Gary Skillen

Canadian Society of Dowsers
Dowser of the Year 2008 and President 1999-2001

Gary Skillen; geomancer, professional earth grid engineer, inventor, dowser, international lecturer, teacher, researcher, and ecological agri-consultant, graduate in Dairy Science from Macdonald College.Gary’s business, Ecological Agricultural Solutions and Energies in Maxville is an innovative & inspired vehicle through which Gary could express his entrepreneurial inventor spirit & accomplished dowsing skills.  Gary devoted most of his research to ecological solutions in the field of agriculture.  In this right, Gary developed for the farming community, an environmentally friendly soil fertility management program to reduce chemical use and to bring soil minerals into balance while increasing biological activity, focusing on the interaction of the health of animals and the soils on which their feed crops are grown.  In this light, Gary was a ‘sought after’ feature speaker and seminar facilitator in Central, Eastern & Western Canada, as well as in the United States.

At the same time as his business grew, Gary instituted the “Toronto’s School of Dowsing & Geobiology” whose first session was held in February 1997 with this popular school continuing on into the spring of 2001.  Each ‘session’ consisted of 4 modules encompassing a broad range of unique subjects including dowsing for health, balancing auras and chakras, feng shui and dowsing earth energies (detecting and neutralizing earth energies & harmful electro-magnetic frequencies), hands-on-healing techniques, device-less dowsing, and visualization. Students learned how to use the pendulum, L-rods, Y-rods, bobbers and their hands.

As if that didn’t keep Gary busy enough, he was a featured speaker & exhibitor at “The Whole Life Expo” and “Total Health” shows for many years, continuing to teach, write & to publish articles on dowsing & health (with respect to earth energy) in local health newspapers or magazines.  Nothing less could have prepared him more for his next ambitious body of work.  Gary became the President for the Canadian Society & served in this capacity, & much more, from 1999 through to 2001.

Gary’s dowsing school curriculum became the model for the dowsing society annual convention dowsing school & he was a valued guest teacher in this school many times over the years.  Gary’s history of teaching or lecturing for the CSD conventions goes right back to its beginnings in the early 1990’s.  His continued involvement with the society over the years became a fixture at the annual conventions.  His booth was always well attended where he marketed his own products including dowsing tools, Geotech, ELF paks, & Lady Bugs for clearing harmful energies in homes, barns, offices & even in cars.

Gary’s integrity in his work, his interests, his dowsing society activities & with his friends, colleagues & clients is well respected.  He liked nothing better than to be helping someone.  It is this simple & clear joy of spirit with which Gary sought wisdom & healing for himself, for others & for the planet that he shared with all, without hesitation, in the dowsing society.  For this we are grateful & also blessed.  Gary always recognized & honoured an individual’s beautiful spirit, no matter what pain they were in.   When it came to helping them find solutions to their pain, he always made it seem simple, straightforward & true.  Gary had an inimitable spirit of discovery converting it into tangible processes, products & understandings.