Dowsing Groups

1) Local Groups

We have listed many “Local Groups” that would be interested in having you join their meetings. Some are CSD Associate Groups (marked with an asterisk) while some are Affiliated Groups. Click here for a full listing.

Please be aware that each group operates differently and may have a slightly different approach or focus.

Forming New Local Groups

We are always looking for opportunities to support new groups. If you are interested in starting a group in your area please contact [email protected]. We can help you get started. There is also useful information on our “How to Start a Dowsing Group in Your Area” page, written by Jo-Anne Eadie.

Updating Group Information

If you wish to update the information for your group, please Email Our Web Administrator.

Canadian Dowsing Organizations

Other Dowsing Organization in Canada are listed here.

Worldwide Dowsing Organizations

An extensive List of worldwide dowing organizations are listed here.

Opinions and concepts expressed in the journal, web articles and local dowsing groups are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Canadian Society of Dowsers.