Legal Recognition Available for Energy-based Spiritual Approaches to Healing

by Joan De New

When registered psychologist Dr. Barbara Mallory was introduced as our keynote speaker at the June 2003 CSD Annual Meeting, Quester editor Ian Doig mentioned that she was an ordained minister. Later over lunch, I spoke with her and her partner, Ted Swenson, curious to know more about this. She explained that they had incorporated the Church of Healing Energy in both the US and Canada so that spiritual healers who use energy based approaches which enable spiritual growth could receive appropriate recognition for their healing ministry. The Church emphasizes that their work is not connected with medical diagnosis or treatment, which is reserved for licensed health care professionals.

The Creed or set of beliefs on with the Church is founded is purposely inclusive, in the hopes that spiritual healers from many religious traditions will feel comfortable with them. All Healing Ministers who receive ordination from CHE must subscribe to a code of ethics. Copies of this code must be provided to clients. It is publicly accessible on the Church’s website – .

Healing modalities already approved include Allergy Antidotes, Be Set Free Fast, Creative Energy Therapy, Divining Health, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Healing Touch, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Reiki, Seemorg Matrix Work, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Therapeutic Touch, and Thought Field Therapy. Two of these – Creative Energy Therapy and Divining Health – are formalized dowsing approaches. Applicants who wish to be licensed as healing ministers will be considered on an individual basis, and may have training and experience in other modalities not yet listed.

People who are already members of a professional, legally responsible organization of practitioners may also wish to have the spiritual nature of their work recognized through ordination as a healing minister. This ordination does not preclude participation in other religious organizations.

I have raised many of my own personal questions about the Church of Healing Energy with its directors, and have been very satisfied with the answers. I dowsed that I should apply for ordination myself as a suitable legal recognition of my own spiritual dowsing and healing ministry. I was happy to receive notice of my acceptance in September 2003.

I am particularly pleased to be working under a publicly available Code of Ethics. I have great personal respect for Dr. Mallory and the other directors, who have held positions of major professional responsibility in society, along with their involvement in spiritual healing ministry.

I encourage any readers of this article who have a spiritual healing ministry as dowsers to visit the website, raise any personal questions they might have with the directors, and consider applying for their own ordination as Healing Ministers.

This article has been submitted to our website with the prior approval of the Church of Healing Ministry.

Contact Rev. Barbara L. Mallory, Ph.D., at [email protected] to become a legally ordained Healing Minister. 

Joan De New was president of the Canadian Society of Dowsers from June 2001-2003. She is an Honorary Life Member of CSD, and holds current memberships in the American Society of Dowsers for whom she has been a convention presenter several times, and the Ozark Research Institute which investigates dowsing and other intuitive phenomena. Founder of the Hamilton and Area Healing Network, a CSD associate member organization in 1998, she is now a licensed Healing Minister. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and can be reached at 905-549-7956 or at [email protected] .

© Copyright 2003, Joan De New.