by Harold McCoy

I believe things happen in the mind before they happen in reality. That includes everything that we humans have anything to do with.

Visualization to me, is nothing more than future memory. You can sit here and think back to your refrigerator or your living room, and in your mind’s eye you know what it looks like. You might not be able to see the coffee cups on the table and all the detail because with visualization you don’t get to see everything exactly like it is, in sharp image, it’s knowing that it’s there.

Visualization is also imagination. When I sit down to work on someone, I imagine that I am sitting at a special workbench containing all the tools I will need to do the job. Since I am mechanically inclined, these tools tend to be mechanical. There are bottles filled with cleaners and special solvents, sprays, and so forth. There is even a hose coming down from the highest and purest place in the universe with liquid white light. It cleanes and heals, and I squirt it wherever I am guided.

I visualize what I want to happen. With a tumor, for instance, I visualize it getting smaller and going away. And it does. With arthritis, I visualize the hands and knees all knotted with calcium. In my mind’s eye, I take the joints aprt and take this hose and I spray and I wash away all that calcium. If you could see the joints apart, you’d think they’d never get back together. Sometimes I have to scrape some of the calcium off. I’ve put something on my bench called “joint lubrication” and I put it in the joints. Soon, the swelling will go down, the joints will move better.

When I am visualizing, I am physically carrying out the action. For instance, with the spray, I’ll reach up and take it, then point it at the area I want to spray, and I’ll push the lever and say “psssht” as I do it.

Often I am guided as I work. In a leukemia case the doctors did not expect to survive, I visualized the type of cell he was lacking dividing and increasing in number. I put him in an envelope of blue energy to permeate every cell. I really don’t know why, something just told me blue energy. He’s well now.

Physical problems are easily dealt with on a mechanical basis. In a sense, the body is a marvelous machine and one can imagine a tool to fix any part of it. Books about anatomy are particularly helpful for visualization. I use GRAYS ANATOMY and an ATLAS OF THE HUMAN ANATOMY. Often I have had a doctor explain the function of the diseased or damaged part before being able to devise a tool to use for correction. However, you have to keep the heart engaged as well as the mind.

Mental problems are harder to visualize. I don’t know what depression and schizophrenia look like. When I was trying to figure it out, it came to me that all these mental and emotional diseases were caused by past events, things in childhood or before one was ever born. Those events imprint on the brain or in the consciousness and cause these emotional and mental disturbances. If these emotions aren’t taken care of they can manifest into physical diseases such as cancer and heart problems. It’s very important to work on the emotional problems. Sometimes these problems are caused by ‘spirit possession’ and can be corrected by exorcism.

Harold McCoy is Founder and Director of the Ozark Research Institute, a non-profit scientific and educational organization in Fayetteville, Arkanas. A retired military intelligence officer with 24 years of service, he was elected president of the American Society of Dowsers for four years, and has been a trustee for nine years. The institute (ORI) is chartered to study and teach the power of thought as it pertains to spontaneous remission or miraculous healing of chronic or life-threatening diseases, as well as other mind phenomena. Harold is a well-respected researcher, lecturer and teacher. You’ll find further details on his website: Ozark Research Institute

Reprinted with permission.
© Copyright, Harold McCoy