Kathy Wilson – Dowser of the Year 2014

Previous CSD President, Organizer of the Barrie & Peterborough Dowsers

Kathy Wilson has always been fascinated by the subtle energies and how they flow around, through and affect our lives. Life is a Magic Journey – each one of us moving into perfect vibration as we follow the calling of our own heart.

She is CEO of Healing Nexus Inc. As an Intuitive Healer and Teacher she brings a unique perspective to healing, living and navigating these times of change. Throughout North America, she has become a favorite speaker, trainer and story teller for Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Seminars and Lectures sharing techniques, tools and experiences for the journey in this quantum world we exist.

Kathy was also the President of the Canadian Society of Dowser (2010 – 2010) and active with CSD since 2008. “I am excited to be a part of this dynamic group of individuals who are taking the Canadian Dowsers to new levels.”

Phone: 416-225-3612