Cindy Mayne – Dowser of the Year 2015

Dowser-Year-2015-Cindy Mayne-Nancy-Bradley-webCindy Mayne has been an active Dowser since 2000 when she was taught by her late Father, former CSD President, Bruce Magill. She uses dowsing on-site and remotely to remove pain; clear homes of negative entities; locate and neutralize noxious veins of water under homes; protect areas of properties from intrusive insects or animals; finding lost articles; and removing sulfur from wells.

She has also been actively using Reiki since 2000 to help keep herself in harmony and balance and to help others. She also uses Reiki on the plants in her gardens. She was attuned to Reiki Master Teacher April 2015.

Cindy was on the CSD Board of Directors for two years. During this time she assisted with putting on the CSD Annual Convention. She also created the CSD Run Book that outlines the entire CSD organization, provides historical information on CSD, and provides templates for new Board members to use in planning CSD events. She also created the Board Member Reference Manual and Log Book to track all CSD business decisions.

Cindy is passionate about helping Mother Earth and all living things, and hopes that in the near future children will grow up with L-rods and pendulums in their hands. Professionally, Cindy is certified in project management and business analysis.