Intent, Need and The Ethics of Dowsing

by Rev. David E. Stanger

Fundamental Dowsing Information – an Interactive Investigation.

Rev. David E. Stanger

Before after or during the dowsing learning process there are some fundamental mental process’ that need to be examined. For some time now I have been thinking or looking into these concepts (which are true of any process or work but particularly true of the dowsing/healing process.)

On the part of the dowser and the client there must be:

  • Need: There must be a need for a certain dowsing/healing process to take place.
  • Intent: There  must be the wish of both the dowser and the client to make the dowsing successful.
  • Desire: There also must be a strong desire on the part of both the dowser and the client to have a successful conclusion to the work.

Beyond these basics we also need:

  • Action to start the process or it will never take place.
  • Integrity on the part of the dowser to be up-front and honest about all his work and dealings with the client so that the client will not be misled or misinformed.
  • The client must also be honest with the dowser with regard to all the facts in the work involved.

We as dowser/healers also need heart, that intangible that finally makes a good dowser.

In giving the presentation I would give a brief description of the words and some of my feeling in regard to choosing these words for discussion and then throw the floor open (with a Talking Stick) to people to give their own ideas or feelings in this regard.


David Stanger is a master healer/dowser with over twenty-five years of experience; almost all of this work has grown at an exponential rate and has come from Spirit who talks to me at a very subtle level and in waking dreams. His primary work is house clearing of negative energies of many kinds, removal of entities and related “things” from individuals and places. Removal of blockages from people from conception to present day this removes all the “psychic and psychological hooks from all the bad memories”.
David was also instrumental in the formation of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. David and his wife Betty were also on the Convention Committee for a number of years.

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