Military, Government and Big Business use Dowsing

by Walt Woods and Mardi Gieseler

According to a New York Times article, October 11, 1967, U.S. Marine engineers used dowsing to help save American lives in Viet Nam. The Marines dowsed to locate tunnels, hidden ammunition, booby traps, and enemy food caches. ASD trustee, Louis Maticia, was the dowser who ran the program and taught the Marines to dowse.

This was not the first time the U.S. military used dowsing to help the troops at war. General George Patton used dowsing to find fresh water for his advancing troops in North Africa during World War II. The Germans had blown up the water wells when they retreated to prevent the American troops from having water to sustain the army in the desert terrain.

Additional government involvement with dowsing comes from the U.S. Geological Service and other branches. While the USGS was publishing a pamphlet which claimed that dowsing was “wholly discredited”, several other branches of the government were using dowsing. According to Christopher Bird’s book, “The Divining Hand”, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Soil Conservation Service, and the National Parks Service were dowsing. Later, at the urging of ASD, the USGS rewrote the pamphlet, “Water Witching”, to reflect a more objective, neutral tone.

Open-minded big businesses use dowsing, too. Hoffman-La Roche, one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies in the world, has used dowsing to locate water for its new plants. La Roche needs large quantities of good water to process the chemicals into drugs. A company magazine quoted Dr. Peter Treadwell as saying, “Roche uses methods that are profitable, whether they are scientifically explainable or not.”

Water is not the only commodity dowsed for health and profit. The petroleum industry has used dowsing to locate oil wells. Paul Clement Brown, a MIT graduate and electrical engineer, used dowsing to successfully dowse oil wells for Standard Oil, Signal Oil, Getty Oil, Mobil Oil, and others.

For more information about uses of dowsing I recommend two wonderful books; Christopher Bird’s, “The Divining Hand”, or Michael Schmicker’s, “Best Evidence.” Both books are available from the ASD bookstore in St. Johnsbury, VT. 1-800-711-9497.

Walt Woods and Mardi Gieseler

Note: Walt Woods is the author of Powers That Be and Letter to © Copyright Walt Woods and Mardi Gieseler