How To Start A Dowsing Group In Your Area

by Jo-Anne Eadie

Venue – Begin in your own home, or perhaps the local church has a small room at a very reasonable cost. Community Centres or Health and Wellness Centres in the area usually have a meeting room they use for workshops or yoga etc. and will give you a helping hand because it brings people into the Centre who will perhaps pick up their brochures. I always keep in mind one of the smaller groups in the CSD who have 6 – 8 members at each meeting and meet on a regular basis in someone’s home. The size of the group is not important.  If it grows large – fine.  If it stays small and intimate – great!

Date and Time – Pick a day of the week and meet on the same day every month. Example: the second Tuesday of every month. It is much easier for people to remember if it is consistent.  Make sure the day and time is convenient to you, if you are the Organizer.

Cost – I like to keep the cost as low as possible. I charge $5.00 per person, however, you must charge enough to cover your venue rent. There is no hard and fast rule to the amount you set as admission.

I do not have additional membership fees in the groups that I look after. I don’t want to keep track of them, or build up a bank account that I have to administer or report about. If you don’t mind that kind of work, go ahead and have memberships. Just don’t think that you have to do that to have a group in progress.  If you attend the meeting – you are a member.

Advertising – Many community newspapers have a free community meeting section. Put up notices on bulletin boards in grocery stores, libraries and Laundromats. Ask anyone who phones to bring a friend. (you will find this will happen anyway)

I talk about my groups to everyone. I tell people they don’t have to be a dowser to attend.  Everyone is a dowser, they just don’t know it,  and we will show you how.

Once a month, I email everyone the meeting date, time, location, cost and topic. Once you have the email addresses entered as a group, it is a matter of one click. One word of caution – make sure you enter the group in the BCC (blind carbon copy) section so you don’t expose everyone’s email and disrespect their privacy. Do not abuse the email addresses by sending out jokes and inspirations.  Never share this list with anyone – no matter how well intentioned the cause. With permission, I email out other members workshops and coming events. If someone doesn’t want to receive this information, I put them on a “no extra info” list.  Meeting only list.

You may have to split up the names on two or three distribution lists so your outbox doesn’t get clogged.  I usually have 25 people on a list and this sends out easily. So London Dowsers for example has an A B C D  Rogers only and Meeting only distribution lists. I put everyone who uses Rogers for their email on one list and I have found they go out with no problems. When I had them mixed in with other emails they often bounced back. Once I put them all together, not once have they bounced back. I have no explanation for this.

Speakers and Meeting Topics – Local speakers on interesting topics are quite often happy to speak to your organization for free and sell their products or book. If a speaker charges more than your group can afford, then you will have to build up money to pay their fees and have them at a later date.

I try to have actual dowsing exercises at the meetings as well whether you have one exercise at the beginning or gear the whole meeting to practicing dowsing. You could ask someone different every month to bring a tip of the month. You do not have to be an expert yourself to organize a group. You can all learn and grow together. There is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet if you Google “Dowsing” Take one article from there and have the group discuss the article at the meeting. Encourage people to voice their opinion and join in.  When you tell them you are not an expert, just a dowser that wants to learn more, it makes people feel comfortable about their own dowsing level. Many people join a dowsing group just to be around other like minded, curious minds.

I have found that different people teach dowsing differently and once people learn to dowse, they hold their rods and pendulums differently and the movement is different and people take their dowsing in different directions on their own.  Learning from one another is very beneficial. The standard for your meetings is up to you. Let go of any feelings that it should be a certain way.

Members of the group who want more can take workshops or attend conventions such as the CSD convention and take their learning back to the local group.

The CSD gives a one time grant to new groups for start-up costs. Submit your receipts totaling $100.00 to receive the grant.  For more information email Jo-Anne – [email protected]

Jo-Anne Eadie

Jo-Anne is an EFT Practitioner and Teacher. She is also a Master Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor with a private practice in Brantford, ON –

She also travels and teaches dowsing –