Letters from Possum – #1: The Effects of Electromagnetic Pollution On Roadsides and Water

by Tom Sotiridy

This is a series of letters on how to clear electromagnetic pollution from roadsides and water,working with the divine creative intelligence, and working with the life force that supervises the specifics of that field. It is simple to do, it unites you with yourself and the beings seen, and unseen that live near you and within you. It has many side effects all beneficial to all.  

 I do nothing without giving thanks first, so, to all I give my deepest Thanks and best wishes to The Creator, The Mother, my Teachers, My wife Thora, and You who would participate with this work. Additionally I thank The Storm King Dowsers, and Susan Collins for their help and spirit without whose help this would not have been possible. I have, in my deepest humbleness and deepest respect for great ones before me, borrowed the title of these articles. Thank-you Walt and Raymon for everything you have taught and reminded me of – many moons and cool waters to you both. 

 …. and now let us proceed. 


From my house to the town where I work is twenty seven miles.  One day I counted forty two incidents of road kill in that twenty seven miles. Just a little shy of one animal every half mile. This was unacceptable to me and for some reason it got to me that day. Often times the path to the heart comes from anger, often times it comes from need, in this case both.

As a citizen of this fine sphere I have understood that being responsible is just one part of living here. As a healer I have seen and participated in many wondrous events. Through the years I have learned my lessons by doing and experiencing as is the way of this work.

I remember when the trees finally took me in after 5 months. I sat with back on trunk in stillness with the same request over and over, teach me how to be with you. Many of you are smarter or perhaps more skilled than me but in the end for myself it is stubbornness that often brings me my answers as I do not give up when I am in the midst of something. The trees finally one day decided to open their secrets to me which I will discuss at another time.

The Lessons of Harmony and Resonance 

If your heart sings the song of something, sooner or later it will sing back, these are the laws of resonance.  I learned the way of healing birds, Little people, trees and all things, not by a book (and I am an avid researcher) but by being present and clear in the moment and most graciously holding a space for little miracles to occur, though often that is not the case and one learns quickly how little control we have sometimes.

Truthfully, you may already know, we do not heal anything, our job is to provide a space for it to occur, and bear witness to the greatness that is everywhere when it reveals itself to us through our heart. I know I have learned more from The Mother than any book. Through water, birds, trees and animals I have found many answers to my own needs and the needs of others. Simply put the main lesson is one of harmony.

Forty two animals along the roadside is not harmony. What was this? What has happened to us?  I asked these and many other questions to whomever would listen. Two things happened shortly after that day, that have profoundly changed my life, and I will share them with you.

Water Electricity and Health 

The first thing is a book called “Water, Electricity and Health” by Alan Hall. It could be one of the best books on understanding the science of what I am presenting here. It is an easy read and great starting point.  It is no coincidence I was reading this book when the next thing occurred. While driving home one night from my healing office, I found a Possum in the road. I was just going to move it off to the woods, when I got to it I realized it was still alive. Having tried to rescue many things before, with not so encouraging a track record, I asked the Creator if I should help, yes, would it heal, yes, would it live, yes. Okay, thy will be done.

Possum’s Story 

I took Possum home and we went to work. She had a severe head injury from her run in with a car. I bathed and washed her and treated it as best I could that evening, determined to find someone who knew more than myself about this sort of thing in the morning. I spent the following morning and day tending to her trying to find a vet who would work on her, anyone who had anything to offer. I offered to pay the vets and none would even consider working on her. They called Possum a trash animal.  WHAT? A TRASH ANIMAL?

Whoa was I in for some lessons. I guess I never realized how far my ship had sailed away from the rest of the fleet on planet Earth till this happened. Well after calling over sixty three people that day, the creator sent an Angel to us. She worked as a technician in a local vet hospital and said she would stop over and see what’s what. Luckily, she had some brain inflammation drugs to bring down the swelling and some other advice on how to care for Possum. Okay, I thought now I’m getting somewhere, I can do this. So Possum and I carefully considered each other, I would not hurt her and she would not bite me. The beginning of a fine love story.  I could go on for a long time about many of the small details of this affair but I will, in the interest of time save that for another day.


The amazing grace and courage it took her to allow me to handle her and work on her painful wounds was a lesson I will never forget. She just knew and trusted with no choice but to trust. Isn’t that a bit familiar when one considers ones Creator.  After two days she actually had an appetite and started to eat a bit on her own. I am not sure how many of you have had a possum over for a dinner guest but a caution here is: don’t use the best china and try to do it outside. Tables weren’t around 60 million years ago when the original possum program was started. In my simple world where there is an appetite there is life and I was greatly encouraged by this turn of events. Enthusiastically and messily, to see her eat was a joy to my heart.

Talking With Possum 

We talked a lot over the next few days, which brings me to the topic of communicating with our little brothers and sisters.  I do not know how others do this, nor do I know while I have seen books on it, how it can possibly shown to another. It is like dowsing in a way, you have to swing it or hold it to begin to do it. It is an experience not a teaching. I encourage you all to please do it, and forget everything you might think of in regards to communicating with animals. Just be there with it for they are already talking to us, it is our birthright and duty.

Communicating With Holograms 

In the beginning I used my pendulum and showed the morphogenetic field between us yes/no. Once I was comfortable with the space required in my mind for this the communication really was in holograms. I would just sense/feel the answers and see pictures. Possum confirmed all my thoughts and questions about being a little person. She showed me how to think like a little person and what was important to them. Sadly all that was happening to them from humans. This is what this mini series of articles is all about. How we can make a difference as dowsers and subtle energy workers in our own neighborhoods.

The Possum Program 

The Possum program has a supervisor. Each species has a supervisor/guardian or matrix, or devatic. It is this guardian I realized much later on that was responsible for this experience with my friend. When I heal animals I always ask for the supervisor of the animal to be present. I empty my mind and just hold a space and my minds eye is available for the energy directing as needed.

I once worked on a bird that the cat had gotten and chewed on a little while. We found it in my Lab’s mouth, still alive. The bird was missing a big patch of feathers and had been gnawed a bit on its back, and was lifeless. I remember asking the supervisor of the bird to come and in my mind’s workshop this huge bird walked in with all kinds of other birds big ones, little ones, and ones small enough to work on the DNA and cells. Some just to work on the skin some on the bones.

I remember quite clearly the feeling as that supervisor and I merged in the minds eye to work on this bird. If you know about cats and their saliva, you know it is usually lethal for a bird. These birds rewrote a strand of DNA to adjust to that. They reconnected the nerves, cleared the poison, removed the shock, cleared the lymph eased her fear and so much more. In the end it was the same look as Possum’s just blind trust. That is where I learned that information. The bird flew away 3 days latter. I was humbled at this new level or integration.

Words Have Power 

The saddest part of what I learned with Possum was how they feel when we say things like: “Oh aren’t they ugly!” If people only knew about how powerful the chi from their speech was and how devastating it is to the little ones. Dumb deer, stupid skunk etc. You all know what I mean. The little people are leaving us. I have spoken with many of the top biologists, animal communicators and guardians. This is true. They have other options besides this dimensionality. They are exercising that option. Some of the roadsides I have worked on are portals where death there brings them to another dimension.  Some call this suicide, I see this as a door.

The World Through Possum’s Eyes 

When I was taken for a walk with Possum I got to see the world through her eyes. I was shown the magnetic buoys that all of nature uses in travel. Very similar to being on a bay or a coast line area with a boat. I saw how the lines between these buoys are broken and frayed. I saw the fog, the electro-magnetic fog.

As dowsers we know about the water and its magnetic properties, creating lines on the surface with unique ionic qualities. Perhaps you have recognized the subtle color of it as well. A blue stream, or a green stream, or even a red dome. It is true all streams have a characteristic or energy based in depth, strata, speed direction, location etc. In truth all water is rainbow and much more, but you get my drift about the predominate color being there.

Water With No Colour 

There is another thing I have noticed and that is water with no colour. This is unstructured and polluted. You will find this near power lines or perhaps you are downstream of its source and there is another site of electro-magnetic or other pollution.  I often use a virtual cone pendulum to restore the rainbow to the streams. I will discuss that more in the technique articles. What I doing here is providing a sense of the territory and how it was passed to me so you can take it and run with it yourself, add to it and change it to suit your needs and skills. There are many spokes on this wheel …. All have the same center.

Thank you on behalf of Possum, and the rest of the gang outside my window.


Tom Sotiridy 

Tom has studied many esoteric and shamanistic traditions and religions. He has been a dowser since 1978, and uses dowsing to heal animals, humans and resolve human problems. He founded SPLAT, a society for healing little animals, invented “Somacoustics”, a healing modality using Quantum Physics, and applies his knowledge and skills at a healing clinic in New York City. He founded the Storm King Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, and is currently a Trustee. He can be reached at [email protected]

© Tom Sotiridy, 2005
Storm King Dowsers, New York
Trustee, American Society of Dowsers