Dowsing With A Bobber

by Diane Marcotte

A bobber can be any flexible wire with a handle at one end. Usually the tip end is weighted with a small wooden bead. To increase the “bounce” of the bobber, the wire may be coiled into a spring an inch or so from the end inserted in the handle.

The bobber can be used for:

  • obtaining strict YES/NO/MAYBE responses (although a pendulum is less cumbersome)
  • working with energy (clearing pollution, increasing someone’s life force, etc.)
  • searching outdoors for water veins or energy lines (gives advance warning as one nears the feature)

Specific Responses
Hold the bobber away from you at a comfortable distance with your arm slightly bent. The first step is to determine your responses. You may want to ask for a bobbing up and down motion for YES, a sideways motion for NO, and a swing off at a 45 degree angle for MAYBE/READY. Swinging in a clockwise or counter-clockwise circle can represent others responses…you are the programmer!

Working with Energy
Mentally state your intent, e.g., to raise the energy in a body of water, a town, a room, etc. At times, the bobber may seem to be actually drawing odd symbols in the air and then suddenly change to a circular motion. It is not understood why this is so. Just let it do its thing! When the bobber stops moving, you have accomplished what needs to be done for the moment. Be sure to check to see if the procedure needs to be repeated at another time. Oftentimes you will find that two or more repeats are necessary. It all depends on the size and scope of your project.

In addition to raising energy, the bobber can be used to remove non-beneficial energy from a specific location or individual. Then beneficial or loving energy can be introduced to replace the outgoing, unwanted one. It is not advisable to just disperse the unwanted energy into the “universe”. Instead, ask that it be transmuted into energy of pure love, etc. That is, use a positive term that reflects your belief system.

Searching for Water Veins and Energy Lines
The bobber is a great tool to employ when working outdoors. As you walk over the area being searched, the tip of the bobber will begin to move as you approach the feature. This gives you advanced warning so you can slow your pace. You can also use the bobber to determine the depth of a water vein. For example, start by making the bobber bob up & down. Begin counting down in feet, with your intent being that the bobber will stop bobbing and move to a left/right horizontal swing once you call off the correct depth.
Diane is a dowser from Oakville, Ontario and is a former Board Member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers.

 © Copyright 2003, Diane Marcotte