Protection against harmful natural energies

by Dr. Gunther Schneck

      A blessing spoken over food, before a meal, will increase the positive energetic field of the food. This increase can be measured by dowsing with a pendulum. If more blessings are spoken, then the positive energy field of the food will increase with every blessing. The same holds true for water. If one says, “God, please bless this water” over a glass of water, then the positive energy field of the water increases in a circular manner. This circular field can be dowsed and its radius increases with every blessing. After 12 blessings the positive energy field of a glass of water had a radius of 1.50 meters.
          I made experiments with increased numbers of blessings of a glass of water and dowsed within the increased circular field any existing geopathic stress. There was no change in the negative geopathic stress until I had repeated 77 times “God, please bless this water.” I dowsed the negative geopathic stress with in the circular field around the glass of water blessed 77 times. All the geopathic stress was gone. This protection around the glass of water was circular and had a radius of circa 10 metres and can be dowsed. I took this glass to various places which I had dowsed before and which contained negative geopathic stress. Within the circle of 10 meters all harmful negative energies of these places had disappeared, but not the positive energies. Positive power points were not affected within the 10 metres circles, not affected were positive Hartmann and Curry lines, positive water lines or any other positive energy.
         The protection circle of 10 metres removed only negative harmful fields. If the glass of water was removed more than 10 metres away, all the previous harmful energies returned. Within the protective circle in my house the Bovis Value (measurement of atmosphere) went up from circa 8000 Bovis Units to 11,000 Bovis Units. Within the protective circle no changes were observed for man-made energies, for example microwaves, radio waves, satellite waves, etc. were not changed.
        Transport of the energised glass of water by car, train, aeroplane destroyed its activity and it returned to normal water.
         By saying the 77 times or more times, over a glass of water “God please bless this water” you will get an effective circle of protection of circa 10 metres against harmful natrual energies. One should place glass of water centrally in your house. The protective energy field also extends upwards and downwards circa 10 metres. If the glass of water is placed on the ground floor it will protect the first floor. If there is a second floor the glass of water should be put on the first floor.
        The protective energy goes through material objects. Therefore the glass of water can be put into cupboards or behind furniture. Within the circle of protection the Bovis Value of the house will go up considerably and on should feel better. The freedom from negative harmful energies will increase your health and the quality of your sleep.
        This effective radiaesthetic protection is given free to any of us. This protection works at any pace and appears to be lasting.
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