Do You Ask Permission to Dowse?

by Dudley Wheeler

The Survey                Who Gives the Permission?

Dowsers are being asked to become more spiritual, as judged by the increasing requests in articles and books for them to seek permission (Can I? Should I?  May I?) before dowsing.  This seems to be a relatively new initiative, which did not concern the older generation of dowsers writing before, say, 1970 who just went ahead and did it.  Wondering who do and who do not seek permission to dowse, I put the question to a number of people who had attended the recent BSD Congress at Ripon.  They were all experienced dowsers and included heaters, earth energy practitioners and professional water dowsers.  They had written books, articles, given lectures or run dowsing courses.  Their answers were quite intriguing.

Some Views
The great majority did not routinely seek any ‘formal’ permission to dowse.  Those concerned with what I would term physical on-site dowsing (eg. underground water streams, earth energies) were the least concerned.  One very respected healer saw no need to seek permission, but another did so without fail every time.  Others considered they had an in-built permission, which controlled when they felt happy or ‘right’ to carry on with dowsing; if it was not appropriate, they would get no/wrong answers.  Some admitted to asking permission if there was a clear moral or ethical consideration involved.  One was quite startled at the force of a ‘No’ response.  My quick and overly brief summary of their responses is that where real objects were involved, no permission was felt necessary, but where people’s emotions or attitudes were concerned, then there was an acknowledgement that some form of ‘permission’ was needed.

Who Gives the Permission?
The simplest answer to ‘who gives permission’ is that it is your own sub-conscious mind which provides the response, based upon your own set of moral and ethical values.  This simple answer does not satisfy everybody.  There is a feeling that the ‘permission! is coming from outside the body, but nobody is quite sure who or what is giving it.  Could it be the other person who may/may not wish to be found, or is it the Information/Psi-field, or could it be the Creator of the Universe?  Some are quite convinced that the Psi-field (or whatever we want to call it) does provide a direct link or channel to the Creator.

Asking Permission from Others
Asking ‘permission’ for yourself is one thing, but the ethics become a little more involved when the dowsing concerns other people.  For example, I am in a room with others and I perceive negative energy in numerous places.  I quietly dowse that these energies should be diverted away.  Should I mention what I have done to the group?  Should I have asked their permission?  Many will feel the answer to both these questions is ‘Yes’.  What if I am trying to heal someone remotely, without their knowing what I am doing?  Should I first ask the person’s permission?  Many will say ‘No’, as they only have the best of intentions.  Others feel they should ask permission first from the person concerned.

What do you think?
You, the reader, may have some views on what ‘asking permission’ signifies or even have had some notable responses to your requests.  If so, perhaps you would be kind enough to either let me know directly or send a letter to the Editor.

© 1999 Dudley Wheeler