Programming Your Dowsing

by Walt Woods and Mardi Gieseler

Why is it important to put a dowsing program into your subconscious when you first begin to learn to dowse?

It appears that we are born with something like a “dos” program. For non-computer experts, a “dos” program is like our instinctive abilities, such as nursing and crying. As we grow, we develop more advanced ways of doing everything. In grade school we practice writing our names until the “name program” is put into our system. From that time on we hardly ever think about signing our name; it is just automatic. Also, our “name program” doesn’t care if we use a pencil, a pen, or a crayon. Dowsing, like all the other programs, can be put into our systems telling our systems what we want. From that time on your system doesn’t care if you use a pendulum, a Y-rod, or an L-rod. It just gathers information and reports back.

The dowsing program becomes a permanent, but changeable by you, part of your system. You do not have to remember all of the details every time you dowse. Just ask the system to check one or two questions.

The “Primary Program” and other programs in Letter To Robin are some of the best dowsing programs available. They were developed over 10 years with the input of about 150 experienced dowsers.

What does the “Primary Program” do for me?

It offers wonderful protection by limiting the information you get to sources of your choice and of the highest order, such as angels, spirit guides, and higher self.

Time is limited to the time now, not 100 years ago or even last month. You may not care if there was water 50 years ago, you want to know if water is available now.

It tells your system that you do not want interference or any detrimental effects from any source when you are dowsing.

And very important, unlike many other systems, the programs in Letter To Robin keep you in control of everything. You can change them at any time to any thing you want.

What does the “May I, Can I, Should I” Program do for me?

The “May I, Can I, Should I, program is asking advice from your dowsing system. It is a source that has much more information than we do, so why not ask it.

How many programs are there?

You can make as many programs as you like. “Letter To Robin” contains programs for dowsing limits and responses (Primary Program), the advice program (May I, Can I, Should I), locating water, food, noxious energies, map and health programs (conditions program). You can make any kind of program for yourself. Just write it out and make sure it is what you want. If installed while dowsing, the program will be permanent until you choose to change it.

Happy Dowsing,
Walt Woods and Mardi Gieseler

Note: Walt Woods is the author of Powers That Be and Letter to Robin. Check out our Publications page to see how you can obtain a free download of Letter to Robin. 

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