Testing for Electrical Body Types

by Robert A. Brewer – Geo-Check Environmental

Bob Brewer

The purpose of this test is to determine the way in which a person handles energy.  While one hand is resting on a source of voltage such as an ungrounded switch, toaster, lamp or other device – a probe is held at the TMJ point on the head for the first reading.  This is the voltage going into the body.

The second test reading is taken on the bone just below the hairline at the back of the neck.  This is the “voltage coming out” reading.  The results determine the body type designation.

Many clients ask if they can change their body type through life style or meditation or diet.  As yet we have not seen that anyone has been able to to effect a change.  However, it should be possible given the right conditions.

Our terms for these body types are as follows:

Neutrals – give back the same amount of energy that they take in during the test.  If given 80 volts they give back 80 volts.  Many nurses and therapists are neutrals as they can pass through energy without being drained by otheres.  Their blood pressure tends not to change from area to area as to the other body types.

Fast Neutrals – Ten to register their readings on the instrument in about 2 seconds.  These people seem to be much more shielded and stress resistant than others.

Slow Neutrals – can take up to one or more minutes to register on the meter.  This may be caused by exposure to high electromagnetic fields in the recent past – at work or home.  Minute nerve dange is a possibility

Absorbers – may take in a given voltage such as 80V and give off a higher reading.  For example 80V is given and 90V comes out.  They will absorb everything around them through skin and hair.  They tend to sleep more fitfully and fatigue faster.  Blood pressure changes with room stress.

Reflectors – may take in a given voltage such as 80V an dgive off less such as 70V.  They may be holding or reflecting it around inside of themselves.  They tend to show blood pressure changes in rooms of greater stree (magnetic field, electrostatic spray).

No Shows – are people that cannnot show any fixed reading on the meter.  This is common with Multiple Sclerosis patients, with damage to the central nervous system.

Bob Brewer

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