Letters from Possum – #2: Techniques for Clearing Electromagnetic Pollution From Roadsides and Water

by Tom Sotiridy

This is a series of letters on how to clear electromagnetic pollution from roadsides and water, working with the divine creative intelligence, and working with the life force that supervises the specifics of that field. It is simple to do, it unites you with yourself and the beings seen, and unseen that live near you and within you. It has many side effects all beneficial to all. Letter #1 described the tragic situation on our highways where so many animals are killed every day as they attempt to cross the road. This letter describes what you can do about it. 

Field Tools 

A small toolbox/sack is required. I usually have a pair of snips, some copper unshielded wire (ground wire), some silicon dioxide diodes (from Radio Shack) small lengths of copper pipe ½ or ¾ inches in diameter and up to 8 inches in length, a few small magnets, tape, chalk, magic marker (blue), a few small double terminated quartz crystals, a small hammer with a straight claw or a small hatchet, some tobacco and corn meal. Have the dowsing tools you use such as a y-rod or L-rods and a pendulum. I also bring a compass, and if you have a GPS device, it is good to locate the coordinates of your work, and keep some files of your efforts. Eventually I would I like to have a database of all the areas covered.

Identify Animal Migration Paths 

I know from my travels along the roads I work on where the animal migration paths are located. You probably have the same situation. There is always a place where one sees dead animals along the road all the time. This is where I start.  I look for any man made disturbances first. These can be obvious such as transformers on electrical lines, or not so obvious interference patterns from cell towers and other unseen radiations. Additionally, there are the classic ‘noxious’ energy lines emanating from the ground, be they streams or fault lines. These are usually quite easy to recognize by the cracks in the road. Hartmann/ Curry lines are also something to keep in the back of your mind as you do this work, as they come into play when they intersect a stream and a transformer.

Make a Map of the Area 

The first thing I do is to make a map of the area I am going to work on. I then ask for the permissions and call in my guides for assistance.  I map dowse the area for animal paths. I then look for the interference on these paths. I then ask if the path has to be cleared physically or if I can do it remotely. Usually it is both and there are reasons for this that I will explain in another letter. So assuming we have gotten a “Yes” on physical clearing, I locate all the areas I will balance with the tools. I number them and ask: “What is the most beneficial treatment for each?”  I seem to only be asked to use five different types of treatment on a physical site.

Types of Treatments 

  1. Copper Lollypop Coil – Flat Spiral 

The first is a copper lollypop. This is a length of copper wire dowsed to the correct length. The wire is further dowsed to the positive or negative end. The wire is coiled in a flat spiral. I ask if the coil should start with negative or positive end. I also ask: which way I need to coil it, either clockwise or counter clockwise; should it lay flat or be upright; does it need a magnet or a silicon dioxide diode with it, or both, or multiples etc. (keep asking)  When you cut a length of copper wire it has a frequency to it. This is a homeopathic or radionic frequency needed to offset the frequency of the problem. You should ask every step of the way, and if something comes in to your mind ask about it as well. Do not be afraid to ask as you might very well discover a great new way to do this.  I am just laying out the basics here so you can get your feet wet and get going.

  1. Copper Lollypop Coil – Folded 

The second is a lollypop but you fold the length in half and wrap it so it is like an SB coil or a yin/yang wrap. To make a yin/yang wrap start in the middle and fold the wire in half. Then coil both halves at once without letting the strands touch each other. The same questions apply here with regard to length etc.

  1. Crystal 

The third is just a crystal or a rock put in place. This is very interesting as often the perfect rock is within a few feet of the transformer. Often rocks are paramagnetic and have an amazing energy field that can eliminate the vortex from the transformer.

  1. Copper Pipe 

The fourth is just a bit of copper pipe set into the ground below the surface (so that it won’t catch a mower blade or hurt anyone). I generally place the pipe vertically. Occasionally I attach  a T fitting for 1/2 inch copper pipe, and have been asked to use this with the top of the T sticking out of the ground and in a specific direction. Usually this configuration asks for a double terminated crystal and a small magnet. It comes about as a result of being in a multi grid nodal point, and you are fighting or balancing more than three things such as microwave., electromagnetic frequencies, and noxious lines.

  1. Orgone Devices 

Lastly, for those of you who make orgone devices, I sometimes use a small martini glass sized generator. These are a bit time consuming, harder to hide, and more expensive, so I generally do not use them except in extreme cases.

Clearing the Energies of the Road 

Okay so we have mapped our area, we know where the animals cross, and we have pre-made our remedies and we are about to implement our plan.  I again ask the dowsing system if I have permission and if there is anything I have overlooked, and if there is anything interfering with this work and to clear that if needed.  I sprinkle tobacco and corn meal on the vortex and ask for the spirits to help; it is for an offering. I then ask my guides to clear the energies of the road, return the animal souls to their home, and the Human incarnates and discarnates to their next destination. There may also be animal, electrical, plutonium, petrochemical, pesticide and road salt discarnates. These chemical and electrical pollutants have an energy and they are alive in multidimensions with psychic cords etc. It is a grid of sorts, based in unstructured sub atomic field particles.

I ask if there are any non beneficial energies such as curses, dark forces, psychic cords or black grids (a new form of unstructured energy being manipulated by some forces). I ask if there are any other forms of energy interfering with this work. You would be surprised at what you might find here. I have often found such pollutants as a small dumping site for motor oil, lead products etc.  This is a bit more advanced clearing but can be done as well.

BE CAREFUL IN THIS AREA AS PEOPLE ARE IN A FOG WHILE DRIVING. Do it with a friend; while one of you works the other keeps an eye out for cars.

Now I generally place the coils, as directed by the dowsing system, right under the transformers between the transformer and the underground water. If there are no transformers I go right to the energy line that is the problem. I install my remedy as directed. NOTE: I always stomp the ground or pat it with my hand while focusing my intention. This is an ancient method of setting your intention into an energy field.

Once the remedies are in place I ask again: “Is there anything I have missed or I am I to do something further with what I have already done?” EXHAUST THE INQUIRY. Make sure you get NO’s to end the session. (No further work at this time.)

Clearing the Energies of the Water 

Now that the migration path has been cleared, I look below the ground for water. I ask for my guides to clear it. Raymon Grace’s (www.raymongrace.com) techniques work awesome. However you do it, it is an important part of this work. You must clear the water that has become unstructured below the surface.

For those who do not have a technique, here is a simple way to do it. Ask that the guardian of that stream to please come and help you clear the water. I ask to remove all traces of pollution known and unknown, raise the energy of the water to its fullest beneficial level, and especially to remove all electromagnetic frequencies and their causes from the water in this dimension and all dimensions and in this time and in all times.  You will feel something or just know when it is done.

At this point I thank the helpers and guides and send my deepest gratitude and love to the water. There will be times when you have many streams below you. You can do them all at once if you get permission, or do them individually if so directed. The streams and waterways often times need to be cleared one at a time but occasionally you can do them all at once. It depends on infiltration and severity, and sometimes there is something your guides want you to see such as a healing stream at a specific depth that often is the remedy or helper.

Clearing the Electromagnetic Fog bank 

A fact about electric distribution: eighty percent is wasted and winds up in the ground. There has to be a way where all can benefit by re-examining our electric grid. And all could save money and resources.

Place Coils 

Now let’s assume we have cleared the animal paths successfully. The next step is to clear a section of the road as needed to remove the electromagnetic ‘fog bank’ so that drivers can be more awake when approaching this area. If you can increase reaction time, you can save lives. You can do this through your intention and or physically. I usually go about ¼ quarter of a mile minimum in either direction of the crossing. I generally place a few lollypop coils on each side of the road pointed at each other. If the road curves, I set them where I can be in visible sighting of the coil before it and after it. These do not need to be on the road itself but off a bit so as not to attract attention. Your intention is key here. I mentally link the coils together so I have made a really big box insulating the area from EM fields and interference.

Add Color, Sound or Images 

Sometimes I am asked to add color (mentally), a note (singing) or some other bit to complete the work. Many times it is a geometric drawing or a word. I use chalk for this and write the intention in the needed color on the pavement, power pole, or where directed.  My intention prayer generally has the following requests in it. “Keep all safe who pass through this zone. Let the animals pass through the zone safely. Let the drivers be awake and aware, and may the light and love of the Creator bless this work and this purpose.”

One could make a stencil of paw prints, and use bright colored paint to stencil them on the roadside to indicate visually for the drivers, but it is best to work with local authorities in this matter. Try it out as a test experiment with them and see how it works. No one likes picking up dead animals and anything that doesn’t cost them money especially when presented as a cost saver is looked at in a positive light.

Advanced Clearing 

So there you have the basic techniques I use for this work. I do quite a bit more with specific animals and water such as working on DNA and pollution, devatic/spirit and water dome work, but the results are harder to prove so for now I will leave it alone and just point the way for others who really pick this up. I will discuss these topics further in other letters.

Clearing Your Home 

One should also balance ones home and see what it feels like when it is clear and clean. Use power strips, as electricity leaks through TVs and computers and turn them off when not in use. Turn off your power for a few hours each day at the main box. I really like Slim Spurling’s tools for this (www.slimspurling.com) in addition to the lollypops.

Additionally, spend more time healing that which is around you, especially the water, air and soil. Do AGNIHOTRA (www.agnihotra.org ) everyday as this makes a huge difference in your local atmosphere. Drive around with one of Slim’s coils on your car as this clears the air and removes negative energy.

Clearing an Area 

I can also recommend you take responsibility for a whole area such as a preserve or a park and do all sides of its boundaries. In the original Bible there is a bit about how we are the caretakers of the planet and I do not know how it got twisted to our mentality of the planet being here to serve our needs, but this is truly a wonderful way to help make a small anonymous stand against that which is not correct.

DVD of Techniques 

If you are interested in this work I am making a DVD showing how I do this and using real situations showing how to implement the above techniques. All money raised via those sales will go back into this work. I used almost 2,500 ft of copper wire last year.  I would like to take this work further and introduce it to municipalities and have them assist with their crews.

Help Wanted 

If you decide to do this work, keep track of how many car accidents and dead animals you count before you begin, do the remedies, then monitor the accidents and animal injuries over time. Send your results to me along with the GPS or map co-ordinates so I can monitor them.

I would like to find an attorney to take on the electric utilities and lobby for safer transformers.

I would love to hear from you all and any ideas or help in this project would be most appreciated.


Tom Sotiridy 

Tom has studied many esoteric and shamanistic traditions and religions. He has been a dowser since 1978, and uses dowsing to heal animals, humans and resolve human problems. He founded SPLAT, a society for healing little animals, invented “Somacoustics”, a healing modality using Quantum Physics, and applies his knowledge and skills at a healing clinic in New York City. He founded the Storm King Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, and is currently a Trustee. He can be reached at [email protected]

© Tom Sotiridy, 2005
Storm King Dowsers, New York
Trustee, American Society of Dowsers