Tesla, Crystals & Radio

by Quitt, Jason

Tesla evangelists often point out that his vision of free, long distance transmission of power was usurped by industrialist JP Morgan and other power barons that wanted to charge for electricity. For the commercialization of electricity, wires would be needed. But – Tesla’s wireless electricity patents are what ultimately gave Tesla the truly deserved credit as the inventor of radio. Marconi’s radio patents were based upon Tesla’s wireless electricity patents and few people know that Tesla invented wireless electricity to create radio too. It’s just that Tesla was not too concerned about patenting terrestrial radio.
Tesla had bigger aspirations at the time – and one was to communicate extraterrestrial – to broadcast a signal to see if anyone else was “out there.” In 1901, his mentions to news reporters that it would be possible to communicate with life on other planets was not well received by Tesla’s financial backers. Now, Carl Sagan’s SETI research institute pays homage to Nikola Tesla for the technology that is deployed to power the RADIO telescopes that are used for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
This is how the first radio worked. Radio is wireless electricity.
Two Tesla coils go into harmonic resonance to accomplish radio and a crystal acts as a harmonic converter to capture the wireless electricity and down-convert the frequency to create sound.
A transmitting Tesla coil radiates (hence the term Radio) wireless electricity at a constant high frequency also known as cycles per second. This is usually in the thousands of cycles per second range.  For example, the 640 AM radio station is licensed to broadcast at six hundred and forty thousand cycles per second. The power of the wave also known as the Amplitude, is Modulated (the height of the wave is altered and moves quickly up and down in intensity.) This is a Amplitude Modulated radio broadcast  – AM radio.
At a distant location, the radio receiver captures the broadcasted electricity.  Inside the receiver is a crystal that captures the ambient wireless high frequency electricity and then, the crystal converts it into electromagnetic impulses within the range of human hearing, about up to 13,000 Hz. These electromagnetic impulses vibrate a Tesla coil paper cone that encompasses a permanent magnet. This is called a speaker. You hear the radio announcer speak!  And – all of this was accomplished without additional power connected to the radio receiver. The crystal supplied all of the power to move the speaker cone. Electricity was captured from the ambient medium via a crystal.
I could not imagine what Tesla must have felt like to be the first person to hear radio signals from empty space. Tesla shows the gravity of this accomplishment in this quote:
“The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.”
Today radio telescopes are still used to capture these emissions from distant worlds and stars.
It was not long after in 1901 that the first patent came out for semiconductor rectifiers or “Cat’s Whisker” detectors by radio pioneer Jagadis Chandra Bose. This patent specifically used crystals to detect millimeter electromagnetic waves and radio signals. This was accomplished by placing a wire on a specific point on a galena crystal. From his research he concluded that silicon crystals (quartz) yielded the best results in capturing these signals from the ambient medium.
For Tesla, the ambient medium was our natural surroundings of the air, water, earth and space. If one knew how to tap into the ambient medium, it would give the world unlimited clean energy, health and abundance. He was particularly interested in using the earth’s ionosphere as the source for his wireless vision of the future. This was his ultimate goal with the Wardenclyffe Tower experiments (1901 -1917).
Tesla knew that when you achieve harmonic resonance with a frequency, you can transmit information wirelessly from one place to another over great distances. This is how crystals were and are still utilized today. If you cut two crystals to be the exact same dimension they will resonate with one another and pass information between them. This is the basis of most of our modern day technology from computers, satellites, communications and navigation. The future will also bring new innovations with crystals from promising new technologies in solar cells, LED’s, optics, and data storage. New research and development in crystals have recently uncovered a way of storing 360 terabytes onto quartz at the nanoscale. This data can be stored for millions of years without damage. Crystals are even found in some of the most advanced medical devices, from the new healing lasers and photon systems to devices such as the “Neuro Sync Alpha 7” which uses a crystal to broadcast an electrical field with brain wave frequencies to help sync circadian rhythms. Hollow quartz rods are now used to generate ozone.
Crystals have amazing properties that can naturally tap into the ambient medium by the geometry of their atomic structure and chemical makeup.  These crystals, such as quartz, can send and receive electromagnetic energy, polarize light, and are piezoelectric. Crystals exhibit a very complex life principle, this must have fascinated Tesla as he pondered the life of a crystal. As seen by his quote found in “The problem of increasing human energy” from 1900.
“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”
Tesla also believed that humans could tap into the ambient medium to sustain their life force without the aid of food. Could this be possible? Could humans live a healthy and vibrant life just from eating the sun and breathing the air?  It makes you think that to capture these elements from a secondary source like a plant or an animal doesn’t seem like the best or direct way to get our life force. There are people living on this earth today who claim they can live on just sun and air. (Sungazers and Breatharians)  But these concepts are not new and have been documented throughout human history right back to the ancient worship of the sun gods in Egypt. Is it possible that Tesla was hinting that humans, much like a crystal, have this natural born ability to tap into this ambient medium?
Any way you look at it, crystals are an undeniable asset in our development of technology and our growth as a society, but what else could these minerals teach us?  Many ancient cultures held much adoration and mysticism to crystals. Did they know something we forgot? To date there is still a large community of people that use crystals for healing, meditation work and to bring good energy into their homes. Many experiments have taken place all over the world in regards to the effect crystals have on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It has been shown time and time again that these minerals have a biological effect by increasing the energy of the body, releasing stress and helping restore balance to our minds and emotions.  Maybe crystals help us tune in and channel the energy of the ambient medium just like a radio receiver. If this is the case, have we been overlooking an incredible asset that can help us connect to the ambient medium, the true source of our health and wellbeing.
Jason Quitt is an alternative health
care practitioner, lecturer and researcher.