Comments on Meditation

by Harold McCoy

(To achieve accuracy in dowsing, you need to be able to move into a special place of awareness. Meditation is an excellent means to achieve this inner state… editor’s note.)


Meditation is the key to obtaining results. When you are getting started you have to be certain that you want to do this, you have to be 100% committed to do the healing. If you have the intent, the compassion and the emotion, and you want to send healing to someone, you sit down and do it. The right way is the way it feels right. When I first started, it was really hard for me to get into a meditative state. I would sometimes count myself down by starting at 100 and counting backwards. This gets your conscious mind out of the way so your subconscious can take over and do what it’s supposed to do. You relax your whole body and blank out your mind. It takes practice. The way I do it now is to sit down and relax my body without counting, and have the intent to get into a meditative state.

When you first start meditating and you try to relax and blank out your mind, you may find yourself thinking about something, maybe something that happened ten years ago or something that might happen tomorrow. Keep trying. Bring your mind back. If you just float out there someplace, come back, start again, and don’t get discouraged.

I get an inner feeling. I know if I am doing it right or not. If I’m not doing it right, I have the ability to correct it. You have to practice this. You have to have the discipline to do it every day. If you can, it’s preferable to do it about the same time each day.

Another technique for learning to meditate is to start at your big toe and relax it, then relax your other toes. That focuses your mind on your big toe, then your foot, so you consciously release any tension you have in these areas. Move up to your ankle, leg, and your entire body leaving each area totally relaxed. You relax everything, the muscles around your eyes, your scalp, etc. This gives your conscious mind something to do to release your subconscious mind.

I sit in my armchair with my shoes off and my feet flat on the floor. My clothes are loose and comfortable. I close my eyes; take a couple of deep breaths. I always meditate with a purpose, so I think about the purpose, working with someone, building an energy bubble, etc.

Sometimes I meditate to program something. I meditate in the morning to program my day, my week, or whatever. I’m meditating with a purpose. I sit down and say “okay, today I want to send some healing energy to whomever.” That’s the reason I’m doing this. During meditation I still keep a string of consciousness, a very small bit of awareness of what’s going on around me, but it is consciousness.

When you’re totally relaxed, then your mind can do whatever it needs to. When you go to bed at night, if you float out there some place and you come back with a jerk, that’s a state between sleep and awake. When you’re meditating, if your mind does that, you’re getting too deep, and you’re losing your consciousness. Re-establish, stay conscious to guide your purpose.


The reason for the meditation is also to slow the brain waves. The consciousness, the brain’s beta waves, pulses at 14 – 21 cycles per second. This consciousness directs the mind’s subconscious, or alpha level, to do what I direct it to do, to visualize and to get the energy flowing. The alpha waves pulse at 7 – 14 cycles per second. Energy flows thought, so I’m visualizing and thinking about the case I’m working on. It’s always my conscious mind pushing “now we’ve got to do this,” and guiding my subconscious, my alpha level. It’s in the alpha state that the visualization becomes effective. I believe it is the conscious mind, the beta, which directs the alpha – the subconscious.

We have two other brain wave levels, theta and delta. The theta occurs in light sleep and pulses at 4 – 7 cycles per second. The delta waves are found in deep sleep. I think the conscious mind gets the alpha to work visualizing, which sends the message to the delta through the theta.

That may sound confusing, but I think that the theta level is nothing but an interface between the alpha and delta. Delta is like your higher self, the god within. It’s the delta level where healing work is done. Even though the conscious mind is telling the subconscious, or alpha, to visualize, the visualized picture is being sent to the delta through the theta. It’s an area for more research.

It’s been proven that dowsers, healers, and psychics do give off those same four brain wave levels simultaneously. There have been experiments where electronic probes were attached to the head and ran through a computer to a monitor screen. The monitor showed beta, alpha, theta and delta brain wave activity, and in some instances, all are active at the same time.

When I meditate, I never know exactly what is going to happen. I just open up. I think it works for me because I get myself out of the way. I have the intent to do something and I get out of the way and let the powers that “Be” take over and guide me.

Harold McCoy is Founder and Director of the Ozark Research Institute, a non-profit scientific and educational organization in Fayetteville, Arkanas. A retired military intelligence officer with 24 years of service, he was elected president of the American Society of Dowsers for four years, and has been a trustee for nine years. The institute (ORI) is chartered to study and teach the power of thought as it pertains to spontaneous remission or miraculous healing of chronic or life-threatening diseases, as well as other mind phenomena. Harold is a well-respected researcher, lecturer and teacher. You’ll find further details on his website: Ozark Research Institute

Reprinted with permission.

© Copyright, Harold McCoy