Susan Collins

Canadian Society of Dowsers

Dowser of the Year 2006

Susan CollinsSusan was President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers from 2003 to 2006, and held a variety of positions on the CSD Board of Directors from 2001 on including: Vice President; Convention Convener; Director of Marketing; Webmaster and Newsletter Editor.She teaches dowsing frequently and has presented at a variety of national dowsing conventions including: the American Society of Dowsers West Coast Convention in California (2006); the Canadian Society of Questers Annual Convention in British Columbia (2005) and the ASD Annual Convention in Vermont (2005). She planted a tree representing Canadian Motherhood at the CanAm 1 (ASD/CSQ Conference) in British Columbia in 2004. She has also spoken at the local club level, and offers a full range of private dowsing workshops, lectures and consulting services.

Her writing has appeared many times on the CSD website and in the CSD quarterly journal, and in: the ASD Quarterly Digest, The American Dowser, Fall, 2004; British Society of Dowsers, Earth Energy Matters Newsletter, Dec. 2003, and in Human Spirit Magazine, Summer 2005.

She has demonstrated dowsing on live television for: Rogers Television: Insights and for Barrie’s VRNews Television, and was featured as the front page cover story of the Newmarket Era-Banner Newspaper.

She has attended many dowsing and energy workshops including those offered by: Margaret Ball, Raymon Grace, Sharon Howarth-Russell, Joey Korn, Bruce Magill, Manyhorses, Andrea Mathieison, Bill Russell, Gary Skillen, Harold McCoy, Ivan McBeth, Dr. Patrick MacManaway, Pat Prevost, Walt Woods, Larry Huszczo, Walter Huszczo, Joey Korn, and H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Before becoming a dowser Susan worked in applications development of emerging technologies, notably in developing prototype internet systems (from 1979 until 1985) and introducing fax machine technology into western Canada (from 1985 -1988).

Her university training was in Fine Art and she showed her prints and paintings in various Canadian galleries. Later she worked as a commercial graphic designer and as Associate Art Director for Maclean’s Magazine, Canada’s national newsmagazine. She also has worked as a technical writer and has produced computer and training manuals for a variety of corporate clients.

She is the author of: “Bridge Matter and Spirit With Dowsing: a practical guide to using dowsing to bring balance to your life.”

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