Love of Miracles Triangle with Neil Anderson

Joan Nathanson, reporter

Who could have predicted that a dairy farmer from southern Ontario would discover a powerful healing tool based on the energy of key word concepts as a result of exposure to dowsing? While veteran ASD members might not have forecasted this specifically, they would be aware that dowsers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and that many effective methods of connecting with energy in the universe have been – and can be – discovered and developed by people whose curiosity about our world has been aroused and who then seek to understand how everything works.

Neil Anderson grew up as part of a hard-working farm family. Within the farming community, it was common for folks to help one another out. When Neil was 16, he went with his dad to assist another farmer on a special project, where he met two young fellows, who showed him how to use L-rods and a bobber to find water. He was amazed at what they did, and surprised that he could do it, too. Life on the farm left no time to follow up on siting wells. (Many years later, Neil dowsed several well on his own farms, though circumstances led him to use his dowsing abilities primarily in other ways.)

When he left school, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and became a dairy farmer himself, eventually developing and maintaining several farms of his own north of Lake Erie in the small community of Scotland, ON. In 1980, when he was 34 years old, however, he began to run into health problems which affected both his dairy herd, other livestock and his family.

Fortunately, Neil met a talented dowser who lived in another farming community a bit farther north. Ron Lister advised him to make changes to his property which would benefit his family as well as his dairy herd: Neil followed these directions with excellent results.

This first-hand experience with dowsing convinced Neil that he should investigate it seriously. After a life-changing weekend workshop with geomancer Gary Skillen, he joined the Canadian Society of Dowsers to get more training, and also began attending gatherings of dowsers at ASD and the Ozark Research Institute to learn more and share his own dowsing adventures with others. The more he dowsed, the more excited he became, seeing so many visible results of his work.

Neil explains that dowsers seek out information about unseen energies, using various tools (such as pendulums, L-rods, and bobbers) to locate, measure and monitor them. Electromagnetic currents can interfere with the well-being of people, animals, plants, and geographic locations. When dowsers find imbalances in energy, they work to transform them to restore harmony to the land and all living creatures that inhabit it. Everything is made of the same non-material stuff which he calls “consciousness.” Differences between things are the result of vibrations at different frequencies. He believes that everything is meant to be in balance. Conflicting frequencies can create detrimental effects. He believes that balance can be restored and optimal health and well-being reclaimed if these conflicts are resolved.

As Neil’s proficiency in dowsing developed, he received intuitive guidance which enabled him to help others even more effectively. He also realized that there were far more people in need of assistance than he could help just one-on-one. In September, 2006, he sensed a call to reach more people. Could he discover a tool that anyone could use to help themselves reclaim balance and wholeness in life? Not knowing where to start, he began to listen more closely to his intuition. By February, 2007, ideas had begun to take shape.

How Neil’s new healing tool came into existence

In dowsing circles, many believe that the frequency of the word, “love,” dissolves all unbalancing frequencies. This was one of the teachings of American dowser, Martha Moore Stevens, who encouraged him to develop his dowsing gifts. At first, Neil wondered if this English word, “love,” could actually accomplish such a thing. When he dowsed to check this out, he received a “yes” answer. He then began experimenting by writing the word, “love,” on paper, creating an hour-glass shape with the word printed on each side of the two triangular shapes, one balanced on the tip of the other. Was there a most effective and powerful way of writing the word, “love,” to clear unwanted energies that caused “dis-ease” and brokenness for people, animals, plants and places? Something seemed to be missing, but he didn’t know what that ingredient was.

In April, 2007, Neil was invited to a one-room schoolhouse in a nearby rural community, to share his dowsing experience and discoveries with a gathering of fellow dowsers. While he was talking with a colleague before his presentation, he noticed a group of three men talking together in another part of the room. Suddenly, one of them broke away, and came to stand directly in front of Neil. Apparently nudged by Spirit, the man stated, “The subconscious mind sees everything backwards: the superconscious mind sees everything upside down and backwards with double vision.” He then walked back to his friends.

Neil suddenly understood he had received the key guidance he needed to strengthen his tool for energy release. The healing word should be written upside down and backwards as well as just in the ordinary way. When he added in this extra information, he realized that he should use just one triangle as the basic shape so it could be printed on a quarter sheet of standard letter-size card stock, a size easy for people to use. The first card in the Love of Miracles set was ready for use.

Beliefs underlying the “Love of Miracles Triangle” cards

Neil believes that in day-to-day living, our bodies can become congested with unhealthy thoughts, ideas and dreams, which can subsequently and significantly impair our personal ability to reach our highest good. He understands that our bodies have several “brains,” or intelligences relating to different organs, like the liver, stomach, heart, etc. – 14 “brains” in all. Any of them can store memories that can affect our lives, positively or negatively. The various card concepts address these stored memories.

How Neil dowses with the “LOMT” cards

Neil dowses out the source of detrimental memories with a series of “yes/no” questions. He then consults a list of twelve words whose energies he has found through experimentation can enhance the clearing of memories that block wellness. Again, through dowsing a series of “yes/no” questions, he determines which word frequencies would best address an individual’s specific difficulties.

Tangible results

He began to test his cards with family and friends. Most users reported a noticeable change in their bodies, state of mind, and general energy level. Since not everyone that tried his tool got the results he had hoped, he continued to experiment and refine the cards. He wanted something effective that everyone could use themselves. He arranged to have the words he found with power to heal placed on separate cards by a graphic artist, and now has printed an 18-card package, available by contacting him. (See below)

Using the cards to address “registrations in the superconscious mind”

The cards are intended to support people to heal what Neil refers to as “registrations in the superconscious mind.” A registration can be created in either a wakeful or a dream state. It’s an energy switch that is turned on in the superconscious mind, causing interference within the body, mind or spirit, and expressing itself subsequently as an imbalance in the physical realm. When there are active registries, they impact on how we see and interact with ourselves, our families, our friends, and even strangers. They influence how we interact with our environment and conduct our lives. Our bodies hold onto these registries within one of our two superconscious minds.

Our “child superconscious mind” contains all interferences created from the day of conception until around the age of 20 years. Neil notes that human brains can already dream and think about three months after conception, six months before normal birth occurs. We also have “adult superconscious minds” which seem to begin developing around the age of 20: they store registries of interferences created after that age. Neil finds that the use of his healing cards can release detrimental memories from both minds.

In Neil’s card set, the first two target restoring self love. Other cards release depression, disappointment, fear, guilt, resentment, sadness, shock, stress, and even suicide energy. As a person using the cards focuses on a single word, they often notice some shift in energy within their body, such as feeling warmer or colder, tingling in various parts of their body, or intense yawning which signals a release of energy.

One mother who attended a group session with her baby, reported that her child slept through the night for the first time after attending the workshop. Another person noticed that after working with the cards for a week, she had stopped biting her nails, her persistent knee pain had disappeared, and she was feeling calmer during everyday life. Other people have reported lower blood pressure, release of chronic pain, and lower blood sugar readings. People with autism and Lou Gehrig’s disease have reported improvement through the energy release triggered by the use of Neil’s card set.

Using the cards on your own

    • Get into a comfortable position.
    • Hold a card so that it is easily visible.
    • Allow your gaze to fall gently on the word and letter frequency side of the card. (If you can’t hold the card yourself, then tape the card to a wall or the ceiling.)
    • Take a deep breath every minute or so to help the body relax and allow your subconscious and superconscious minds to work with the frequency on the card. (Holding your breath for a long as is comfortable while focusing on the spaces around the words and letters helps settle the conscious mind. Another way is to allow your gaze to blur while focusing on the spaces and gently hold your breath for as long as is comfortable.)
  • Repeat this process for each of the 18 cards in sequence.
  • Using the power of healing intention, the cards can be used for healing plants and animals as well.

For further information, Neil can be contacted at [email protected]. By phone, leave a message at 519-484-2640 and he will return your call.

Reporter Joan Nathanson, a member of the Digest Editorial Team, has known Neil Anderson personally for close to 20 years through the Canadian Society of Dowsers. This article is based on ones previously written by Jo Anne Eadie and Arlene Caldwell, and on recent phone and in-person conversations.

Testimonial  16 Feb 20
I received my cards this past week and I’m having incredible success with clearings and energy frequency shifts. They are amazingly easy to use and with being a dowser I can go through them and see which ones I need for the moment.
I’m a Hanna Kroeger practitioner and have taken a few classes with Raymon Grace so I will add these to my tool box when working with clients, family and friends. I’m so grateful that you were blessed with this gift and thank you for teaching us how to use them.
Please feel free to use this as a testimony on your website.
With respect and much light and love –
Elise Rowe