Spoon Bending

by Crystal Hawk

ICrystal Hawk first heard about spoon bending being offered at a Physics Conference held at the University of Toronto more than 30 years ago. I had to leave early to attend a Therapeutic Touch week in Upper State New York and missed this event. So in March, for my birthday, I invited the person who had shown it at the conference to come to my party and lead us through the process. I purchased many strong second-hand spoons and invited 18 friends to join me. There was a lot of laughter and everyone but one person turned their spoon. Laughter apparently helps to make “it” happen with spoon bending.

When “it” happens, the spoon becomes very warm and the person holding it has about one minute to move it into any position they desire.

Beginners often just fold the spoon over. More relaxed and experienced spoon benders turn the handle sometimes as many as four turns. If a spoon is turned four times physicists accept it as “form warming”. I find that interesting.

Spoon bending is not magic. It is something that anyone can do quite easily. It has an aspect similar to dowsing, though focusing and intention don’t do it. One has to set up a simple process, then disconnect from the outcome and let it happen.  This is the imagery to make “it” happen.

Use a strong spoon – they are easier to bend.

Holding the spoon, imagine a ball of hot yellow energy overhead.

See it come down and enter your head.

Bring it down through your head and neck, and down your arm,   through your hand and into the spoon.

Then very loudly say “Bend! bend! bend!” and think about something  else.

Turn the spoon when it becomes warm.

Enjoy and have fun turning spoons – but be careful with car keys when you get good at this, as they are liable to “turn” when you just hold them.

To make my pin I took a small spoon and turned it only once in the middle of the handle.  I took it to a very good jewelry store and had a good pin put on it for $40. You can easily make something like that for yourself.  Whenever I wear it, I find it an excellent conversation piece to introduce the concepts of energy work to people unfamiliar with the topic.

I’ve been told that spoon bending used to be offered at dowsing conferences in the past. Maybe some of you remember those days and could let us know when that was and how it went. I wonder why they stopped offering it. I find it an enjoyable way to teach people that they can trust their own abilities to interact successfully with the invisible fields in the Universe. Spoon bending can be an excellent exercise for dowsers!

Crystal Hawk, MEd, and a Meridian Therapist, is a long-term member of CSD.  Her two websites are www.therapeutictouch.com & www.managingyourmigraine.com. She can be reached at [email protected].