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Understand that what we are doing is Quantum Observation.  INTENT.  When I was first starting out,1990, clearing areas, I would fill the area with Violet light, & love, and ask the local devas, or angels of place to clear out all disharmonious energy.  Which worked.  I saw one lake, really trashed, and did only this.  Within 6 months, a group formed to get all the trash out, clear the area of garbage.  It got very nice.  And that’s all I could do, but it was enough.  I used to ride the bus into NYC, and I’d do this to the neighborhoods around me.  They seemed to improve, over time.  YOU MAY  NOT GET FEEDBACK… but that doesn’t mean it’s not still working.  Success and feedback are 2 different things.  TY for clearing Raymon’s Problem Pkg.

Near where I used to work, I decided it didn’t look good.  So I used the Violet light [intuition will guide you in this kind of work], and put in imagined fountains of very pleasant energy.  W/in 2 months, the city decided to put in a decorative fence, with very nice flower plantings, down the center median.  They did that NOWHERE ELSE in the city.  Only where I did my energy work.  This cost me no more than about 20 minutes.

I worked on another area that didn’t feel good at all, in the city I worked in. Within 6 months, they decided to build a museum, very close to where I’d worked.  It’s a nice museum, I’ve taken my family to it several times.

Remember: if you have a challenging task: go to sleep- How would you FEEL if you have the solution, now?  What is that solution?  How much fun could it feel?  Keep a notebook by your bed; you may wake up at 3 AM with the answer.  How does it get better than this?  What fun stuff could happen?  Take the nastiest part of your city.  Welcome it as the learning opportunity it is.  Work on that energy, fill it with love, and whatever intuition guides you to do.  This has worked for me.   People define dowsing in different ways.  This is based on my experience; I was introduced to dowsing in 1984, at an ASD conference my dad took me to.  I was in heaven, there was so much to absorb.  Dowsing has 2 sides- getting information, and projecting intent.  Both are based on “Quantum Observation”.  You invoke this by asking questions.  

How does it get better than this?  -Access Consciousness

You get information by asking for it.  “What is the primary issue here?  How would it like to change for the better?  How could Love heal this issue?” is an example.  Questions change your world.  Because they change how you observe and interact with it.  You project intent by… questions.  “What would this be like, if it were much better/the way I’d like it to be/aligned with love?  Then, you FEEL what it would be like, if it were the way you sought/wanted it to be.  Always start with Love, that solves problems, and keeps you out of ego.

The single most productive time is just before sleep.  Do you like affirmations, and/or visualization?  Go to sleep singing affirmations, with a picture of what it would be like- if you already had what you seek.  AND a strong feeling of already having it.

Whatever you go to sleep with- it’s like praying, or saying an affirmation, for 8 hours straight- your subconscious chews on it all night long.  If you go to sleep saying and feeling “I direct my energy to heal my world“, and you feel it already done, that process continues for 8 hours.  I quit watching TV decades ago, most of it is negative prayer/intent projection. 

Also, if you look at the upper end of the energy scale, in Power vs. Force, you see some of the higher energy levels are not labelled.  That’s because they haven’t been named, yet.  But you can still use them… I am sometimes intuitively guided to use Energy 800, for example.  Or, even Energy 805.  Let your intuition guide you in this – from LOVE.

Here’s an intent statement I got from Dee Wallace, who teaches dowsing- free- on Blog Talk Radio [blogtalkradio.com], Sunday mornings.  “From Love, I direct my energy to… [solve my problems], and I FEEL SO GOOD now they are solved!  What is my next step?  What other fun stuff could happen?”

Well, she didn’t exactly say that, but that is the heart of her method, and she DOES teach dowsing on her free Sunday morning show.  Her sequence is: 1. Enter LOVE.  2. Do your intent work.  See, when you enter Love, you basically become one with the Creator, and your dowsing vastly improves.  PRACTICE!  I knew a guy who would ride the bus, in Honolulu, with some buddies.  They’d wait for a street person, or a drunk, to get on the bus, then they would zap him/her with love – always the feeling is first, then you can add, say, pink, or salmon light, and FEEL it flowing from your heart.  Dowsing means asking for info – setting intent for useful info to come to you.  The reverse is intent projection – and feeling it already done. He said the target always reacted positively.  I have been around women who mastered this method.  Our cook in Thailand, my Jr. High English teacher, a woman I knew in college… 

Why not start by cleaning out your house, of any wayward energy?  Stand above your house, pull out any energy that’s not useful, in a counter clockwise direction, going up, “scramble it’, as Raymon says, then turn it into, say, Love, and Wealth?  A beacon of love for your neighborhood?  Then clean up the energy wherever you buy your food.  Yes, it may take more than one treatment, in fact, you may want to set up a time, say once/twice per week, to do this.  Maybe you want to clear/bless the energy of your children, and their houses.

Maybe, uhh, gosh, what country are you in.  Oh yes.  Where is your federal government – Ottawa, I think, right?  How about cleaning up the energy there?  This is only advanced prayer, and it can work spectacularly, or seemingly not at all – until you scan the energy again, and see it at work.  Don’t be addicted to immediate positive feedback.  Just do your work with Love, then let Love do the work.  That’s easier.

Men seem to always want to play the stock market.  OK.  You MUST clean out your own subconscious mind of all limiting beliefs, FIRST.  And that may not be the best path, especially if you incarnated to do some specific work.

Let your heart- which IS your intuition – guide you.  Or relationships.  Almost 2/3 of American men, 18-30, have no relationship of any kind, with a woman, according to recent surveys.  OK.  But that is a reflection of society’s composite thought/feeling forms, aka intent.  YOU are a Quantum Observer.  What did Dr. Richard Feynman say?  THE OBSERVER CREATES THE WORLD.  After my second divorce, I was never again going to get married, or have any serious relationship.  I did decide to write, see if I could find a female pen pal, yes, I know, makes me sound like a nerd, well I’m happy to be a nerd!  I figured they couldn’t hurt me from another country.  2 of them wrote regularly, one in Scandinavia, the other in Spain.  After 3 years, the one in Spain asked if maybe we had something more…  I thought, well, ok, I can meet her.  Turns out she had a good heart, was pleasant, loving, had a good family…  she came to the USA.  Wanted to see the country, so we did a 24 hour bus ride, to Wisconsin… to visit a friend of mine, who runs a wilderness skills school.  It went well.  

She’s sensitive – intuitive – I was going to buy tickets for Tuesday, to fly to Spain, to get married.  She said, “Oh no, in Spain, we never travel on a Tuesday, if we can help it [day of Mars, & trouble].”  I figured, well, we’re getting married, what do I care.  So we flew out of JFK on Monday.  September 10, 2001.  The next day I was in a Spanish cafe, and I saw a plane ram into a building.  I thought – what fool did that?  Then I found out…  My wife has her issues, but she also has heart, and is smart.  Love is nice.  And yes, I dowsed her thoroughly, before getting involved.  She has a good heart.  In the USA, less than 1% of women over 40 get married.  That’s statistics.  AND INTENT.

But those who use intent, who operate from love…  yep, those are the ones I see getting what they want, no matter what statistics say.  Because life is about intent- and- yes- dowsing.  One game you can play is to listen to people complain, about whatever.  Then just enter the energy of whatever that is, scramble it, and turn it into Love.  If you want to graduate from life summa cum laude, spread love wherever you go.  If you want a relationship, ask [all asking is dowsing] what you can give, starting with Love, and don’t worry about what you want to get.  If you go down a blind alley, well, get out.  If you want a relationship with your community, do the same thing.  Pour love into whatever you’re doing.  That is the essence of dowsing.  It’s also what Native American elders do…  my buddy with the wilderness school worked w/Keewaydinoquis, an Ojibwa eldress [female elder].  He still speaks of her with awe.  She had intuitive awareness- dowsing- beyond what we can imagine… and a loving heart that was powerful.  AND she dowsed, in her own way. Dowsing has always been with us.  A bus driver [black- that’s relevant] told me that his mother had a 4th grade education [not unusual in the American South, prior to say 1970], but raised her children well.  She didn’t trust doctors.  If her children were sick, she’d just go out into the woods, go straight to the plant she needed, ask the plant for help, pick it, take it home, prepare it, and have the child consume it, and they were always fine the next day.  She KNEW when her kids were misbehaving, she felt their energy- i.e. dowsed it. 

We were MEANT to live using dowsing to make our lives better.  We just forgot our way.  Let’s get back on the path, shall we?  The path is like being a kid again – and PLAYING!  How does it get better than that?  What other wonderful stuff would like to happen through me, now?  Do you see how questions change your energy?

My mother didn’t take my father’s death well.  She was getting depressed.  Well, she got in touch with her college boyfriend.  50 years later.  He was a widower.  He invited her to visit him.  She was so concerned about what people might think.  We children said, “MOM!  Dad is GONE!  Nobody cares!  GO NOW!”  So she did.  They got married, I think mom was like 74.  She had 5 really good years with him, he was a retired doctor – he retired about the time they got married.  We were so happy to see her with him, she lived longer, because of it.  Did we dowse it?  I.e. project intent?  You bet we did – all of us!  He was a WW II veteran, my mother was WW II generation.

Experimental Use of Intent to Halt Violent Conflicts, such as in the Middle East right now.  This also works for clearing out chaos in cities, as in high crime areas.  Note that repeated treatment work might be necessary.  The below is based on Raymon Grace’s work, though I’ve expanded slightly on what he does.

ALWAYS ask for help.  Somehow it comes, though perhaps not when or how one expects.  Ground & zone in to the dowsing system, so you are safe & protected.  Feel it done, as Neville Goddard would say.  I recommend also listening to Neville Goddard stuff on youtube.  You can expand your sense of self beyond the Universe, if you feel the need.  [Invisible- Cloak of]  You can give thanks you are guided to do the highest & best work, easily, with the highest and best results.  Note that our job on earth is to direct energy & learn.  I’ve found I can ask for angelic help – asking for a Most Benevolent Outcome, as in Tom T. Moore’s books/website, or more. [“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the current conflicts in the Middle East, with results better than the best I can hope for, expect, or imagine.  I expect Great Things.“]  Also- when you need an answer, ask just before sleep- inflame your mind with your question.  Have pen and paper ready for when you awaken.  I’ve gotten lots of info this way.

1. Check the energy level in the [Middle East, or unsafe area in your city], now.  On a scale of -100 to 0 to +100, where is it?  This is your baseline.  Now do [Israel, and one country out in all directions, or your troubled city area].  This is your baseline.  Relax deeply, concentrate on your target with love, & feel it done.  This is a useful comparison.  [You can do a CW rotation with your pendulum- which could be imaginaryCCW to pull E.]

2. Do a mass depossession on the people involved, including their homes & families.  Ask your guides if they are willing & able to do this.  If Yes [no’s are very rare], ask them to take all the nonbeneficial spirit guides of the people, & those negative entities in their energy fields, cities, countries, & take them to the other side, where they will be given appropriate treatment, sent on to the realm where they are supposed to go – & cannot return.  Eugene Maurey seems to have taught this to Raymon.  He had a book out, on Amazon.

3. You can also ask God/angels to bless everyone & everything with the appropriate energy for the highest & best good of all creation, & to take out/transform the trash energy.  Transform all negative emotions into Love.  Use intent- feeling it already done.  It can happen in 2 seconds.  Learn to work fast.  Raymon would suggest you pull the energy out of the troubled area, scramble it, turn it into, say, love, or one of the high level as yet unnamed energies on the chart in the book Power vs. Force, as guided by intuition.  You must be in at least the Alpha brainwave state for this to work.  Theta is better.  This is easy to do – simply relax, get into a meditative state.

4. Check to see if there are any demons/poltergeists present [Yes/No].  Raymon notes he hasn’t found a poltergeist in years.  He transforms demons into LOVE. Ask to neutralize them, & then fill the void with fifth dimensional energy & Love.  Remember that intent is feeling it already done, now, as Neville Goddard says.  It’s good to be in that Alpha state, for this.  Also, doing this feels incredibly good.

5. Check for nonbeneficial energetic patterns [Yes/No].  Ask to neutralize or phase conjugate them, & fill the Void with 5th dimensional energy, & Love.  Maybe fun & laughter, also. Or smurfs, elves, angels, whatever feels really good.  Perhaps Bugs Bunny energy would be good.  If you’re laughing as you do it, you are doing it right.

6. Banish all non-beneficial spirits of emotions, including anger, greed, laziness, hate, violence, [anything under 200 on the Hawkins scale in the book Power vs Force, you can google this chart and download free], & de-activate the life force of such spirits. Transform all negative emotions into LOVE.  Love is powerful.

7. Scramble the frequency of these spirits, and any other out of place energy, & adjust to the frequency of 5th dimensional energy, or love.  If you aren’t sure how, just feel it done.  & it’s done.

8. Remove all non-beneficial archetypes from participants in the conflict.  Replace with beneficial archetypes as needed, such as awareness, love of learning, love, etc.  Cooperation can be good.  If you have a high level spiritual archetype you like to work with- say the Archangel Michael, or one of the Buddhist wrathful angels – you can ask in that energy, also.

9. Check for geopathic stress [Yes/No], & neutralize it if there is any. I don’t seem to find geopathic stress, but the ’surrounding area’ can influence the conflict areas.

10. Find & move water veins, if any.  Raymon stopped doing this years ago as his dowsing system said it wasn’t necessary.  If there are water veins, Raymon says you can neutralize the negative effect of them.

11. Find & neutralize all bad intent, contaminated energy, hatred, vengeance, curses, hexes, spells, etc.  Scrambling it is usually enough, though I’d also change it into Love.  If you’re new at this, do this twice, in fact, do it until it feels really, really good.  This need not take long.

12. Neutralize the ill effects of mass consciousness on the area.  Feel it done.  I’d turn it into Love.  With practice, you can do this in 2 seconds, & later, automatically.  You can clear the energy of a store you frequent, when you have this procedure on automatic, as well.  

13. Bring all people & countries involved into balance with the earth energy, & Love.  Feel it done.  With practice, you can do this in 2 seconds.  Feel it done, & it’s done.

14. Invite in the spirits of Love, Peace, Respect, & whatever you feel appropriate.  Ambition, curiosity, disciplined work towards goals, & hope, could be good.

15. Check the energy in the school, or whatever you’ve worked on, again, see how you have progressed.  If you sweep out a room- you go back to see if you missed anything.  Same idea here.  And remember, if this is fun, you’re doing it right.  

16. It might be best to do this on the hour, whenever you can.  So others also doing it on the hour can be working it together.  Dowse to see if this would be useful.  I am currently doing this for about 5 minutes, on the hour when I’m awake.  The book Power vs. Force lists dowsed energy levels, if you need to assess your work.  Raising the energy from, say, 43, to say 400, Love, on the PvF scale, is very good – and as with any other cleaning, you may want to redo it, from time to time.  And NEVER get discouraged.  Just keep at it.  How do children play?  They are in the moment, and enjoy what they’re doing, and they can play for hours.  Use this idea.  You ARE a child of the Universe, playing.  You can also ask your subconscious mind to run clearings, say once an hour, for a time, on automatic.

The cost for this is minimal.  For those with religious beliefs, why not call in archangels?  Why not call in high level beings?  Perhaps a Muslim could call in Jebriel [Gabriel], a Christian Gabriel, a Buddhist- Tara, perhaps, a Native American, the Great Spirit.  Dowse to see what they’re willing to do.  In many cases, I find they are quite willing to do something useful – but they often need the request, to take action.  And if you don’t like religion…  Tom T. Moore’s idea of “I ask for a Most Benevolent Outcome for the current Middle Eastern situation, where cooler heads prevail, where people forget their resentments and start working together – in the larger entity of cooperation, with results better than the best I can hope for, expect, or imagine.” could be used.  

I find I don’t get what I don’t ask for.  What is the cost?  Minimal.  And at the very least, it feels so much better than just watching the destruction and hate.  

There is another area I’ve used.  I’ve found I can put in etheric fountains of good energy.  I make a picture of such a fountain, FEEL it real, and install it, energetically.  The nature spirits seem to really like these.  When I first tested this idea, I installed 8 of these, in the center of a town, along with other work.  The area was being turned into a park, for the town.  Last time I was there, I had someone with little energy sensitivity test being in the park, vs. being across the street.  Even he could feel the difference.  A fountain like this is part of a tube torus.  You are looking at this page through 2 tube toruses, in your eyes.  Your heart has about a 2 meter tube torus around it.  A Black hole is part of a Tube Torus.  Tube Toruses are shaped like a donut.  They can be portals.  A quartz crystal has a tube torus field about it, arranged on its axis.  Which is why quartz can be used for healing intent.

Also, don’t be surprised if you find an angel or two showing up to help you.  Or, sometimes a whole team.  Also, the local devas of a place, the nature spirits, may also show up to welcome your work – it’s happened to me.  Now, I am a military veteran, I have a Master’s degree that required I have proficiency in 3 languages.  I worked in a bank for some decades.  It helps that I did a VisionQuest, some years ago, which opened up a lot of flow for me.  In closing…  if it’s fun, you’re doing it right.  The Devas love fun.  And look at Greek portrayals of dryads, sylphs, and so on.  These are devas.  Wherever you are, whatever you do… you can do this.  Just ask for help.  In fact, ask for help just before sleep, keep a pen and notebook, or voice recorder, there.  Once the flow of info starts… you’ll find it all just… flows.  And it is SO MUCH FUN! to do this.  Elmer O. Locker Jr has some short videos on Neville Goddard’s work, on youtube.  There are at least 1-2 women who also post about Neville’s work.
The above is based on Raymon Grace’s work, with some additions by me.  If you want to share the above, I don’t believe Raymon objects, and I know I don’t object.  Try not to have too much fun, though, ok?  That might make this work addictively fun…  in fact, every time you have any irritation – why not just ask for an MBO(Most Benevolent Outcome)?  [Irritation happens- you say “I request an MBO for a super happy resolution to this issue, that makes me happy and helps others, in fun ways I love to experience.]  And you know those irritating people and situations that pop up?  They are TEACHERS.  Reminding you to use your methods!  Give thanks for them.  We are here to learn to transform energy – to direct Energy.  You can play with “I direct my energy to [clean out this area of imbalance, and change it all to Love and Laughter.]

Your next question is how long does this last.  That depends entirely on you.  Maybe you want to clean out a church, say, and make it fantastic to be in, for the next 500 years.  Set that intention.  Maybe you want to make a park nearby a fantastic place to visit, where low grade nasty and violent people can’t even see it, much less enter it, and set a lifetime of the lifetime of the park.  Native Americans made medicine wheels that are still in operation [medicine in this case means “that which heals”].  The main useful preparation is to empty out negative energy/frustration, in you and others, scramble it, turn it into love, then put it back into you.  Then set intent.  Try not to have too much fun with this, though, ok? 

You may want to also use the phrase, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this, with results better than the best I can hope for, expect, or imagine.  I expect great things!  Thanks!”   It can be shortened to “MBO this!”  This comes from Tom T. Moore’s books.  I have found this effective, it seems to improve my results, in what I do.  It’s also a fascinating intent.

All disease/problems/difficulties are due to blocked flow.  Restore the flow, and the system heals itself.”  –  Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, written over 2,000 years ago.

I go to the Veteran’s Administration facilities.  One thing I discovered is that I seem to be high functioning autistic.  I had to master 3 foreign languages for my M.A., my MA thesis was 330 pages long- a partial translation of a history of Afghanistan.  I brought $70 million in grants, in one program, to my state, 20% of the nation’s money, over 14 years.

I never got training.  So I did what Native American elders do; I got clients sitting in a circle.  I asked them to bring 8 copies of all they’d learned, in that area.  Then we went round the circle- clockwise- and each shared what they’d learned- it was all different- and went out knowing 7 times as much as they’d come in with.  And they did all the work!  Ummm, well, ok, I did some energy work, to help, of course, you know, clearing out their buildings, clearing their board of directors, clearing their tenants and staff… 

Why not run energy checks on:

  1. The grocery store where you get your food.
  2. Your post office.  Your town hall/government buildings.
  3. Your house and neighborhood.  Go down a few meters in the ground, too.
  4. Anybody who is ill-tempered, nasty, etc., in your area.
  5. Anybody using alcohol or drugs. 
  6. The level of toxins in your water, house, lawn, churches, etc.

The Observer creates the world- Dr. Richard Feynman.

Access Consciousness- Dain Heer books

BE LOVE NOW!  Pray believing ye have already received.  YHWH

Practice being an angel, and/or spiritual master, NOW.  What useful energy could I add to this situation, to help it heal?  What fun energy could I add, here?  How would Bugs Bunny heal this situation?  What solution would make the angels laugh as hard as they could?  How am I advancing myself spiritually, by having so much fun, and laughing so much?  What other fun stuff would like to show up in my life?  What other neat questions could I ask- and maybe ask repeatedly- to reshape my life in fun ways that are a delight to experience? 

The only prayer you ever need to say, is Thank You!  -Meister Eckhart

Alvin Maker series of books- the way he describes “making” is very much Quantum Observation, in action.

Raymon Grace has videos on youtube.  Take notes!  He learned his craft from Walt Woods, who also has a book or two out.

Kindness works.  I was in an autistic, child-like state, one day, at work, shortly before I retired.  A statement came out of my mouth- “You know, [name], you don’t look a day older than you did when I first came through the front door, in 1989.  I know I look a lot older, but you don’t.  I don’t know how you do it, but you do it.”  OK, maybe she uses hair dye, I don’t know.  She said something about exercise.  I forgot about it.  And… 6 months later… she had a much higher grade of energy about her.  Her wattage more than doubled.  Quantum Observation is powerful.  You shape and change your world with it.