Dowsing Labyrinths – World Labyrinth Day May 4th 2024

Article by Dawn Kirkham, dowser, house healer, mentor, and coach

I have long been captivated by labyrinths since walking my first one over two decades ago. As I stood at the threshold I felt captured in a liminal space between worlds and when I stepped in felt the shift from the mundane world into non-ordinary time.

If you are not sure what a labyrinth is, it is a winding singular path leading to a center and date back 4,000 years or more as a walking meditation. According to the Labyrinth Society website “labyrinths are tools for personal, psychological, and spiritual transformation, also thought to enhance right-brain activity. Labyrinths evoke metaphor, sacred geometry, spiritual pilgrimage, religious practice, mindfulness, environmental art, and community building”.[1] 

They exist all over the world in churches and community halls, public spaces like a park and even in many a backyards. 

I am not an expert labyrinth walker nor builder, but I have walked a few over the years and love the experience. As an earth energy dowser and house healer, I have become intrigued to understand what earth energies are present after picking up a copy of “My Exploration of Labyrinths”, by Alex B Champion. So, for the past year or so, I have been investigating a few labyrinths using my rods and a pendulum to find out.

I have found that the handful of labyrinths I have investigated so far have indeed earth energy lines running through and at the centre a wonderful little vortex. According to many dowsers, including Sig Lonegren, labyrinths attract underground water to them. From no underground water being present when created, dowsers are finding that streams of underground water have appeared a year or two later. I was intrigued to test this out. The ones I have dowsed, most (but not all) have at least one underground stream running through.


A recent visit to Arizona gave me the opportunity to dowse a surprising little labyrinth at the Superstition Mountain Museum, which I was not expecting to find on my visit there.  I found four ‘energy arms’ radiating out from the centre point. Using informational dowsing, I learned that the vortex present at the centre point, was throwing out these wonderful arms of energy and operating much like an earth sky chimney and indeed, I found I could pick up the breathing cycle of the earth through the swing of my pendulum at the centre. As the earth breathed in, my pendulum rotated counter-clockwise for a number of seconds, paused, and then swung clockwise on the exhale. A meandering water stream was also present about 100 ft below the labyrinth. Using a Bovis meter, I dowsed the energy of the labyrinth was 15,000 on the scale. I have created a rough map of what I found. My investigations continue and I will be attempting to build my first labyrinth this summer.

So, on World Labyrinth Day, I invite you to find a labyrinth in your area, walk it and dowse it. Ask permission of the land and the labyrinth first before you start!

Here are some fun activities you can do with your dowsing:

  • Measure your energy field before you walk the labyrinth and afterwards to determine if there are any changes to the size.
  • See if there is a vortex at the centre and the rotation of a spin. Is there a breathing cycle? Not all the labyrinths I have dowsed have a breathing cycle so it would be interesting to see if the one you are working with does.
  • Find and track any earth energy lines or underground water.
  • Measure the energy using a Bovis meter like I did. Perhaps measure the energy before you walk it and afterwards to see if your energy has impacted it.


Have fun! And if you want to share your results email me at [email protected]