Spirituality Without Borders Group

Summary – Last year, a few spiritual seekers in Prince Edward County Ontario, formed a monthly discussion group and decided to investigate dowsing for natural energy lines on the landscape of Big Island. Our dowsing survey lasted a few hours, and uncovered the presence of the Hartmann Grid of EMF. The dowsing skills acquired during that experiment were used to locate and construct a 21st century healing wheel in Prince Edward County which combines the North American medicine wheel, with the ancient Celtic Cross of Celestial Navigation.


Thank you for this opportunity to discuss SWB’s first paper on dowsing Big Island in the Bay of Quinte, and to show how the dowsing skills we acquired last summer were used this year to set up a “healing wheel” on my property.  I’m a shamanic practitioner and a founding member of “Spirituality Without Borders”, a discussion group which meets monthly in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where we began to experiment last year with rudimentary dowsing techniques, to learn their secrets.  [My photo]            

Big Island sits tranquilly in the Bay of Quinte, and has a 200 year history of farming, and nature preservation.  It’s a lovely location to learn the basics of dowsing, and in just a few hours we had collected enough reproducible data, and surveyed enough of the property to conclude that we had found the presence of the Hartmann Grid of energy lines traversing Big Island.

We Learned to Dowse With Metal L-Rods                                   

We discovered that dowsing is a mental to metal process, during which we learn to switch off our consciously controlled ocular vision which is designed to detect and interact with the visible world, and turn on our subconsciously controlled inner vision, which accesses our more primitive but powerful, on-board detection system, which served us before we developed two eyes for distancing. Our original cyclopean vision, was based on an extremely light sensitive organ called the pineal gland, situated in the center of our brain where it monitors the brain’s light levels.  Ancient wisdom states that an active pineal gland system can perceive in all directions, in the lowest light, even at night. Shamans see in the dark when they go into a trance state, in which they’re able to access and harness the subconscious mind, which perceives the unseen worlds around us.

We Learned to See with Pineal Inner Vision

The extremely photo sensitive pineal gland is centered in the human brain where it monitors light levels released by tiny electrochemical flashes of light being emitted by brain activity. Scientists claim that about 4% of the universe is visible with our consciously controlled eyes, while the bulk of the universe [ 96%] is said to be dark, invisible, and unknown. While our optical system has been limited by higher forces to the visible world we operate in, our light sensitive pineal gland can provide 360 degree perception outside our bodies, as proven repeatedly by:  “trained distance viewers”, developed by various spying agencies. Apparently, calcification of the pineal gland reduces blood flow through the organ, and it begins to atrophy and malfunction. Decalcification through a controlled diet can restore the function of the pineal.

The Healing Wheel Grows into a Convergence Point for All Forces

The results and reactions which followed our survey were so encouraging and exciting that I constructed my own healing wheel, a harmonized combination of medicine wheel and Celtic wheel. I centered the wheel on an intersection of Hartmann lines, then I honoured the six directions, and used a good compass which operates on Earth’s EMF lines to align it to the four cardinal points, and then Mother Earth and Father Sky.

On commissioning day, I led six other human spirits in calling in the natural forces ie: nature spirits, divine energies, cosmic energies, and human energies, to ignite and kickstart the healing vortex of subtle energies.  We baptised it with “Fire and Water”, followed by words of gratitude.

Wheel Theory

Theoretically, the stone structure of the wheel is designed and constructed to draw in, absorb, and organize streams of energy that may occur around it at different seasons, into a natural vortex, which becomes a source of healing. Under the right conditions, the energized vortex can draw in streams of cosmic energy for even higher purposes. 

The wheel combines spiritual or subtle energy with matter, and is a work in progress. The land it sits on is alive with nature spirits and subtle energy. This hybridized wheel of energy is in a ward called Sophiasburgh, in a sacred grove populated by Eastern Red Cedars, and dedicated last summer to the ancient goddess Asherah, the goddess of trees.  

The Home of the Healing Wheel is on the Top of a Limestone Island of Spiritual Mysteries

In the 1840s, the Fox sisters moved from the village of Consecon on this Island, to an older house in Hydesville, New York, where they began to communicate with the deceased former occupant by tapping. Their communication with the dead exploded into the spiritualist movement that swept the world till the end of the 19th century.

Many mysteries are concealed in Prince Edward County, a giant limestone rock, vibrating quietly in the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. It’s a geographical anomaly, and it looks like it floated here from somewhere else like a glacial erratic. We live on the east side of the island, at the top of a 125 foot limestone escarpment, overlooking “The Long Reach”, a somewhat straight waterway in the Bay of Quinte, with a racing history.  It was the site of international championship boat racing back in the early 60s. Here, the Canadian chicken farmer turned powerboat racer, Robert Hayward, beat the American champion boat the Maverick, twice, before a supportive and grateful Canadian crowd. Hayward died in a boating accident a few years later. The historic name of the Long Reach waterway has been officially changed to the Hayward Long Reach.  

[Glastonbury Tor, thanks to Eugene Birchall]

A geological survey by the Canadian government in the 1970s found a fault line along the Hayward Long Reach, just below my section of the limestone escarpment, and this could be a source of core-generated EMFs. Last week, New Jersey radio reported a 4.7 Mag earthquake that was felt in Pittsburgh and places north, reminding residents of seismic activity in this area.

A profile of this island would show the land rising from the famous Sandbanks Beach at water level on the east side, to a height of 125 feet on the west side, where my home is situated. Though I’ve never been there, this island rises like the famous hill at Glastonbury Tor, England, a very sacred and phenomenal place…

This “rising hill construction” resembles a pyramid, and was once surrounded by water. Similar constructions have been investigated in many places by researchers like Graham Hancock, and were held sacred by indigenous people who were more attuned to environmental energies.

At the top of my very large rising hill, there’s an old eastern red cedar tree, made sacred by lightning strikes more than once. There’s water at the base of my escarpment, and moving water travelling through porous limestone below my place. The movement of water through limestone creates EMFs and low intensity voltages, just like the Nile waters which once flowed through the porous limestone under the Great Pyramid, to energize it. 

Walking Meditations to Contact the Unseen

I started to do walking meditations through the privacy of our woodlot, where I could drift safely into a soft trance. A soft trance releases our perception from its normal defensive position, to rise up above our everyday mindset, where we can connect with the unseen realms.  After five years of these walking meditations and doing shamanic healing, I was initiated by my community of spirits on a moonless October night. [2018]. I’ve had good success in healing others, but my indigenous friends say that every shaman needs a medicine wheel in order to operate at full potential. 

So I decided to build one wheel to heal us all, by combining all medical or healing powers found in earth energies, human energy, divine energy, cosmic energy, and creator energy…

My deep research on the pre-Christian Celtic Cross, found that it was discovered in many remote parts of the world by European explorers as they sailed around the world. It suggests that a successful seafaring people who predated Christian explorers left this sign everywhere they went, to memorialize their visit, and inform all followers that they had been there…

The Healing Wheel

The spot I chose as the center of the healing wheel was the intersection point of two Hartman lines.

A good compass was used with Earth’s magnetic lines to align the wheel to North.  With Samson Bars and my formidable son, we moved large limestone rocks outside the circle to reflect ambient energy back into the center of wheel. Four rocks on the cardinal points create the 4 quadrants of the wheel .

Red and Blue Stones in a Circle Function As Collectors  

Red and blue pavers were laid in a 12 foot diameter circle as collectors of energy waves travelling horizontally along the surface.  A large hole was created in the center to receive a long and narrow grounding stone. It connects deep earth with the birdbath positioned above. At the junction point between the birdbath and grounding stone a few double-ended, Herkimer diamonds were placed, to provide amplification, and boost the flow of energy from both the vertical & horizontal directions.

Double- ended Herkimer “diamonds”, are in fact quartz crystals with piezoelectric properties, placed at the boundary between Earth and Sky.

The Cement Birdbath is the Charged Core or Vertical Axis of the Wheel

The blue birdbath has been in our family for over 45 years, and it has grown into a sacred altar where offerings of water were made to Gaia’s children many times a year. Every time I poured water into the birdbath, or cleaned and repaired it over the years, a bit of my spiritual energy became deposited in this crude aggregate of crystals, to become a repository of my personal vibrations.  The birdbath became charged with stored energy, and it will function like a battery to energize the wheel, until other streams of ambient subtle energies begin to collect and move through the vortex around the wheel. The first stage of this experiment is to collect and organize the ambient energy collected by the wheel, and combine it with human energy to create a healing field.