Raising Energy

by Raymon Grace

This article is taken from Chapter 9 of Raymon’s book “The Future is Yours… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!” The chapter begins with Raymon discussing a class Bill Askin from Alberta taught about learnng to measure energy… 

Once we learned to measure the energy, the next step was to influence it. Now if all things are composed of energy and we can influence it, then it seems that we would be able to influence events.

For our measuring, we used a chart from the Letter to Robin book mentioned earlier. Since we didn’t know just what to call these units of energy, we didn’t call them anything. If the energy is at 8,000, then is it fair to ask 8,000 what? I don’t know. It is just a way to measure something I can’t define.

If we can’t define it, then how do we know it exists? By the results produced. Sometimes when working on a problem for someone, I find things which are harmful and know how to remove them, but don’t know how to define them. I realize most writers would consult the dictionary on such matters, so I did. It didn’t help. What did help was to know how to do it. We do it just like splitting the clouds, with intent.

Here again, we have tools which seem to help with our intent. The tools are the pendulum or a flexible rod called a bobber. These are just devices to help us focus our mind.

Perhaps it is time for a story to help the reader make sense of all this.

One night Bill and I were discussing some problems I had been working with in a town about 200 miles away. I could correct the problems, but in a few days they were back again. It seemed some black magic was being used on some of the people in the town. After measuring the energy in the town, Bill’s comment was, “If we raise the energy high enough, the black magician will not be able to practice.”

Let me say here that it is not necessary to be physically present to measure the energy of an area. It seems that the energy can be both measured and influenced at any distance.

As an experiment, I picked up the bobber which, in this case, was an 18 inch copper wire with coils on the end near the handle to make it more flexible. Facing toward the town with the bobber held in front of me, I mentally stated my intent which was to raise the energy in the town. What happened next was a total surprise and not yet fully understood. The bobber began to move in a manner which appeared to be drawing symbols in the air. It was swinging wildly and my arm was being moved by it. This went on for several minutes. As Bill watched, he exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like this!” I sure hadn’t! It was my first experience at any of this. After the symbols had been drawn by the bobber, it then swung in a clockwise manner for several more minutes. Then it stopped. The show was over. We still didn’t know what had happened.

Next night a call was received from a friend who lived in the town. “What are you doing to this town?” she asked.

“What makes you think I’m doing anything?” I answered.

She replied, “Because more people are smiling and cheerful today. I can feel a difference in the energy and I knew you were up to something.”

Needless to say, this got our attention. We hadn’t told anyone what we had done. No plans had been made. We just tried something and it worked. Would it work again? What else could be done? We intended to find out.

Over the next two years I performed a similar experiment before several hundred people at various locations across North America. In every case the energy was raised to a level where most, if not all, people in the audience could feel something happening. In some cases they started backing up against the wall, some getting dizzy because of the high energy!

Oh, about the symbol being drawn in the air by the bobber. What was it? I wondered the same thing and only recently got an explanation which I don’t fully understand. At the Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona, I gave a presentation in which the energy was raised by this method. A gentleman came up to me and said, “I know what that symbol is. It’s the symbol I’ve found in crop circles.”

That night he presented an interesting slide show on crop circles which contained various designs. One of them was the one my bobber had been drawing. This reinforced the belief that I was working with a force more intelligent than I.

OK, we have demonstrated that we can get the attention of an audience. What other benefit does this have?

The benefits of raising the energy are probably unlimited, but in my cases, whether the energy has been raised will not be provable. After raising the energy, we can expect people to have positive changes in behavior. And, if the expected positive change occurs after we have raised the energy, that would indicate we had something to do with it.

Raymon Grace is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and has been studying forms of healing and connections with the Spirit World since 1973. While his style is unique, he has had many influential teachers including Rolling Thunder, Cherokee medicine man; Jose Silva, founder of the Jose Silva Method of Mind Control; Tom Brown, nationally known wilderness survivalist and author; and Chief Two Trees, Cherokee chief and world renowned healer.For information on downloading a copy of this book, please go here.

Reprinted with permission of the author.
© Copyright, Raymon Grace