Nancy L. Bradley

Born and raised in Ontario and currently residing in Ottawa. My profession as a Holistic Practitioner and Teacher/Facilitator in the areas of Meditation and related tools, Dowsing, Reflexology, Reiki (Master Teacher), Acupuncture, Archetypal Energy Programs, Ear Coning, Esoteric Healing, Stress Reduction Techniques, Nutrition (detoxification, food supplements, herbs, diet), and Ion Cleanse therapy has allowed me to help others to make changes in their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual connections.

From 1999 until moving to Ottawa in January of 2007, time was spent travelling to Newfoundland, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Australia, Ecuador, Peru, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, China, Holland, Belgium, England, Greece, and Mexico not to mention many trips to U.S.A. and Quebec., exploring and sharing many aspects of living life including meditation/energy tools, dowsing, Reiki, labyrinths and nutritional support, 5 years of which were with no fixed address.

The studying and practicing of many forms of meditation, from Transcendental to Vipassana to Theravada to the ongoing teachings/sharing of Ron Chapman, ISUL, Ottawa, as well as all the other teachers I have been privileged to learn from, continue to give me tremendous insight into myself and others.

Taking the message of dowsing to small groups in Ottawa as well as to others in my travels throughout the years as well as encouraging the learning to develop the basic skills of dowsing/intuiting continues to inspire my own growth. Currently President of the Ottawa Dowsers Group and a Member-at-large for the Canadian Society of Dowers. Over the years presented at the Canadian Society of Dowsers and the American Society of Dowsers (Vermont, Chicago) on Personal Archetypal programs including Labyrinths.

For added fun & enjoyment I pursue my interests in herbs (wild-crafting, oils, remedies), food preparation, building & maintaining labyrinths, reading, gardening (personal & for others) & keeping in touch with many, many wonderful people. Some of my current past lives include raising a family, library science, computer training, crisis counselling, fundraising & sales/retail work.

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 613-596-0260

Work: Home-based by appointment only