Dowsing and the Power of Intention

by Diane Marcotte 

Birch Trere Before TreepipeIn 2007, our birch tree was showing severe signs of stress. It appeared our beloved tree was infested with bronze birch borers which start at the top of the tree and eat their way down.  Once a tree is infested, there is little to be done and death of the tree results.

Not willing to accept this, I decided to dowse for a solution. I had seen in an issue of the CSD journal an advertisement for “Tree Pipes”. These small pipes, about 4 or 5 inches long with a diameter of about an inch, were to be buried next to a tree that was in need of healing. Although I don’t usually use a man-made object for “holding my intent” (preferring a rock or even writing out my intent on a slip of paper), I decided to order one.

My intent in regards to our birch was that it be able to reject any further onslaught of the bronze birch borer. I believe that the future is not yet written and that there are many probable futures with each one occurring in different probable universes. It was my desire that the probable future where my tree lives for another few years would be in the universe I inhabit!

I like to use my bobber for this type of work. The movement of the bobber is an indicator of how well my intention is being infused into the tree pipe (by observing the strength of the circular movements) and of how long I need to continue. (The bobber will slow down and stop when the process is complete.)

When it was time to bury the tree pipe, a few questions came to mind. Where do I bury it? How deep do I bury it? What is the most beneficial orientation? More dowsing was in order. Starting at my front door with L-rods in hand I asked for direction to the spot where it would be most beneficial to bury the tree pipe. The rods brought me to a spot about six feet to the right of the tree as seen from the street. Now it was time for my pendulum. Although I don’t remember just how deep I buried it, my standard protocol would be along the lines of “Five inches or more?” If I got a yes then my next question would be “Ten inches or more?” If I got a no, then I would have called off the inches one by one starting at five and progressing towards nine until my pendulum changed its swing from its SEARCHING position to my YES position. Now, one last thing to consider: how do I orient the tree pipe? Using my pendulum again, I would have gone through all the possible positions. Vertical to the ground? Horizontal to the ground? Facing north, northeast, etc? Using a small trowel, I dug the hole and placed the tree pipe as determined by my dowsing. All that remained to be done was to give thanks – confident that my intention was clear and that I could now leave it in the hands of spirit.

Birch Tree 2 Years After Burying Tree PipeOur tree not only lived, but thrived – albeit slightly bedraggled – for another four years to the summer of 2011. In the spring of 2010 an off-shoot near the tree sprang up which survived the following winter. Was this little sapling healthy enough to replace our existing birch? The answer seemed to be yes, so with a heavy heart we hired a young chap to draw up a plan for new plant beds and to cut down our beloved birch tree. He removed the stump carefully so as not to disturb the young sapling. The soil was made ready for new plants and our front garden was revitalized.

I named the new little sapling “Sunshine.” One day shortly afterwards as I was admiring the garden I realized that, in all the digging we had done preparing the soil and installing the new plants, the tree pipe had not been found. Thinking back to that day five years ago I realized just where the tree pipe is buried – directly beneath “Sunshine”!

Does intention work? You bet it does! Can dowsing strengthen the power of intention? Oh yes! It seems I had found not only the spot that would best hold my “intention” but also the best spot for our stressed mature tree to sprout forth anew. Verification of our dowsing can come when we least expect it, bringing a little sunshine into our lives.

Sapling May 2012 No Longer a Sapling 2014

Copyright Diane Marcotte 2014

Diane has been dowsing since 1997 and was a Board member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers from 2001 to 2003. She teaches dowsing to individuals and groups and can be reached at [email protected].