Ian Doig

Canadian Society of Dowsers
Dowser of the Year 2009

Ian Doig as the past editor of the CSD Journal has been an active part of the logistic, research and creative efforts of the Journal since the late 1990’s.  Over the years he has amassed a sizable collection of articles, research, opinions and methods for dowsing.

Ian remembers his first dowsing experience at the age of 15 when a cousin thrust a stick in his hand.  “To my surprise, the strength of the reaction when I crossed one of the flows was so strong that, as I then said, “it all but peeled the bark off the stick”!

“I tend to focus mostly on clearing and healing work, although I have done water wells.  I must say, the learning is so greatly enhanced by the world-wide contacts I have developed with the distinguished practitioners of the art whose articles you see appearing in our journal.   What other job could you possibly imagine that would put one in contact with the great names of dowsing in Britain… France… Australia, New Zealand and the US!

Thank you for keeping me on in this amazing job!”

Ian can be reached at (613) 264-2707   [email protected]