead to poor relationships.  If the home is harmonised, and if the depression was triggered by the environmental stress in the home, the depression often lifts and the family operates as a unit once more.

We never claim to cure people of any dis-ease that they suffer.  Rather we put the emphasis on anchoring -the treatment they are having by creating an optimum living and working atmosphere around them.  In this respect we are very often consulted by Feng Shui practitioners in the UK and the USA as our harmonisation work complements areas not tackled by Feng Shui.

With reference to our original concept of the “Mixing Bowl”, I would like to draw your attention to references in Becker’s and Coghill’s books which discuss the earth’s magnetic field reversal.  The last reversal happened some 25,000 years ago, and apparently another is long overdue.  Is it possible that the mixing bowl mechanism first was put together out of the experience of this shift?  We believe that it is important for scientists in this field to give combined thought to this concept.

In summary, we have been advised by scientists at previous conferences, that while we are benefiting people with this process, we should keep going.  The explanation as to exactly how we are doing what we are evidently doing will catch up with our work.  However, as time goes by we find we need to understand and link with people who have been investigating these energies over a longer period of time than we have in order to establish that this process is stable in its effect and has integrity in its benefit to mankind.

by Robert A. Brewer – Geo-Check Environmental

Robert Brewer

Result of a 25 year Swedish study involving 5000,000 people exposed to sustained EMF levels, revealed that the cancer risk for children continuouslyexposed to 2mG of EMT was 3 times higher than normal, while those exposed to 3mG showed risk for 4 times higher than normal.  Adults, too ran increased risk of leukemia, lymphomas and brain tumors.  Until more is known it is recommended that you reduce exposure to EMF’s by practicing “prudent avoidance” when possible.

A Geo-Check home or office inspection may check for: 

AC Magnetic Field – This field is often of the greatest concern as it can be the most quickly damaging. High fields are found inside a dwelling as wires are running though the walls, sometimes in multiple bundles, and right behind your head as you sleep.  Less often the fields are generated outside the home from street lines and transformers or power towers.  Recent testing has shown that some brands of phones and aging refrigerators give readings so high that they cannot be recorded while others have no fields.  Once these fields are known they are easy to work around.

Electrostatic Spray – often one in every 10 plugs in a modern home are wired backwards and, at times give of a high spray through the air and onto people.  Spring beds are the worst for absorbing voltage and boosting the readings.  A few years ago we felt that this stopped at the skin however, a recent German study found voltage inside the body.  The immune system seems to be effected by this.

Radioactivity – comes from space down and the earth up.  A normal reading in a building is about 20 counts per minute of background.  If your area is high then a simple radon test may be needed.

Natural Magnetics – are checked on the floor and beds.  This can come from the Earth or be generated by components in the home such as beds.

Incoming Voltage – is checked to see if it is pulsed or steady and for unusual fluctuation patterns.  The amount of voltage is rated also

Plug Check – GFI safety plugs are given a charge and tripped to see if they are working.  Regular plugs are checked 5 ways to see if they are properly wired.  Most homes have one or two that are not.

Plumbing – it is check as it can transfer magnetic fields through areas of the house.  Most urban homes have the power box grounded to the water pipes and this voltage creates fields.  There are several checks to be made on plumbing including voltage backing up from neighboring homes.

Water, Microwave, Outdoors, Electrical Body Type, Power Feeds, and Structrue are also checked.

Most problems are as easy to solve as pulling a plug, or moving a piece of furniture.  An “easy read” report is sent out after each inspection that can be used by you or your doctor.

Bob Brewer

[email protected]

(705) 458-0304

by Peter Webb

Peter Webb

The dairy industry has been modernizing for the past 20 years or more, with new technology such as fans, stable cleaners, manure pumps, fluorescent lighting, milk cooling equipment, compressors, transponders and alarm systems etc.

Little attention has been paid to the effects EMF’s are having on the health and performance of the cows in this environment. Peter Webb of Kemptville Ontario has been studying this phenomenon and working on solutions.

The following are some observations:

In the past electricians have been grounding the electrical neutrals to the well casing resulting in changes to the molecular structure of water. The water molecules become larger so they are not readily absorbed at the cellular level, which gives water a metallic taste. Consequently cows lap at the water and do not consume the amount required for maximum production.

The steel stabling in barns attract the earth’s magnetic grid lines which carry the effects of electricity, this has a negative response in the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the cows body, specifically iron, selenium, vitamin E, Iodine, magnesium, potassium and copper, which weakens the cows immune system increasing infections and udder health, it also reduces the
effectiveness of antibiotics.

Because cows are very sensitive to EMFs’ some other problems that have been identified are an interference with hormonal production, restricting the production of oxytocin for milk let down and causing milking machines to be left on longer than necessary, since hormones are an important part of reproduction the cost of breeding is higher, In tie stall barns behavioral problems are more
noticeable. A cow lying sideways and stepping on the teats of the next cow, there is a marked increase in tail swishing and kicking when the milking machines are in operation.

The EMFs in the modern milking parlor make it difficult to get some cows to cooperate in the milking process; the same problem exists with the robotic milking parlors. When these stresses are removed an improvement in milk production occurs as well as higher recordings of butter fat and protein content.

EMF’s should not be confused with stray, tingle or transient voltage, these are physical electrical current traveling along water veins and water tables to substations. EMF’s are the electrical fields surrounding all electrical equipment.

Modern dairy barns have large manure storage tanks with high amounts of reinforcing steel that act as an attractant for electrical currant, one solution for this is a grid to pick up transient currant and lead it away from the dairy facility.

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