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Local Dowsing Groups (listed by region):

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Western Canada / Pacific Region

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Associate Groups of CSD


We are always looking for opportunities to support new groups.  If you are interested in starting a group in your area please contact [email protected]. Local Dowsing Groups are formed to give you places to meet and interact with other dowsers, beginners to advanced.  The groups members share information, promote dowsing, enjoy speakers of varied topics and learn more skills from each other while having fun.

Listed above are Local Groups that would be interested in having you join their meetings.

Please be aware that each group operates differently and may have a slightly different approach or focus.

Some of the Local groups are CSD Associate Groups some are independent. Associate Group membership status in the Canadian Society of Dowsers is open to organizations which agree with the purposes of the Society.

If you wish to update the information for your group, please e-mail [email protected]

Associate Group Membership benefits include:

  • the right to a regular reference listing on the CSD website
  • the right to submit information about programs and events the organization is holding at no cost on the website
  • one vote at the Annual Meeting for the group’s representative
  • the right to provide promotional materials on a networking table at CSD-sponsored events
  • the right to mention membership in the CSD in promotional literature
  • the right to request consultations about improving your local effectiveness in promoting dowsing
  • the opportunity to receive information about speakers on dowsing
  • access to group liability insurance

CSD always welcomes inquiries from any members who are considering starting a new dowsing group in their area.  We are committed to helping local groups develop and providing ongoing consultation services.

Start Your Own Dowsing Group.

We are here to help.

Here is some useful information on starting a new Local Dowsing Group: Starting a new dowsing group – 2016

You can also email us for additional help.