In response to a person doubting their dowsing ability.

by Rob Ryan

All dowsers, and intuitives of all stripes, must go through a “crisis of confidence” in their practice. It’s part of growing up, and into, our spiritual nature.

When we start our time on this earth, circumstances make it painfully clear we are physical beings who NEED, NEED, NEED: love, touch, food, encouragement, literally everything. We are completely helpless. Without nurture we die.

Being a dowser, a really good one, demands that we surrender our limited identity and exchange it for an infinite one, connected to all of life. We question alone and dowse connected. This is the art and brilliance of dowsing.

I could read your question this way, “Help! Was I ever really connected? Did I ever know anything my five senses don’t tell me? Was my ‘good dowsing’ all just luck? If it wasn’t luck, why did dowsing let me down now when I need it most?”

Experience suggests your current dismay or despair may be familiar to you. Check your body and look for the places your breath doesn’t go. You may discover this disappointment echoes feelings forgotten from childhood and adolescence, feelings you hoped you would never experience again.

Feelings like these, painful and unwanted arise in times of crisis. If you go to them, listen to them with compassion, you will discover they want to heal. Distress is a call to home to yourself and your true nature. This unavailable property could allow you to experience an old helplessness to be reminded how you much you’ve always wanted-and fear you may never get-a safe and protected home space. There are people happy to support you to come home to yourself.

You have a choice to be stuck in the shock and horror of dowsing’s betrayal, or you can do something far more intelligent and useful to you. I respectfully suggest you ask yourself: “What is my opportunity in this?”

The good you seek seeks you. In order to tap into the power of this opportunity, however, you have to allow a sea change in your emotions. One way to do that, perhaps by journaling or scrap booking, is to purposefully review and affirm all the gifts, happiness and power granted you in this life.

Then, with a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for what you do have, ask “What is my opportunity in this?” Your open door will soon show itself. Ultimately, you will discover:

1. The property that comes next is completely appropriate and even better than what you thought you wanted; and
2. You will understand how your separate desire influenced the dowsing and that how the “faulty” answers were an opportunity for healing and self acceptance; and
3. You will be able to resume dowsing with far more confidence and accuracy than before, stronger for the experience in every way.

Love, -Rob Ryan
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