Dowsing & the Kabbalah Connection

by Joey Korn

I have spent most of my life on a passionate spiritual quest, ever since my first powerful mystical experience in 1974. I have learned much about life through the many mystical experiences that followed, through metaphysical study, and through my daily routine of deep relaxation and meditation. Nothing has taught me more about life, however, and impacted me more than the ancient art of dowsing combined with prayer and blessing. I have made many discoveries in my dowsing research through the years, the most significant being my “Kabbalah connection.”

We are energy (light) beings living in a universe of energy. We change the subtle energies around and within us with every thought, action, and emotion. We imprint our energy in our living environment every moment of our lives, leaving cosmic trails of beneficial and detrimental energies, depending on our positive or negative focus in life. With dowsing, we can tune in to these subtle energies and begin to understand them. The more we understand what is going on behind the scenes in life in the world of subtle energies, the more we can take charge of the process. Prayer and blessing are powerful tools to change the energies within and around us. We can instantly transmute detrimental energies into beneficial energies and attract new beneficial energies to bring whatever we most desire into our lives.

Dowsing began with using a forked tree branch to find a place to dig or drill for water, but it has grown far beyond that today. Dowsing is a sacred process that allows us to tune into the subtle but powerful energies that are behind the scenes in life. We can use dowsing to explore the uncharted waters of this beautiful ocean of energy that we live in.

I learned to dowse in 1986, and I made my first dowsing discovery in 1996. Through careful dowsing research, I realized that the natural energy fields around people, plants and animals form spirals or, more accurately, vortexes or waves of light. I began finding lines of energy (rays of invisible light) in high use areas in living environments, such as around chairs and gathering places in homes and offices. These lines of energy create vortexes wherever they intersect each other.

I noticed a unique pattern of these energies around all beds. As the years passed, I found more and more elements of this building pattern. I soon realized that these “bed pattern” energies were closely tied to whoever was sleeping in the beds. If someone were ill or going through difficult times in life, imbalances often showed up in the pattern around his or her bed. Healing and balance seems to come into people’s lives after correcting these imbalances with prayer.

I had many questions. What is this pattern? Why does it have so much affect on us? Why can we change it so easily with prayer and blessing? I got my answer in June 1999—the Bed Pattern is almost identical to the kabbalistic Tree of Life, a symbol that has been studied by students of Kabbalah for thousands of years. (See Kabbalah is an oral teaching that has been handed down from teacher to student since Moses brought it into the world at Mount Sinai. Yet it is much older than Moses, as Abraham was well versed in Kabbalah. Adam was the living embodiment of Kabbalah. It is said to be the true spiritual meaning behind the Jewish Torah—the first five books in the Old Testament. Kabbalah has been adapted into many spiritual traditions, including Christianity, Eastern religions, and many Mystery Schools. Kabbalah is the essence of Jewish mysticism and the Tree of Life is the central feature of Kabbalah. Legend tells us that the Creator put the Tree of Life into place before Creation. Kabbalah teaches that everything in creation is patterned after the Tree of Life.

I was completely surprised and overwhelmed when I made this connection. Was I correct? Had I really discovered something that has been around us since the beginning of time? I was very secretive about this for quite some time. I wanted to feel certain that what I was sharing with others was real and not just a figment of my imagination. I also knew immediately that I would have to do much more research to understand what I was finding thoroughly enough to share it appropriately with others.

Illustrations by Carolyn Ferris

I first looked into Kabbalah in the 80’s, but all the books I tried to read were scholarly and complex. I decided that I just wasn’t ready and never really looked into it in any depth. Once I made my “Kabbalah connection,” however, wonderful books began finding their way to me. Not only that, but I understood them much better because of my dowsing work. These ancient teachings explained what I had been finding in many aspects of my work. In turn, I can now help others understand abstract kabbalistic concepts in experiential ways. The best part about my work is that it is so easy to teach and learn.

As my research continued, I realized that the Bed Pattern is actually the Human Energy Pattern. It is part of our being and goes with us everywhere we go, like a vehicle of God’s Light that we travel through life in. In kabbalistic terms, it is our Merkabah or Chariot—our vehicle for spiritual transformation. The pattern is made up of seven mated pairs of masculine/feminine channels of energy. Vortexes are created wherever two or more lines or channels intersect each other. These vortexes correspond to the Ten Sefirot or energy centers in the Tree of Life, which represent the ten attributes of God within man. We connect to this pattern of energies around us with what I call the “two lights of the soul.” (See We imprint this pattern where we sleep and are directly connected to our Bed Pattern energies. When we explore the pattern of energies around our beds, we are exploring our own imprinted energy patterns. Imbalances in our lives manifest as imbalances in the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern. Correcting the imbalances in our Bed Pattern simultaneously corrects imbalances in our Human Energy Pattern and vice versa, even if we are far away from home. All of this can easily be observed with dowsing.


Joey’s Version of the Tree of Life or Human Energy Pattern With Two Lights of the Soul

I call my Kabbalah connection a “discovery,” yet I don’t believe I have really discovered anything. It has been revealed to me. I believe that one of the main reasons I came to this Earth is to receive this gift and share it appropriately with others. I am blessed to be able to share my understandings with sincere spiritual seekers, helping them to take charge of their lives.

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