World Wide Message from Ian Doig

by Ian Doig

(Message read to attendees at Canadian Society of Dowsers Convention May 2011)

Hello All,

I woke up in the middle of the night the other night with an idea stirring in my head, and I’d like to run it past you as a possibility for us all to consider, especially as so many of us have conventions or congresses coming up within the next few weeks or months.

By any measurement, we are now well into a time of monumental – and unbelievably positive change – a “Chaotic Node”, as the Hathors call it.   Yet I have some friends who are, I think, quite bothered about what may lie ahead in the immediate future for them and for many others.   In short, they are facing this challenging time with some fear and trepidation, rather than focusing on what they would really hope and want to see – and that’s just playing into the hands of those who deal in fear, and also weakens the power of those of us who are striving to maintain a positive influence over whatever lies ahead.   There are a lot of far better things for us to focus upon, I’d suggest.

I’d like to ask you to consider taking a few minutes in any gathering, but particularly at our conventions/congresses, on our first mornings together, perhaps, to suggest to the membership that we all, as a group, undertake to take some time every morning for the next few weeks and months, to hold in our beings the vision of a world in which more and more of us let go of our fear-based thinking, and allow the energies of Love and Light to flow in… to flood in, as the energies build.   I’d like to have us see this as a swelling wave that carries on until a critical mass of humanity is doing it, and sharing it around them, until we are all caught up in the wave.   I’d like to suggest that each of us take the idea home with us and get our local groups/chapters doing it too, as well as bringing the idea to others of our friends who are of the same mind-set.   We here in Perth, for example, have a group that we call “a Gathering of Peaceful Souls” that meets most Sunday mornings, whom I suspect would really run with this idea, because, as the old song says, it “ac-centuates the positive… e-liminates the negative, and doesn’t mess with Mr In-Between!”

Surely, if we managed to harness the creative power of the dowsing fraternity around the world, and focus it on building what I am beginning to think of as a “world-wide wave” of truly positive energy – the effect would probably startle us all – never mind those who tend to surrender to fear whenever the going gets a bit rough!

Furthermore, why should we not expand our reach to include those like-minded spiritual teachers who have followings of their own;  The Parallel Community…, David Spangler of Lorian, perhaps… Dorothy MacLean, who’s back in Findhorn now… Michael Roads… Tom Kenyon… Neale Donald Walsch… Eckhart Tolle – whomever.   You know, we might just get a world wide wave going here that would support all the things that we all are hoping for!

Any thoughts/comments?

Cheers, Love, blessings, and thanks