Pat Prevost

Pat 325A long time graduate of the Gary Skillen School of Dowsing & Geomancy, Pat has been active in the CSD right from the get-go. She served on the board & was the co-ordinator of the annual convention’s dowsing schools for many years.

Using dowsing & a varied selection of stress reduction protocols, self-help products, & techniques for people, animals, & the planet, teacher & author, Pat presents a diverse catalogue of holistic subjects in workshops as a guest speaker, in newsletters, magazines, & journals. Pat has studied with the 8th Fire Algonquin school & uses the knowledge of the medicine wheel to continue her road to health & to help to focus on the health of our Great Mother.  If we but heal her then we heal ourselves as well.

Nature is the foundation of her work & it is Pat’s joy to work to move energy from the quagmire of co-dependency towards a dynamic state of co-creativity in all relationships, including the relationship we hold with our Self.

Over the years Pat has created a vast selection of self-help products & tools for use in her practice with the help of her dowsing system & nature. Her proudest achievement is the birthing of many vibrational essences on her farm property in King Township. It is with this place & this practice that she developed her dowsing & nature skills & mastery.

Pat practices geomancy – the assessment of geopathic stresses on health – in homes, barns, clinics, & offices in York Region. Pat also dowses in such diverse areas as product development.  She tutors dowsing either singly or in small groups.

Pat is a regular contributor to the CSD dowsing journal & writes a newsletter for her local dowsing practice group called the Spirit of Wellness in York Region.  She is a huge proponent of practice for dowsers & thus the group focuses on monthly practice.

Pat’s message for 2011 to all dowsers is “time to take off the training wheels”.  We’ve studied enough & now it’s time to get out there & turn this world around by focusing firstly on ourselves.  Like the pebble in the pond that causes ripples to spread, we will send out the love that is needed to bring health to all people, all creatures, all places & our beloved planet.