Meeting With Your Spirit Guides – Be Careful What You Ask For

by Susan Collins

The following comments are purely my own opinions. Other people may have different concepts. None of us are right or wrong – we’re just following the path as best we can. If we knew everything, we probably wouldn’t be here having the human experience. We are all reaching for our own truth. 

Whether you call them Spirit Guides, Angels, Beings of Light, Ascended Masters or whatever, I believe there are non-visible beings co-existing in our (and probably other) dimensions. This is not the level of the Higher Self or the Soul. These are conscious beings outside of us who exist in an energy matrix that we sometimes experience as a shiver or sensation in our bodies. Some people seem to be able to see or hear these beings. I do not. I communicate with them through dowsing tools.

Some of these beings are connected to God (or however you refer to the Divine Source) and are interested in supporting us for the best and highest good of all concerned. Many of these beings are not in resonance with God. They are interested in feeding off our energy in a parasitic fashion and are attracted to vulnerable people. Unfortunately, in this energy soup we live in, it can be hard to tell the difference between them. The bad guys will pretend to be good guys, and it can be hard to tell the difference, even for an experienced communicator.

Generally, when you are at a certain point in your spiritual path, when you are ready, you will feel your Guides around you. This is a point where you start trusting your intuition, when amazing, fortunate coincidences occur, when you have a sense of knowing things, without knowing how you know. As your intuition increases, your connection with the Divine and your Guides is increasing.

If you open yourself prematurely to communication with unknown beings, you may be letting yourself in for trouble. They can attach to you and be hard to get rid of. However, if you are secure in your relationship with God, and sometimes feel a divine presence around you, then communicating with your Spirit Guides can be very rewarding. Your intent must always be to be in resonance with God.

Dowsing is one of many ways of exploring the spiritual path, and the one that resonates most fully with me. It has helped me to detect and transform energies that impact on my life. Part of my commitment to dowsing is to share this information. One of the ways is through teaching. “Develop Your Intuition With Dowsing” was developed for this purpose.

Susan Collins is Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and can be reached at 905 833 2440 or [email protected]. Her website is

 © Copyright 2003, Susan Collins.